Are Faeries Real..?

Are faeries real..? Were they just an old myth or story to enchant kids or was there some truth into the stories. Many cultures around the world claim faeries exist deep within the jungle or forests  and claim they are a very timid and secretive creatures.

What makes me wonder is why if they are real they have not found any physical evidence of there existence..? Maybe they are another spirit creature that can be occasionally seen, or maybe it all was just another fantasy story to excite kids.. The YouTube video above shows visuals of what appear to be dead faeries.. Whether it is real or fake the video, they sure look very realistic…

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2 thoughts on “Are Faeries Real..?

  1. They do look realistic. I’m curious about this myself but that does seem odd that you have no way to contact the person that sent it to you. That kind of implies it could be a hoax. But who knows?

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