5 Ways to Be More Spiritual?

Being spiritual in many ways is a part of life. It has nothing to do with religion or culture or the way you are taught life. It is more about how life and the energy around us is connected to you.. In this post i wanted to focus on 5 easy ways to connect better to this amazing universe around us and be more psychic.

All these steps are focused on reminding us of where we are. This is important for any connecting and acknowledging the energy around us..

Spiritual Steps..

1. Remember we are all just different layers of energy.. One being the physical layer we think is solid but in reality is dense energy. The second is the internal energy often referred to as the spirit this is encased within the outer layer in many ways like a suit.

2. Remember we are floating around on a giant rock in space.. This is our spaceship in many ways. Without it running well we are no more.. Focus on it as it is your home..

3. Always think from the view of the earth first. Nothing is gained by destroying what we live on.. In fact remember we are just as connected to the earth as we are to anything else.. This is an important spiritual step..

4. Meditate Often.. This will allow a deeper connection inside and the energy around.. Do often and your sensitivity to what is really real will be more revealed..

5. Give to others and the earth.. This is your god ability in a way, humans have this gift. We can give, we can take or we can ignore.. Giving from the heart or spirit allows a deeper connection. This giving could be time, understanding or a long hopeful gift.. Something that really will help another or will be a non selfish act.. This is the same for the earth. Try planting a tree or cleaning a river way, or visiting a third world country and helping the children. You will understand the difference it can make straight away to others as well as you..

As a good tip as well, be good to others and others will be good to you. Be good to the earth and it will respond good to you.. Try not to see life as just about the money.. Life is short and time is the most valuable gift we have.. Live in the moment as much as possible..

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