Astral Projection and Time Travel

As I have mentioned in many previous posts Astral Projection is the technique of the spirit leaving the body and travelling any distance. It commonly happens accidentally in dreams to everyone and is a part of life however there are many ways to induce this practice and many studies reveal it can even take us back in time. This is called Astral Time Travel..

Astral Time Travel Theory..

(How astral time travel works is by theory, some may refer to it as past regression memories or self hypnosis techniques. I will leave that up to you to decide.. However try to be open minded to the possibilities of thought, the consciousness, the spirit and to the wonders of what is beyond the body.. )

How Astral Time Travel works is like focusing a memory. It is a practice that should be done very carefully. By the theory time is like stream, it flows down but memory with the aid of astral projection can go back to certain times in that stream and look at a memory. In a way it is like watching your past self. It can help overcome past traumas, remember blocked out memories and move on in some cases. Whether you can contact yourself back then and give yourself information that i am unsure and most describe it like a viewing, not as a way of changing the past. When you think about it, if one could change the past it could have some major repercussions.. Be careful..

Astral Projection and Time Travel Practices – To Begin

Surround yourself with all elements of that time, photos, videos, smells, photos of yourself and lastly as many notes or information you might of made. Try to rehash over the memory that you remember many times and as a great aid write it down.

Hand Method in Sleep

Now comes the tricky part, convincing the spirit where to go. There are a couple of methods you could use. Some of which are not good and some quite dangerous to induce a projection. The one I would recommend again of choice is the hand method, while for some it may work better than others, basically you tell yourself before sleep “When I am a sleep I will look at my hands in my dream (this induces a lucid / astral dream – Click here for more info) and then my spirit will go to that time or memory..” This will instruct the conscious mind before projection to move the spirit to that time. This technique might have to be done many times before even a minor experience occurs. It takes time, so be patient.

Light Deprivation Method

That above technique of astral projection is the safest form of travelling, the second technique is light deprivation. It only takes about 48 hours for the mind to start letting go if deprived. This can if kept focused result in a powerful projection, however the will to come back is greatly compromised so I do not recommend. If it has to be done this way then have a friend watching.

Fasting Method

Another technique is fasting for a few days and meditation. After a few days the mind will be a lot lighter and more focused. This will allow deeper visuals and greater chance of a projection. If you are good at meditation, then you may be able to do this without fasting which will be a very safe and secure method. Try and focus on the memory before entering trance and will the spirit to enter that time.

Hypnotism Method

The last technique is hypnotism, basically we all know what this is, it allows us to go to previous memories and analyse them. If used right it can even allow us to be back in that visual time and if instructed astrally. Please note, some people are affected by hypnotism more than others. With this technique I am not implying that all hypnotism is astral, most of time it is just the mind viewing a past memory. However that is not to say astral is not uncommon in hypnotism, it is what the hypnotist instructs of the patients consciousness..

Astral Time Travel is not a game. Be Careful.

Be careful with these above techniques, the mind and spirit are very powerful and induced astral projection is not a game. It is okay on one side for it to happen by accident, but on another be prepared if trying and focus this to a end result.. This is why meditation is so important, it can help to answer your desires to begin with. That way you can be sure..

I advise for a newbie to do with a friend watching, as past times can be overwhelming for the user and on rare occasions some people may have trouble getting back. Try to advise the user a safe word for the coming back of the spirit. This can be done by instructing the user an agreed word before trying to induce the experience.

“When I am a sleep I will look at my hands in my dream (this induces a lucid / astral dream – Click here for more info) and then my spirit will go to that time or memory..”

Overall with using any astral techniques for time travel, try to consider why you do wish to go back to that time or memory? Remember who you are now is what was made by past events. And lastly sometimes by chasing the past can only further confuse the future and yourself.

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  4. Hi! Excellent post, really helpful! I was looking into dreaming and lucid dreaming and found this ebook called vivid dreaming – I downloaded it and it was pretty good stuff! I suggest you take a look if you’re into lucid dreaming (click my name or go here: – btw I will bookmark this blog, you’re doing a smashing job! Awaiting more of your posts! πŸ™‚

  5. hey there just wondering if you due astral time travel to a certain time like the past, does that mean if i do change the past and come back to my present that my present will automatically change

    example: like say if i went to the past and save a cat or dog with my astral body and allowed the dog in the past to become my pet, does that mean that when i come back to my present i will find this dog as my pet in my home??
    i.e. i have no pet just an example…..

    okay you said that its hard for the astral body to return to the present, does that mean that my astral body right now in the present if i went to the past will mash together with my astral body in the past and we will automatically become one, except my past physical body will have this rush of vast knowledge

  6. It may indeed sound crazy for many, but i have to change my past. I am pretty sure I am not the only one who wishes i.d. to go back in time and tell your brother not to go to that city that day. My question is^ is there anyone who thinks he is about to succeed in his attempts? Would you be so kind as to share your techniques before you change your past? Because after you have changed you would not remember that you have done it.

