Can you Become Sensitive to Paranormal Activity?

Throughout my life I have always been very sensitive to paranormal activity. It all started when I was younger, my mum had it and so I believe she passed it onto me. I often hear the statement I want to be  more sensitive or I want to see more, so that is what this post is about, how to be more sensitive to it if you so wish.. While of course I cannot cover much in one post, I can give some pointers and a story that may help..

 how to be more sensitive to paranormal activity

First of all like anyone that is not sensitive it will help to be around those that are.. A few times in my life I have had this same experience with others, if they are pointed out what is paranormal the mind can sometimes open up more to these perceptions.

Making Someone More Sensitive to Paranormal Activity – A Real Story

One great example of this is with ghosts, when growing up in small county town (Dorrigo) I had a period of living in a very haunted house. One of the common experiences was footsteps late at night. At first I always assumed it was a human, like anyone would, I would leave my room and the footsteps would stop. I then would check for people or possible causes, then later on go back to bed. After a while you just know what it is, in a way like a inner knowing..

So anyway, one night my friend was staying over, all was quiet and we were asleep and I woke up again to the sound of footsteps. On occasions I could smell sweat with this paranormal activity and if it ever stopped the sweat smell would leave also..

I decided to wake my friend, he never really believed in anything paranormal before this and so i wanted his perception on the situation. He listened but heard nothing at first.. He was patient though and smoked a cigarette, while listening. He then stopped and said “I think its the floorboards creaking, I would not worry.” I looked at his face and could tell there was a little doubt so I described the sound, the smell and that sometimes the footsteps stopped outside my door.

He listened further and waited for the sound more.. He quietly said back, “It is strange.. As it really does sound like boots and someone upset walking around.”

I agreed with him that the spirit appeared to be upset a lot.. He then replied with, “Whats that smell..?”

Which I replied, “You mean like sweat”

He nodded and said yeah putting out his smoke and leaning back.. He went very quiet after that and we both slowly went back to sleep..

The following weeks is what is interesting, my friend who stayed often has more and more experiences with the sound until finally he said to me, “I agree with you this house is haunted, I have never experienced anything like it..”

I nodded back and said, “Thank You for agreeing, would you say it is more than one ghost or..?”

I waited for his answer..

” There is more..?, I thought.. There was only one..?” He replied.

I answered, “I believe there is others, My mum has seen a lady, the sweat one you are noticing is the male..”

He quickly answered, “I guess i will notice others now too, won’t I..?”

I answered, “Well that is up to you.., You see what your mind allows and what your body can handle..”

Perceptions of a more Sensitive Open Mind

Overall seeing and feeling is believing.. Same goes with being sensitive to paranormal or ghost activity. What my friend experienced was his first major change in his body, now today he still has experiences. That was when I was in my early teens, however the same principle applies when an adult. Becoming sensitive sometimes all one needs is to be pointed at the paranormal activity.

That’s the overall power of the mind, the spirit and belief, isn’t it. What is reality really is perceived by those around us and in a way many close the doors as we grow up.. Occasionally at times we may see open doors, but to a biased mind the closing may be instant. The main reason for this i believe is fear and same thing has happened to me on many occasions. You feel like a paranormal situation is about to happen then bang fear comes in and hides the communication or doors of perception.. A internal safety mechanism in a way..

“Being sensitive is like looking through inner doors to see more clearly realities of what is hidden around us..” — Timon Weller

Yes, you can become more Sensitive..

So in answer to this posts question, yes you can become sensitive to paranormal activity, it can become more common in you life and lastly it can be spiritual in many ways. You just need to sometimes ignore the biased mind set (conditioning) to be more open to what could be a paranormal situation or not..?

Like I mention above part of the becoming sensitive is noticing..

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  1. I’ve been having experiences like this since I was really young, and it’s been getting worse lately. I hear people walking around, and last night, it sounded like someone was shaking jingle bells outside of my bedroom. I don’t know if I’m going crazy or if I’m sensitive to the “other side”.

