Alien Autopsy – Is it Fact or Fiction?

During the time of Roswell UFO Incident in 1947,  one form of evidence that came out was a video of an Alien Autopsy.. Whether it is Fact or Fiction, I will leave that up to you..?

There are two noticeable aspects of the Alien Autopsy film, the aliens feet look almost the same as humans and the overall body structure looks very similar as well..

Alien Autopsy – Could it be that Aliens are Humans from the Future Theory..?

Could it be that aliens if this footage are humans coming back from the future and there spacecrafts are like in a way time travel vehicles..

I know is is a very radical thought or theory, however if in the future we did develop time machine type technology would there be tours back to these times..? And if so could it be possible they may have been seen by us occasionally and therefore believed to be an aliens UFO’s.. The footage attached to this post is of the official original footage that has been uploaded to YouTube from the Roswell Incident.. Have a look and let me know what you think of the Alien Autopsy..?

Is it fact or fiction..?

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