About The Occult Blogger

The Occult Blogger is a place for the discussion and reading of all hidden and paranormal aspects of life. It is where people can have there say on issues related to posts and hopefully all of us can come to a better understanding of this world and what is hidden. That is where the Occult Blogger comes in, welcome…

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I have also always been fascinated by the understanding of the Occult world and so this blog will be a passion of mine to write.. I studied the understanding of this science we call the the Occult for over 9 years and so what I have learned I will try to pass onto you..

Please Correct Me if you Disagree on a Post Topic

The main purpose of this blog is to help people to see possibilities of reality and the world which is around us. If for some reason you disagree with one of my posts please feel free to comment your opinion rather than leave the blog. No one is perfect and the Occult is a very complex discussion. Some times you have to forgive me, I will write from my view point which totally may conflict with yours, feel free or confident to disagree in a post via comments. I welcome it and will not be offended.. Thanks for dropping by..

My Occult Disclaimer..

If for some reason you are offended by my view point in a blog post please do not get upset, instead understand it is my opinion. The disclaimer for the Occult Blogger is to understand that not all information here is fact, it is based mainly on theory and new radical forms of science. My viewpoint in a way as to make people see the possibilities of what is out there.

All images used on the Occult Blogger are from Pixabay ( free for commercial use ) and online sources that claim free use, if for some reason one of them you believe is copyright, let me know and it will be removed immediately.

Thank You for visiting the Occult Blogger.