  2. two nites ago at 2 in the morn’n i heard noises such as , foot steps . or the floor creek’n , wen i luk’d no one was there. i flashed my cell phone for lik &d the noise stoped. But the noise kept go’n, it sound lik somethinq wus pace’n by my bed. i was really scared . wat do i do ?

    • Hey Sasha,
      Record what happens after it happens, that way you may see patterns. Secondly i would recommend checking all possiblilities of it being anything like wind, dodgy floorboards, a weathered house etc. And if all tests pass, then see a psychic to check it out and maybe have a house cleansing..

  3. i have seen and heard spirits off and on through my life, when they get very close to me, i almost have a full blown panic attack, sometimes scares the hell out of me,
    shadows in the house, sometimes voices, but i still want more, i feel lonely when they are not around.
    i want to learn how to get them to come to me and talk

  4. I have always had experiences with the paranormal ever since i was little. The funny thing is, the older i got, the more things seemed to happen. I remember one night when me and my father were up late waiting for my mom and my sister to come home from work. We were both in the living room. We heard the back door open and shut, then the door to the upstairs hallway open, and then someone walking upstairs. We both said hello, and no one answered, i went to see if it was my mom and sister there, but no one was there at all. And that’s just one occasion. For some reason, wherever we moved, we had experiences still.

    I don’t know if i’m a ‘sensitive’ or not, if i’m haunted by things, or that i just always seem to ‘run into’ these things throughout my life.

  5. Am I sensitive cause sometimes when I sleep I can see my house but not through my eyes its strang. I can see my mom and dad but I have no feelings towerds them or any idea of who they are I don’t even reconize me sleeping in my bed until I wake up, I feel sad the whole time Iam “Dreaming”. And sometimes I wake up in the place where my dream stoped always in the same spot in the hallway, everytime I walk past that are my head hurts and I start to feel realy sad like from my “Dreams” and other place in the house I can get those feelings for a breif second I also get head acks like that outside of my house it feels like all my blood is rushing to my head and its trying to get out it never realy lasts long, I had my docture check out my head and he says there is no sign of any proplem so what is it can I sense ghosts or not.

    • Hey Wade,
      It sounds like a spiritual experience of some type.. Try to sleep in another room with a different mattress to make sure it is not a allergic reaction to your environment. Try to eliminate possibilities then you can start to record experiences properly.

  6. Not quite sure what I want to ask here. I believe that through the generations of my family there has been a presence of spirits. My grandmother was referred to as a “healer”, my aunt openely practiced communicating with spirits. Both my brother and I have had experiences. Once instance I was given a book of spells by a friends mother. I left the book on my bed and went downstairs. Upon returning to my room, I was unable to open the door. Not because it was locked but because it seemed there was a presence not allowing me. I became extremely cold, shaky and had an overwhelming feeling of dread. I went downstairs and told my other what happened. She tried to go into the room as well and had the same experience. She enlisted the help of my aunt and between the two of them, they disposed of the book. At that point, I was told never to get myself involved in these sorts of activities. My mom has since passed and I would like to learn more about my potential. Where do I start looking for guidance. My brother seems to know more than I but he also told me to let it go. Any direction you can give me would be helpful. No one in my family will help me because they are afraid of what could happen.

  7. Okay I’v been doing that and almost everynigh I’v woke up in the same spot in the hall way and now I’m smell strang stuff and the wood grain in my hall looks like a face and a photo thay doesn’t belong to me ended up on my wall. could this be something worst then ghost like demons or something cause all my friends are telling me to move and Im kinda scared.

    • Hello Wade,
      Try not to fear, it is not constructive.. Instead make sure it is not medical by visiting your doctor and then do some research on the house if possible.. If it is a ghost or something else contact a psychic in your area for advice. A good psychic can really help.. As a tip when it happens ask the entity it to go to the light, in many references this can help the spirit move on if it is a spirit..

