Are you fascinated by the Occult?

Are you fascinated by the Occult..? Whatever made me interested in the Occult a long time ago still drives me today… I think mainly it  was the focus of how amazing the world is and how still to this day most of everything that that surrounds us cannot be explained simply with science.

Conditioning can take the Mystery out of Life…!

It’s amazing how powerful conditioning is though as a kid, many such as myself was constantly surrounded by aspects saying everything was explained. As we get older the conditioning takes hold and before we know it we feel a bit like a non thinking drone.. Once an adult, away from these surroundings we once again have the chance to reflect and notice elements of life again that are a mystery.

In many society’s they call it consciousness or understanding the truth.. Seeing that not all aspects of life are explained simply by just looking at it, there is more to it.. That is where the Occult comes in, the study to understand..

Let the Fascination begin Again.. Bring the Occult Back!

Unfortunately some choose to ignore the elements that are laid out in front of us, the energy, the limitlessness of space, the understanding of death and the spirit, the mystery of what we call our lives.

The truth is these people need to ask themselves is everything throughout there life explained…? Childhood experiences, lucid dreaming, amazing occurrences as a kid… If the answer is no, then that’s where the Occult comes in..

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