    • Changing the past seems mind-baffling, but this is what I believe can happen based on some universal laws: Linear time is an illusion, and the past and future are really here right now as an infinite amount and infinite variety of different present moments, frames of time, people, animals, plants, things, etc. The Universe consists of every single circumstance that anyone could ever imagine, dispersed throughout the Realm of Possibility! Your past thoughts and mindset have manifested as your future circumstances, and what you focus on with belief will be likely to manifest in your life, like the Law of Attraction states. So, say someone astral projects to a point of time in their past, and decides to alter whatever they wish to alter. Well, when their spirit alters the past circumstance, they somehow manage to occupy their past self’s body, or immerse their consciousness into their past self’s life. Well instead of everyone and everything involved in the original timeline being greatly affected, the person’s life would possibly just branch off into a seperate timeline reality with the new consequences, history and social circumstances, as a result of their change of past. The original timeline is still alive and kicking, but the person’s awareness or consciousness is busy experiencing another life now. That’s what I believe could happen if someone wanted the change their life’s current scenarios. However, I don’t quite know what their body from the previous reality would do. Would a different spark of consciousness take their place? Would their body be forever vacant without the person’s spirit, thus die?

      • This makes perfect sense to me. I’m not sure what would happen to the body here though either. The body here could, you suggest, die, or perhaps enter a coma? Either way people keep telling me this type of time travel I. Not possible. Perhaps to keep me here, afraid of altering the past, fearing the consequences. I know it’s possible though, I just have to be able to make myself focus enough to make an attempt. Here’s something though, does one need to be fully asleep or can it be done partially awake in a deep meditating state?

    • I’m with you on this, sirrihea. I’m very keen in changing a past (particularly my last five months) and am very interested in this time travel thing. I believe it could well be done (changing the past); technology has developed so much and something (a craft) could hopefully be faster than the speed of sound. I have a large number of minor paradoxes in my mind which shouldn’t harm major world events; just mine really and other people around me. I know exactly the right moves to make with myself to change my events; I feel the need to. πŸ™‚ I would very much like a different past and hence a slightly different future starting from January 25, 2012 at 3:30pm for my own reasons. πŸ™‚ I really wish for this to – and believe that it can – happen. πŸ™‚ Is it possible? Any advice? πŸ™‚ Could astral projection be the answer? What are the other answers?

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  8. A most interesting website , I do believe in astral projection as I have had several very strange experiences , once while staying at a motel in Phoenix Arizona I was in the hot pool resting and closed my eyes and was very relaxed and instantly I was out of my body walking down my former street in Honolulu Hawaii , it only lasted about a few seconds and the counterpart world I was in was night time (it was about 3PM in Phoenix) and I could see the lights from the apartment buildings from near where I had lived , I said to myself “my God I’m back in Hawaii as I can feel the pavement under my feet” I wish I could experience this again as it was so real being back home in Hawaii !

    • Hey Thomas,
      It is possible to experience again with training and a change in lifestyle. One simple technique for increasing Astral Projection is simply recording your dreams every night like a journal. In time then one remembers all aspects of the dream and can pass more easily from dream consciousness to Astral consciousness or in another word lucid dreaming..

  9. Timon Weller : Yes very good advice on keeping a journal ,and I would also stress to anyone who wants to try astral projection , before attemping astral projection it is very important to be in a good and pure frame of mind not hateful or in a violent state of mind as you can astrally project to places that are not too nice as had happened to me a number of years ago when I was in a military camp in California and not in the best frame of mind , I laid on my bunk and closed my eyes and almost instantly I was in a gray drab swampy place and I looked up in shock and there was a massive wolf coming at me a huge wolf maybe the size of a two storey building , I screamed and felt myself re- enter my body ! Other times I have projected and have found myself in counter part cities very similar to Chicago, Los Angeles or Honolulu not unpleasent places but definately not paradise , rather bleak places ! The best astral projections I have had were to places that were rich in color , color that seemed as if there was a light within it and had very rich beautiful blue skys most likely the higher astral planes ! I will submit more of my experiences and comments later Thomas

  10. About 12 years ago I had one of the strangest experiences of my life it was not astral projection or time travel but something I find to this day rather hard to believe that it happened to me . My father passed away in October of 1993 in Los Angeles while I was living in Hawaii , I returned to Los Angeles to help my mother fix up her home so she could sell the house and move to Arizona . After the home was fixed up and my mother moved to Arizona I decided to return to Honolulu to live , one evening I was done my shift working security at a commercial building near the Ala Moana center , it was after midnight and I was waiting to take the last bus into Waikiki on Koa Street it was a rather hazy evening and the street was deserted except for myself , when an individual , a Asian Hawaiian male in his 30s carrying a canoe paddle walked up to me and said ” Do you think giving a friend a canoe paddle on their birthday is strange ?” I looked at him and said , no ! If they are into boating ! People row canoes on the Ala Wai canal ! What he then said shocked me ,as he said ” I always feel very sad on this day as today is the day my father died” That was the exact day my father died Thursday October 28th ! I just looked at him not saying a word , he looked at me and walked down Koa street and vanished into the haze !