  8. Hello Wade,
    These sound like common symptoms of sleeping disorders. Many people do not realize they have sleeping disorders without close observation and testing. Sleep walking and lucid dreaming are both examples of not optimal sleep function. Another extremely common side effect of common sleep disorders are headaches and/or migraines. IF a sleeping disorder is the problem, its probably not something terrible but if you feel sore, fatigued, and etc. You may want to ask your doctor about it and tell him the whole story. Many of the time these things are very easy to fix and can improve quality of life in ways you would not expect. Good luck!

    • Hello Dustin,
      You have to be careful thinking everything can be explained by doctors. Doctors are a great tool for medical issues, but when it comes to the reality of paranormal experiences they are left in the dark.. If you ever have an experience yourself or look at the deeper side of things around us (such as the mysteries of space and energy) you will better understand what i am saying..

  9. I have been brought up not to believe in the paranormal and that those who do are crazy but I have had several experiences that cannot be explained away. For example, for several months after my grandfather died I have very vivid and realistic dreams about him, I would wake up and still smell him in my room. The second experience didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, I was at my friends house for the weekend and I was brushing my teeth when I saw a gray cat walking by, I love animals so I followed into the room I was sleeping in and could not find it so I asked my friend about the cat. She looked at me and laughed and said “oh that’s our cat that died last year, Mom says she sees her all the time, but she’s crazy.” I figured that I just saw a shadow moving and laughed it off as an over active imagination. However, this last experience scared me so badly and I still do not have an explanation for what happened to me. My boy friend at the time and I had gone to New Orleans for spring break and one night we went on a ghost tour expecting to be told some really cool ghost stories and learn a little about the city. The tour was winding down and I was not impressed, most of the stories were pretty generic. As we got to the last house I had a strange feeling its difficult to describe… I broke out into a cold sweat, my ears started ringing and my vision went blurry, almost like I was about to pass out. I also felt sick to my stomach, almost like I was going to vomit but with a metallic undertone to the pain. I had to lean against the building to keep from falling over and my boy friend helped me walk away when the group left and as soon as I started walking away the pain grew less intense as did the other symptoms by the time we were three houses down I felt completely normal. It wasn’t until after that I learned that the house is supposedly where several slaves were tortured and killed. I have never felt anything like that before and have not since, I don’t tell people about because they will think that I’m crazy. Anyway I was hoping that you could perhaps shed some light on what happened that night and if you think that it could happen again.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Katie. Whether one believes in paranormal or not we have to consider what is in front of us.. One can say nothing is true but life throws mysteries right in front of us, space being one mystery that science cannot explain as well as energy… Try to be open minded now that you have had a few experiences. If you ask me it is crazy to think paranormal does not exist.. However back to your story, yes some things are mysteries, see a doctor to be sure it was not a medical problem, but it sounds like to me you are sensitive to energy. We all are to some degree, but many people choose to ignore experiences, so it is up to you how you see it.. If you notice it, then they happen all the time, but if you ignore the mind will cloud your judgement. Deep inside we all know what we experience..

      From your experience it sounds like you tapped into that energy that was lingering from that time..

  10. first, sorry about my english, im still learning it.
    I have feel this expierience since always, and I dont get scare at all, I feel how they tell me things without saying anything, for example when I go to my friend’s house and I feel the spirits, I tell my friends who they are, if they’re male or female, what are they looking for, etc. And I dont hear words, I just feel that. Last year i felt a spirit that was always with a friend that i just met, and it was like her angel guard. I told her what I felt and told her that he had a kid and he was an uncle or a close familiar.. and told her that he wanted to go with his family, like he was asking her for permission.. and i never talked to her before that about her family. She said that everything i said was correct and she gave him permission to go with his family and he did, i dindt feel him again. I feel so many things, and i think i know too many things about them, like they are energy, they want and need to be felt by people, and i have never read about ir. Thats why i dont get scare, because i know what they want, if they want me to get scare just because they want to feel alive, i just dont let them do that.. i want to develop this kind of skill i have.. but i dont know how.. any idea please write

