Capturing Orbs on Film or Video

grass orbs

Orbs have always been a controversial topic in the paranormal arena. The reason being is they can be reproduced by kicking up dust in front of the camera and snapping a few shots with a flash. However is it always the case of just being dust reflecting light back? Some evidence may suggest not. In one of Steve’s recent videos … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Curses and Black Magick?

candle magick

A popular question I have received over the years is the concept of Curses and Black Magick and How if you think you are effected to get rid of it? This is firstly, a great question and like I said a common one here at The Occult Blogger. This post is for all those in this situation. Firstly what you … Read more

Meditating in Snow – Is This Heat Magick?


As explained in my recent series The Beginners Guide To Meditation, I went over how it can have amazing benefits on the body. One interesting and amazing benefit that I will share today however is its power over the mind and body. In this case controlling body heat even in extreme cold conditions. Imagine this, freezing temperatures, below zero, any … Read more