Ark of the Covenant Found!

An amazing find may have been found, the Ark of the Covenant..! Predating back to biblical days the ark was accounted as a very powerful sacred item. It was apparently able to bestow on any who meditated and prayed in front of it a direct connection to god or to the energy.. It also bestowed to any army that held it protection in battle and was said to shoot fireballs at any enemy that came close… Even though many of its abilities were said to aid the owner, it was also known to kill if used or touched wrong so it had to be handled with care..

Myth or Legend, Truth or Fact – The Ark of the Covenant may be Back..!

Whether all these old biblical stories are just myth or not I will leave that totally up to you, however it is an amazing find if they can prove it was the original ark of the covenant in this video above.. Who knows what sort of doors this could open or reveal about the bible that researchers and scholars have been pondering for ages.. It will be interesting to hear more on the understandings of the Ark of the Covenant as time goes on and to put some more understanding into these old stories from the Bible..

What do you think on this subject or what do you think it will reveal if this is the true Ark of the Covenant..?

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