    • Hey Jos,
      I recommend writing down your spiritual experiences in a journal and also write down your dreams.. This will help you form patterns in your experiences and also learn more about yourself.. 🙂

  11. Hello… Since i was a kid, around 8 or so, i have been sensitive to the paranormal… it bothers me alot… i see orbs, the X light phenomenon and hear and feel presences around me when im by myself… its like i know they are there, and i get the feeling of being followed all the time… and i def. think that spirits are attracted to me for some reason.. i dont feel anything like who or what the are, or anything, only the energy they are oriented with.. if its positive, im in a good mood, and if its negitive im in a horrible mood… is there any way that i can channel this energy away from my feelings and how it makes me act? and how would you suggest i can become more attuned to the paranormal in my situation.

  12. When I was younger, I was highly sensitive. I could predict the exact minute on a clock that a certain person was to arrive. I saw things that my mother said never existed, and often wondered why. No one ever believed me when I mentioned a door swinging back and forth in our haunted house, or when the door knob looked violently locked and was trying to open in the bathroom where a man died in the shower. I was never believed over any of the many weird things like this, so throughout the years I began to ignore and shut that part out. I feel like something is missing today, a part of me and who I used to be. I want to be able to open my sensitive senses up again. It doesn’t bother me, in fact i feel needed. I need advice on how to go about this.

  13. i want to talk to someone who can help me understand what is happening to me when i go to different places and sometimes i get a uneasy felling and a feeling of fear or wanting to leave if i do not leave i become physically sick and if i leave i feel better then i find out that something violent happen there like murders, car accidents ,etc i have seen two people at a cemetery that no one else seen i told my husband i saw to men in civil war uniforms and every detail and we walked were i saw them it was the graves of two men in the civil war it was the right rank and there was a old hospital were they was a civil war solders was treated so please help me to understand what is going on

  14. I have often wondered if the house i live in is haunted. My family and I have thought we have seen dark shadows and have heard what sounds like children laughing and playing. I have even got up at night to check cause I thought my kids were up playing instead of sleeping but soon realize that everyone in the house is asleep. my daughter and I were at the house alone and i thought i seen someone go in my room and when I asked her if it was her, she said no cause she was on the couch watching tv. I have often wondered if my mind is playing tricks on me.

  15. Hey there,I have a question about my house. ok so here is how it started,
    since I was little I have believed in spirits a bit but just wanted to believe the stuff i wanted to believe. I remember at night sometimes i used to here my floor creek a little like when some one walks on it, or the noise of some one moveing my tv just by a tiny bit. I kinda used to be really afraid telling my self “its nothing,its nothing” and after awhile ending up falling to sleep(or falling back to sleep because sometimes i woke up hearing it ). then one day my papa was talking to my mama and i herd him talking about something like a black spirit or something like that so i asked him if he was seriuse and he said yes,but it sounded like he was playing just to scare me a little. So i tried to ignore that a little . so one day after school i was on my computer listening to music and i just looked to the left of my room where my closet is and i saw like a black mass looking thing(hard to explain how it looked)it was like just a dark space in an oval shape and it was pushing up a bag up ward as if some one was trying to look under the bag and i freaked out in shock to see this happening (so when i freak out i tend to stay frozen for a few seconds cuz of shock) and then i looked back at my computer for less then a second then looked back at that spot and it was gone and the bag wasn’t being pushed up anymore so I went to my parents room and asked my papa if i could go outside for a little and he said sure, so i walked really really slowly out my house then once i got out side i ran. Is there any reason why i see it now and only once? before i never saw it but I have thought something MIGHT be here but always tried to ignore it. and im just really wondering why did i see it now and befor that i never saw it before??? if its always been here how come I never saw it before?

