A Better Understanding of Energy Orbs

Orbs are an interesting paranormal activity that has been questioned many times by scientists, sceptics or paranormal enthusiasts. If you are unsure of what Energy Orbs are, they are usually small amounts of energy floating around that is easily caught on film. When referred to in paranormal, it is these lights in question, but ones that move in non dust formations.

Some say this energy is simply dust particles in the air reflecting off light and I am sure 99% are, yet the ones that don’t move like dust are the ones in question. The experience can be lights circling around, which almost indicates some type of proven intelligence.. More likely then insects then, but why is it light..? That does not make sense?

The interesting movements alone, is what makes me think some of these Orbs are a paranormal phenomena. I know sometimes it is just dust in amongst these but it is the ones that drift in strange ways that are to look for.

grass orbs

Let’s look at it like they are Paranormal Energy in this Post

In order to fully understand anything you have to look at all theories when it comes to paranormal. These below are three theories I am working on for the better Understanding of Orbs.

1. ) One is they are simply energy movements, movements caused by thought, atoms and the energy of life as it flows through the world. As I have mentioned in many previous posts thoughts are very powerful and can be projected long distances.

2. ) Two is they are Spirits indicating spirits are literally everywhere. To those that see spirits this fits the profile perfectly and any spirit expert should be able to help confirm this theory.

3. ) Three is they are Faeries (fairies) or earth elemental that many old cultures believe in. This would support theories of sprite and faerie activity in the world. They simply are orbs.. True or false..?


Now let’s look with a Sceptic view..

1. ) One they are movements of wind and dust particles reflecting off light. This one makes sense yet why sometimes in very dusty places there is no orbs, even when trying to create the effect with light..?

2. ) They are illusions created by some video cameras. Okay this theory is ridiculous, if the lights are moving around in wierd ways it does not indicate dust, this one needs to be stopped, orbs have been created on any type of camera. Some Orbs are just dust, others are moving not like dust okay.. They just happen, many tests have been done on this one to prove this one is simply not true..

3. ) Insects.. What the..? Okay, okay insects of light, insects of paranormal light or..? Insects would make sense if insects were in fact paranormal but they are not. Next time you catch what you think is an Orb and then you think it is an insect, try touching the Orb.. It almost seems to pass right through us.. I understand some may be insects dragging spider webs or the like but please just look at the Orbs next time to confirm this.

Okay so anyway, that is three theories for and three against, as you can see I am very much against the the opposing saying they are not paranormal because all three theories I find are just not good enough. Below is a good Video I recommend watching with a bit more on the Understanding of Energy Orbs.

( Video Above – A better View on what Orbs are..? )

Please understand when I am mentioning paranormal Orbs I am referring to the ones that dance around and are active, not ones created by simply light and dust.

19 thoughts on “A Better Understanding of Energy Orbs

  1. your arguments do not hold water. You totally leave out ball lightening, willow the wisp, foo fighters etc. as a cause. These have been recreated in a controlled lab. Last I checked, you can’t make a ghost in a lab. Your research is flawed and therefore so are your conclusions. And for the record, just how does dust move? Air currents are everywhere, each one going a different direction dependent on walls, floors ceilings etc. A dust orb can change directions depending on it’s position in the room and the air current there. Ball lightening has been proven to pass right through a person. At other times, it will knock you right on your arse. There is no proof whatsoever that orbs have anything to do with the paranormal. In fact, it has been proven time and again to be just the opposite…NORMAL!

    • Hey Scythe,
      Thanks for your visit and interest. Orbs is a theory that has been around for ages. Yes evidence is not fully supportive in this area, yet also evidence is not supportive of the other. I have changed my opinion up and down with this one also. Some evidence looks good, some not so much, yet with all aspects of what cannot be proven fully we all have to be open minded to possibilities. Otherwise we are all walking down a dark tunnel in many aspects. If you read the full post you will notice i say that the orbs to watch out for are ones that move independently.. Move through objects or around corners, through doors etc.. Of course dust can make a similar appearance, but it is not the dust i am talking about.

  2. I’m trying to understand this whole orb thing. After installing security cameras around a family barn we started picking up many orbs. They show up mostly at night, they more in different directions, are different shades of white & clear.. some with more colors, and patterns. There is a small rope hanging from the ceiling we watched the wind blowing the rope to the right, while the orbs kept traveling to the left, right against the wind….if they are dust orbs how is that possible?

    • Chao Melissa,
      Orbs are tricky, so many different views on the subject. Try to look at it like, like the orbs that move independentely are the ones to watch.. These ones need to be checked to make sure they are not small insects as well.. I hope you continue to watch them and record there activity.. Good luck..

  3. Hello Timon,

    We are Mclennan County Paranormal Investigations. We have been performing paranormal investigations since 2008 and have accumulated extensive evidence in this field. Your post was very interesting along with the video, and yes, Orbs are very tricky and open to so much ridicule and speculation. However, to all of the skeptics, you can’t be so closed minded to think that energy doesn’t come in all shapes and forms. There are three major difference between “Dust Orbs” & “Energy Orbs”.

