Alien Planet Documentary – Have You Considered Other Alien Life Out There?

The universe is massive, in fact it is so big that we cannot even understand the size with the human mind. There are many theories on this, that space is unlimited, that space itself in just thought or that space itself is continually growing..

Whatever the theory you have on space, one aspect on it that many would agree, it is very Occult in nature, Occult meaning unknown, even with our amazing leaps in science and historic research what we know about our galaxy itself it is still very limited in understanding.. In fact, what we even know about earth and its energy is limited as well. That is where the Occult comes in again with the magickal understanding of controlling energy with thought. To an Occultist nearly anything is possible and so to them understanding the limitlessness of space is much more easier. To them understanding that we are just a tiny, tiny piece of a massive thread of woven energy is easier as well..


Above – Rover on Mars

Why? Because those that study the Occult and the spiritual movement have one aspect in common, they understand and can see one aspect that many cannot, that aspect is the connectedness to all things living and moving on.. Because they know everything is connected, that understanding in itself creates opportunities for them that others often do not see. Let’s take a look at some great people throughout time, Jesus as an example had massive influence and he on many occasions referred to connectedness of all.. Same goes with other people such as Buddha.. What they all have in common is the understanding of how important all life is and  how it is balanced here and throughout the universe.

So with this understanding, it only makes sense that in the vast deep space out there that there is many dimensions of energy, many different life forms and still we are connected to them in a way just like they are also connected to us.. That is where the concept of Alien life comes in, have you ever considered that there is Alien life out there or even here already.? Much evidence exists throughout history and in modern times.

In the full length documentary above it goes over the possibility of Aliens and what other planets could look like. To display full screen click the enlarge button to the bottom right.

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