    • Hey Miki,
      Sometimes the body is more open at times to paranormal than other times. Many of us block experiences all the time as part of our natural mental ability. Its like anything, if you develop psychic development it gets better, if not that element generally is shut (not open). However sometimes it opens on its own which could of been your experience. It is not like it is not there the spirit most of the time, it could be your only sensitive a little..

  16. I’m 15 years old and I’ve always been sensitive to the paranormal. But, three weeks ago, I believe I was possessed by something evil. I prayed for hour, and it left. Ever since then, I can see spirits around me. I can feel them, and see them walking around. I can see shadows on my walls. its everywhere, it doesnt matter where I am, as long as Im inside a building, I can see them. I can also feel the energies of people and places. Lets say, I walked into a house, and fifty years before, satanic rituals were performed. I can feel it, because the evil still lingers there. Its extremely scary. I can also feel demons.. There’s a particular feeling I get when an evil spirit is around me. I feel pressure in my head and chest, and Im extremely naseauted. I have to leave immediately. Any advice?

  17. This is an interesting blog. It appears to be more related to hauntings, be they residual or intelligent.

    My query is regarding sensitivity and the progression of the sensitive ability.

    I was on an investigation at a cemetery with our group and in my mind I could clearly see a young man sitting with his knees drawn up and arms wrapped around them. I told the woman working with me I thought there was a boy about 10-12 years old sitting under the trees and that I could not see him with my eyes, but with my mind. Approximately 10 minutes later a member of our group called two of us over to view a headstone marked for a 12 year old boy.

    Flash forward to last week.

    After walking my dog, I was walking up the stairs to my apartment and, again in my mind, I saw a striking blond man holding the rail watching me walk up the stairs. It was so clear it was almost as if I saw him with eyes in the back of my head.

    Am I “becoming” sensitive? …don’t think I’m crazy. I don’t “hear” voices, or see apparitions, theses two events and others like them only.

    If sensitivity is beginning, are there exercises I can do to increase the ability? I’m eager to learn.


    • Hey Tara,
      welcome to the blog, I do blog about everything but that is a popular topic of late. In relation to your story it sounds like you are becoming sensitive to it more and more. It is an exciting feeling. In time you can develop it more by putting yourself in similar situations or feeling your way through places more. One way to develop it in a easy going way with yourself is by meditating. It helps to relax to mind and clear away old thoughts thus increasing awareness.

  18. hey, My mom is sensitive to the paranormal. I want to become sensitive to it but the only thing paranormal i ever experience is i feel as if someone is watching me and i see shadows. How can i become more sensitive? im 13 btw

    • me to im 12 almost 13 and i feel like im being watched all the time and just last night i saw a dark figuar staring at me so i just stared back then all of a sudden it ran when i told my mom about it she thought i was just being paranoid but whe i was little i used to hear people calling my name i thought it was just my mom or someone in my family but they all ways say they neer called me

  19. Hey, I used to be sensitive to the paranormal, but this time last year, it all went away. Is there any way I could get my abilities back?

  20. I just wanted to put my comments to your post.. You can’t just become a sensitive. I’ve lived with my parents for 18 years and neither of them showed any signs yet when I was younger I saw ghosts, and I am still overly sensitive to them and anything with the spiritual world. My brother who has lived with me for 21 years who knows of everything is not a sensitive.. Anyone can smell a sence or hear something it’s not a matter of the person it’s a matter of the ghost or spirit that is there… The word you are looking for is can you become aware of paranormal activity no sensitive…
    I’ve known one or two in my life and a few others I’ve meant and none of them acted like this towards it nor believed it was passed to them… You either know or not.. If you were a sensitive you wouldn’t question why you have it, or where you got it from.. You either treasure it, use it, deal with it, fear it or ignore it not parade it around like this site.

