Are We All Just Simulations?

One interesting theory I wanted to share today was the theory of simulation. The theory goes that we and all life on our planet and universe is a simulation similar in a way to how we program a computer. While this theory may seem radical there are many parts of it that show possible support.

One Being What All Life is Made Of?

All life is made of energy particles within atoms, in fact science shows that there really is no such thing as solid and in fact all life is just compressed energy made of the same thing. In a way very similar to the pixels used within a video game.

Like A Computer Game Simulation..

simulation or reality

Image by bykst

First off, like all other theories,  they all have flaws however let’s look at what would happen if it were true, if we were a simulation, the whole planet would be like a game of Sims on the PC. If that was the case, then that would mean that something or someone at a mega computer programmed our world in a way like god or a god like being. It only makes sense that they would also try to create something similar to there own world as well. Thus a whole planet of life.

This is an interesting concept because it would suggest that every aspect of our lives while it seems random would be on some sort of path based on a program ran by a computer. Thus life and death, technology, science and all these discoveries will eventually lead to the same conclusion of that path.

To me, this theory is really radical, however it is always good to look at all the angles of what could be possible. Watch the video above and let me know what you think?

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  1. The Simulated Multiverse idea has existed for some time now. The idea is that if it is indeed possible to create a simulation of a universe then it would have been performed so often that it is statistically near-certain that this is the world we inhabit.

    As far as this concerns free will: there is some reason to suspect that this concept is illusory in the first place. We react to external stimuli and, as experiments have demonstrated, we can be compelled to behave in certain ways by the use of certain stimuli. This is how conjurors divert our attention or encourage us to select a certain card – even though it feels as though we are using our own free will to select one at random.

    The biggest problem with this hypothesis – the simulated universe – is that there is no way to discern it from a “real” universe. It is therefore an unscientific hypothesis and as yet has no valid application.

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