Berkana – Rune of Fertility and a New Start

The Rune Berkana (also known as “Berkano”) is the Rune of fertility, growth, rebirth, the birch tree and a new positive start.

Berkana Meaning

To many Berkana is seen as the female Rune only as it is said to represent the internal goddess energy, female fertility, and the relationship between a mother and her child. By looking at the Occult symbol one can see that the female nature / symbolism of the symbol, maybe implying the breasts of a women on the side when in pregnancy or after birth. As it is said to represent a new start in fertility or new beginning it is probably more so after child birth.

As mentioned above within the Runes meaning is the meaning of nurturing when shown in a reading or rune cast. In other meanings to do with other aspects of life such as business it would represent the nurturing of the business and maybe a new start in the business as well. Like a new idea.

birch trees

The rune is also said to symbolize the importance and power of the Birch Tree. The regrowing and fertility shown here could be its representation as well.

Other ways of looking at the rune Berkana is that it symbolizes growth and rebirth in all matters, a fresh start, a new journey and success. It is a very positive rune for many.  It is also believed many feminine mysteries are within Berkana, however this does not totally mean that it is only solely for females only, rather that it can mean a nurturing aspect of a supportive protective male as well.

Berkana Reversed

The reversed meaning of Berkana in a casting or similar usually means not a good start, a bad beginning to a new task or maybe not a good idea venture into what you were thinking of doing. In relation to business it may refer to not making a business decision just yet and wait.

As a rune, I believe Berkana would of been used around child bearing times, planting time (harvest) and times where nurturing was needed. Also, it may of been used in the form of a wand or necklace.

3 thoughts on “Berkana – Rune of Fertility and a New Start

  1. hi, brother i hv one question. i hv very much faith in spirituality and meditation but when i try to become spiritual or chant any mantra on regular basis, instead of benefits i suffer losses and tensions. first i thought it as co-incident but i test this so many times result is the same. can you tell me what could be reason or what kind of meditation should i do more my overall betterment. moreover these days i am jobless, do you have some remedy so i can get a good job asap. i m waiting or your valuable reply. thx

    • Hey Pawan,
      Even when everything seems hard you have to be positive as much as possible. Like anything positive attracts positive. What i would recommend you do is place a desired job that you like that is possible for you to get, place its name on a note. Then visualize it in your mind, doing the job, money exchanging hands, you getting back on your feet.. This is important to feel this experience as well, meditate on it every night. Be positive about it as well. Then when you go to sleep place that note under your pillow.

      Keep repeating and then when ever an opportunity arises take it as it should lead you on your way..

  2. I asked a question about a job when I finish my study very soon and I drew Berkana in the upright. Should I see this as a good sign?

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