    • I totally agree with what you say. I have always known I’ve had some sort of connection with “others” and lucky for me so have other women in my family. When I was a child it scared me, I was afraid to sleep alone when I could “feel” or if I saw something and if I’m being honest I must say it still gets to me sometimes and I’m 41 yrs old now. Now that I’m older I think I get that overwhelming feeling of fear when I’m feeling something that either has a lot of anger, rage or confusion, I sometimes even get so sad I will start crying for no reason and feel the sadness all the way to my bones. I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just there and always has been so I don’t believe it’s something you can learn. I have been starting to embrace my sensitivity and look forward to seeing where it will take me, I’m just not sure I know where to begin.

  21. I don’t really know how to start. First off, this is the first time I have ever wrote about my experiences online and most likely my last, I normally write them down if its major or no other rational explanation can be given but have stopped doing so because things seem to be rapidly progressing. My dreams are a huge factor, there is always a turning point in them and I know something is going to happen, for example time slows for a few seconds and the dream will carry on over exposed or most recently in sepia/gray/blurred and almost always wake me up middle of the night, these occur every few weeks but are so powerful, its really hard to put in words without sounding stupid. I also get very strong vibes out of the blue, I could be walking around the kitchen thinking about football and a wave come’s over me and I freeze and know there is something behind me or in the room. I think I am opening these channels even more by accident, I’m not even going to say the things that have happened over the last few months because I want to be taken seriously, how do I close the communication? I didn’t even start this in the first place and have never been one to dabble but if there are any seriously genuine people that have had these experiences is there away to block it somehow? Things have happened all my life but have been few and far between, I only kept the journal because things started happening more frequently that I knew couldn’t be explained by environment,people,weather ect but things have got really heavy now. Thank you.

    • that doesn’t sound healthy at all i for once had this when i was age 6 i had a dream of been outside my house all the sky is blue the entire building is dark and i see my father behind me and giving me a pat on the shoulder when i wake up i can’t seem to turn my head around and i also had some feeling like coldness but i can’t really remember anything since it was almost a decade ago and did you had any strange disease? i usually cough out brown liquid with plenty of bubbles and i often had the same dream like that but when i was age 11 we moved to a new house then this disease stop but i was age 6 so i don’t take anything of these quite seriously but i think you might need to live somewhere else just like me but since i’m not really an expert don’t take my note seriously

  22. Well I’m actually young. I’m 14 and I have had expieriences where I go to a certain place, any place actually and I feel light-headed and dizzy. but then when i leave i feel better instantly. It’s been happening since i was about 4. I didn’t think anything of it until I told my mom and she said to talk to my Grandmother. Turns out my grandmother is a strong sensitive. She is able to communicate with spirits and can tell how someone is feeling by looking into your eyes. She also told me it runs in my family and t usually skips a generation or so. I told her that when i go somewhere i feel weird like nauseous. For example i went to this place with my older brother and his two friends they had a wedgie board(ki think it called that) and they used it. Immiedieataly i felt nauseous and sick. i started acting strange i was jumpy, twitchy and nervous. I was literally flipping out and freaking. I wouldn’t let go of my brother and kept repeating over and over, I had to get out of there. Something wasn’t right. I went to the doctor and he didn’t know what was wrong. I’m kinda scared. My grandmother said i was able to sense an Aura and my body decides if it’s good or bad by acting different in each place i go. I recently learned i could read emotions and my cousin set my recorder in her room and after we both fell asleep i got up and sat in the middle of the room and started talking like i was having a conversation. I was unaware since i believed i was asleep in my mind. I was scared when my cousin replayed the video and now i don’t know what to do. I’m really scared…

