Buddhist Monk Levitates For Real!

If you are one of those skeptic types then you will love this video i am going to share to you showing what appears to be a real man levitating. Performed by an elderly monk this technique is said to be passed down through the ages with this man being one of the last of his type. For reference sakes the act of levitation is believed to be a sequence that can be done by raising the bodies energy ( through meditation) frequency to such an extent that the body vibrates so much that it can literally lift off the ground.

Thus levitation as seen in the video below. While to many it maybe seen as a hoax, let me share that this man makes no money and only has been a Buddhist all his life. To perform tricks would be seen as going against his religion and also what does he have to gain from it being a trick as well..?


These are all the questions skeptics need to ask. And if you ask me, this is the real deal.. Check out the video and let me know what you think as well.

Above Video – The Magician known as Dan White has an interview with a authentic traditional Buddhist monk in Nepal, who has claim to the power of levitation. However what else can he do?

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  1. Frank Etscorn says:

    Nothing new here. An old, old trick. Bottom line: IT’S A TRICK! The ‘magician’ fooled? Not a skeptical investigation.

    “We’re ready to believe you.” commercial in Ghost Busters: Aykroyd, Murray and Ramis

  2. This is a trick.
    While the “monk” might not be making any money off this, the magician certainly is. I am an amateur magician and also happen to live in Asia. While I will not expose how this is done, I will point something out: Before him levitating there were a few camera angles that captured his back, but after he was in the air, all the angles were from the front.
    But Kudos to the presentation of this trick tho.

  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3F3ovb2kZ9Q&feature=player_detailpage

    this is a good video I’ve seen it’s worth a watch sceptic or not

  4. I could not see how it look real.
    first . ! how you can make sure that is real Monk ?
    second ! uniform , symbolic doesn’t seem to mean it is a Monk.

    third. look like they try to make it to feel real more than it really “Real”

    BUT maybe it possible to be Real :S

  5. I have seen real levitation in a government banned voodoo cerimony deep in the Hatian jungle. Not only did the voodoo priest levitate, but so did several of us westerners. I was amazed at what I saw and then terrified when it happened to me. I no longer doubt it can be done. Don’t understand how this works, and my scientific mind cannot resolve what happened. I just don’t know.

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