Blessing an Item for Magical Means

Throughout history many items have been said to give the wielder special powers. In some cases it may be true while others it may be just a confidence boost that these items bestowed on there owners. The mind is a very powerful tool, if we believe something strong enough it makes it almost like reality to those experiencing it and to those that believe it also..

In Occult practice exactly like most religion the same goes. By applying thought and belief you can tunnel energy into an object to use. The object could be a necklace, a piece of clothing or anything that you use day to day. An example of one component that can hod energy really well is crystal. In christian religion the necklace and cross are perfect examples of magical blessing.

Simple Blessing of an Item..

To bless simply place the object in front of you while getting into a meditative position.. Go into meditation and then place the object into the energy you are giving out. This can be done by picking up the object in the hand and continuing to meditate, letting the energy from the meditation pass through the object.

Another way would be to visualise it in the mind in front of you and letting the meditative healing energy flow into it by visualising it..

After choosing which method, command the energy on the object to do anything positive you desire. Keep mentioning it over and over in this meditative state until it is like a mantra.. If it is for good luck mention, I bless this …. for good luck, I bless this …. for good luck, etc, etc..

In future posts I will mention some more techniques on Blessing and Magical Items..

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