Testimony of a UFO Encounter by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin

Video Testimony (below) by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin (on the moon mission) showing more evidence of the existence of UFOs and Aliens.

(Video testimony by Buzz Aldrin, on Apollo 11 of a UFO encounter)

Just after take off on Apollo 11, 3 days later and only 2000 miles from earth going to the moon astronaut Buzz Aldrin notices a strange object near there spacecraft. All astronauts on board were really puzzled and radioed ground control NASA about the object yet they did not know what it was as well.. But were more or less instructed to ignore the object in a way..

Another video Testimony Indicating NASA knows about UFOs

This video is another good bit of evidence indicating  UFO sightings by NASA are ignored, but happen often.. As stated in the video account NASA’s agreement with the crews of such missions is to never talk about these UFO occurrences for fear of ridicule..

Even good named astronauts are testifying to encounters UFOs, does that not indicate more that these are not just sightings of illusions in the skies..?

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