Can We Spiritually Heal Ourselves Physically?

This question has puzzled many for ages, can we heal ourselves by internal thought or spiritual focus. The question has great debate yet has contradicting sides.. On one side with science, it has not been proven yet, however with testimonies indications it is possible are wide spread.

Can We Spiritually Heal Ourselves Physically or Is it all Hoaxes?

Testimonies have included a miraculous healing of Cancer or damaged liver or even non treatable brain tumours.. Many when questioned about there condition being gone, commonly claim they had fully given in to spirituality, mentally and spiritually as a way to deal with death.. Then for some reason by doing this, the ailment left..

This would have had the doctors thinking..?

Interesting enough there is a part of science that does understand this to an extent and that is the study of quantum physics, the theory is if one can believe something beyond all doubt which is almost impossible then it can effect the cells dramatically and one possible outcome can be full miraculous healing..

The spirit is the energy within the more denser physical energy that has more healing effects on the body than science or medical can ever understand.. By studying this in depth natural healing ability, then maybe a new science and medicine can be born..

This truly should be studied more, however it appears until science or medicine merges with the understanding of  spirituality, the full healing of the body will never be unlocked. What do you think?

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