  11. Hi!
    I really hope someone can make the journy back to the past. That would be a turnaround to the issue of time travel. I think it possible. Maybe not with astral projection but certaintly in phisics and sciene in not far future. But if someone have exeperience time travel back to his or her past. That I would applaud.

  12. To Eyvind : Time travel into the past might be fun for a short time but I really do not feel that most people including myself would ever want to remain in the past for but a very short time, the distant past, say the real old West of the 1870’s, not the Hollywood created old West, no air-conditioning, no flushing toilets, out houses, no screens on the windows diseases and hardships that we do not have today in 2011 ! I would rather visit the higher planes of reality where life is far more enjoyable than a brutal past where life was cut very short . Atleast that is my opinion !

  13. I have had on a few occasions been aware of being out of my body in an astral projection I find myself as being outside around trees and flowers of beautiful colors and I find myself floating and being drawn to how can I desribe it but a circular black disc suspended in mid air as I come closer to this disc I look into it and I see stars and planets as an opening into outer space, and a something tells me (feeling ?) if I go thru this disc I will not return to the earth, I will die ! It is very scary, like jumping into an unknown reality !

  14. ok so by doing this you’re basicly travelling back in time if i do these techniques and end up going back in time is it actually like as real as this world or just fantasy, Could i talk to myself in the past? Say if i told myself to do something or thew things while i was in the past that i never did origanally when i come back would the present be diffrent? while im in the past could i merge with my past self and become one, say if i did would i still have memories from the time i was origanally from so if stay in the past i can remember a few mistakes i made from the past in my original time and change them would i create a whole new timeline? what would happen to my body here in he present if i did would i just be a vegetable or die or would anothr spirit inhabit my body or would me going back in the past using astral projection and merging with my past self and staying in the past destroy this timeline? This whole thing sounds retarded but it could be true im willing to believe it have you succsefully gone back in time was it as real as this world? please respond

  15. I use the swinging method to astral project. After my nightly meditation, I will lie down in bed and swing my consciousness from the left to the right as if I am trying to fall out of my body. I continue this until I fall asleep. Once my conscious mind shuts down, most of the time I will find myself outside my body in my room.

  16. What if it happens/happened spontaneously? I started “doing it” non stop a couple years ago without any training/teacher/knowledge of what was going on – it wasn’t until after some mythological digging and corporeal acceptance I was able to go “i’m time traveling”. im writing here now because the INTENSITY of the experience is Increasing as I grow up(I’m now 22)and by “intensity”, I mean that I can barely tell the difference between what Is actually happening and what MIGHT happen and/or already happened. There is a definitive difference in the “fields” I call them, or dimensions, planes, w/e., where I know that something is “off” but never to the degree where I can go “aha! ok – this is the astral plane; I can do things here” It’s like I’m there and I don’t even know it, [so]I just go on about doing whatever actions I would normative do in life, but since this ‘intensity’ is increasing it’s getting super-confusing. thought I’d come here for some help. btw, I have never experimented with stimulants or psychotropics of any kind. This “event” happened naturally and incessantly shorted after I began going to college, and hasn’t stopped ever since, with no signs of stopping, and I’m not sure i want it to, but I do Want to understand it!! Thanks!


    I think I could withstand the flames of Hell if I understood the mechanics of that realm – not understanding the very fabric of your experience is/can be a real bummer…

  17. I really needed to find this article. I’ve been lucid dreaming, traveling, astral projection and whatever else there is since a child. Never understood than what was happening. Age brought more wisdom but the thing is I don’t try to do it and its becoming so powerful and so frequent its quite frightening. I am reaching out for the first time. I truly didn’t think I could get back home last night. I see boldly most of the time and feel which most don’t when dreaming I cry in the dream and physically out of it. I scream, laugh, hear. Just like leaving. I feel like I am living different lives. Is there further information out there?

  18. Know. Dare. Will. And BE SILENT.

    So. A word or two of advice:
    Silly little boys and girls should learn not to confuse Harry Potteresque nonsense with reality. (And then squark about it in public.) Therein lies the real danger.

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