    The first difference between the two is that Energy Orbs contain their own light source; consequently, this is why they have color associated with them. Dust Orbs are consistently grey in color (when seen on IR Video Camers or Digital Cameras). Furthermore, how do you explain the color and light source within a room that is consistently dark. This knowledge can only come from first hand experience with this subject matter. The second major Difference is the shape of an Energy Orb versus a Dust Orb. Energy Orbs are not perfectly round and do not follow a consistent shape. Dust Orbs are most always seen as a round circle which is transparent. Dust Orbs are also grey and it doesn’t matter if they are seen with IR video camera or digital camera. The third difference between Energy Orbs and Dust Orbs is that Energy Orbs have a specified path of motion. They can enter from upper left camera and move diagonally right. They can move in a circular path or even start one direction and dart back to another. Dust Orbs can do none of the previously mentioned. They only float and flutter throughout the air and space.

    To truly understand Energy Orbs you really need a personal experience and the right equipment to capture them. We have seen them with our own eyes and we have even seen one dart towards a cell phone which resulted in the phone dialing out on its own. Thats a personal experience to never forget but it happened and it happened with three team members present. Each one of us witnessed the occurence.

    Thanks Timon for the great post and the opportunity for McLennan County Paranormal Investigations to post a comment. Feel free to link back to us and check out our blog at http://www.mcpitx.wordpress.com. There you will be able follow us on twitter and receive live updates during our investigations; you can follow us on our facebook page, and you can watch our videos. We will bookmark this site on StumbleUpon and other social sites. In return we ask that you share our sites with everyone you know that is interested in the paranormal.


    McLennan County Paranormal Investigations Team

    • All this sounds good fight. Had it not been for that you are missing important information about these light orbs.
      I can make a light orb using only my mind and the elements around. I also control the movement and strength of this light orb while I focus on it!

      I make it visible to our reality and controlling its movements until I set it free to sail on their own little light energy.

      This was something I learned as a child.

  4. I’ve never been one to believe in all the orbs and spirits and everything.. I always said I won’t believe it until I see it … Well I’m here today trying to find and explanation of what’s going on around me.
    I have a 2 yr old bull terroir who has all of a sudden became terrified of going in my kitchen … He will not step foot in there, not even for food .. So I picked him up and placed him in the middle of the kitchen and he just layed there trembling… He started looking around the kitchen and looked to be fixated on something moving around rapidly.. He then ducked his head as if dodging something then jumped up pealing out in a hurry to get out and went hide in his kennel …
    At that moment, a friend suggested taking photos … We took several photos back to back… To my surprise , in every photo there is are white transparent streaks that looked to be moving in different directions .. Some are right close to the camera and some are obviously 10-12ft away . Some were waist level and some were about 8ft off the ground.. In one photo it’s just a white transparent circle…..
    Like I said, I’ve never been a believe of all the spooking ghosts and stuff… But this is the only explanation I can come up with to why my dog is all of a sudden cowardly scared of my kitchen and the follow up photos just moments later..
    Help he understand

    • Hi I can understand what you are saying I see orbs all the time with my naked eye , my cat goes frantic but I have lots of spiritual happenings happen in my house it’s been happening for years .Try telling them you are aware they are there and ask them to leave . If this is upsetting you , Jean

  5. I got a video from my job i recorded overnight i caught orbs and noises its haunted i took the video in complete dark the only light was from a tv and u can clearly see there orbs not dust alot of people are scared of the truth

  6. My wife and I saw an orb the other night. We both were watching tv in a dark room. Out of nowhere we saw a green orb that was 3″ or 4″ wide. In about 2 seconds it came from one side of the room, sped across the room, stopped on a pin darted back a few inches stopped on a pin and went back in the direction it was originally going. Then just disappeared and we never saw it again. It was moving so fast it literally took 2 seconds to cross the room. I sometimes have a hard time believing some of the orb pics I see. But when you see something like that with your own eyes and not through a camera lens its something pretty amazing.

  7. Ok, here’s the deal….I have taken thousands of orb photos. Here’s the facts:
    1. You can take a shot with a couple thousand orbs in it, then snap a photo immediately again, and get maybe two. No type of particulate matter could settle this fast, and not remain on the camera lens, which in most cases, the lens is negatively charged, so they tend to repel dust anyway.
    2. Orbs regularly have identifying marks or appearances that are unique and this has been shown on more than one camera, more than one day and more than one photographer.
    3. Orbs of similar appearance often appear in specific locations, on multiple days.
    4. Accompanying phenomena often precedes a photo of an orb touching the body of a person in a photo.
    5. Orbs often appear mixed into other spirit energy, especially “ectoplasmic” wispy type phenomena.

  8. Hello everyone. I did not see my Orb with a flash, on a picture or anything. I had been taking pictures in the livingroom of my grandtwins. My granddaughter stepped in front of me, and I raised my phone up to take a picture. I was looking at the lense before I was able to point and shoot and an orb shaped like a comet looked like the size of my granddaughters arm and flew right to left between me and her. I had never seen one before. It was not floating, no one had fluffed pillows, and I didn’t have dust around. It was exciting, but I do not have proof. But thought I’d share.

  9. I have seen Orbs many times and captured on my iPhone (which does not use film) so it’s not a product of an emulsion or fault with the camera and or chemical imbalance of a film.

    I have my own views and have explored this with my friend in Sheffield, who also believes in what he sees. The first time I saw an orb was when my Mother died. I saw it at the same exact moment after she died outside our house, it hung there for a few moments and then sped away getting smaller as it went – it was a gorgeous light shade of blue. When I went back to our house my father said she died at, and the time he gave was the same moment I saw this orb floating above our home. I mentioned this to a church member that I went to church with and he declared that I was in league with Satan. I’ve never ever considered myself a Christian since that time I was thirteen.

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