  23. Hi ever since I was little I have felt as if I was connected to the paranormal somehow.. Now I can feel if someone is with me, I can see where light particles manifest, hear the static electricity coming from the tv, and one I even heard what I think was an AVP (audible voice phenomena) calling my name while I was blow drying my hair. knowing that the hair dryer can cause you to hear false voices I turned it off. Clearly I heard my name again. Am I a sensitive or am I just imagining things? (btw this is in my families new house we just moved at our house before this I felt as if I was always being watched and constantly had the same reoccurring nightmare about being chased through a house that looked familiar but I don’t know where I saw it before. Ever since we moved the dreams have ceased) also I am almost 12 years old

  24. I am a sensitive, but I “feel” the deceased. If they are angry, I feel anger. If they are sad, I am sad. Sometimes it is so overwhelming. One time we were in a basement of the building where I worked, and suddenly, I felt this feeling of so much evil, I couldn’t go any further. It was like someone threw a blanket over me, and it was a blanket of hate. It really scared me because the feelings were never this powerful. I learned later that a young girl had been raped down in that basement over 60 years earlier. Whoever is down in that basement is pure evil. Is it possible to feel an entity’s personality? I have seen a few shadows and heard voices and have been touched, also. Please answer my question on a deceased person communicating by feeling their personality. Thank you

    • Yes it is very possible to feel past energies or past spirits, many do it but most people have the ability to block how they really feel. As you are very sensitive you should write down your experiences, that way you may be able to learn to control and then to help these negative energies move on. Next time you feel it try to project that energy passing on, that it is time for that energy to move on. You may be able to help many with this. Sometimes energies get trapped. You could say after acknowledging the feeling “It is time to move on, go to the light”. Say it strong, but firm three times with the belief of it helping..

  25. I’ve been sensitive since literally birth. My mother would see a woman float over my crib. Ive had simple experiences like hearing footsteps and bigger ones like actually seeing them. I feel theyre attracted to me like a gravital pull. Ive had bad experiences too which may cause fear to let it open more. Especially at night I feel tgem all around me. Id like to use my full potential though. Any advice on completely opening that door?

  26. Hi my name is Ashton. My brother and I use to have supernatural experiences as childeren constantly but in my early teenage years they stopped yet continued for my brother. I actually found it relieving to be done with it but lately things have been happening again like things approaching me when I let out my dogs or doors opening by themselves. I want to know why things are happening again, why all of a sudden after so many years?

    • Things have got worse at my house. I was woken up in the morning by an old man sitting near the end of my bed. He was watching me but then he walked over grabbed my hand and kissed my cheek and the he was gone. I wasn’t scared but I was pretty shocked. Ever since then I always feel someone touching my arm or my back. How do I get this to stop? Is there a way to shut this out? Please help.

  27. I have an inquiry and I’m not sure if this is the right place to take it, but I don’t know of anywhere else. I am in my mid 20’s and for the past 10 years or so I have been actively putting myself into situations where I may experience something paranormal, but to no avail. About 5 years ago I met and fell in love with a girl that was very sensitive to things such as ghosts and had a strong history of this in her family. In the five years we have been together (living together for the past 4) she hasn’t had a single experience while I’m anywhere near her. I also have sensitive friends that have have never seen anything around me. This all leads to my question, if there are people in this world that are sensitive to the paranormal could the opposite also be true, that there are people that not only cannot sense things but also cancel out ‘sensitive’ people’s sense of the paranormal?

  28. I should start off by saying my family on my mom’s side is very sensitive to spirits. My mom’s sister saw the memory of a lady falling down her apartment stairs, and my mom’s neice saw her father.I’m 16 and I think I have this gift too. When I walk into a house, I get a vibe-usually good but sometimes bad. If it’s bad I’m terrified and want to leave. A few years ago, I was lying in bed, trying to go to sleep. Suddenly in my ear I heard a soft little girl voice saying “Ok”. I thought I was dreaming so I shook it off, but a few days later I was in bed again and I heard, “Shhh”. I felt uneasy in my room, and often when I was completely calm, I suddenly felt a sudden burst of terror. Finally, I sat up one night and calmly said, “Go away.” I never had an experience after that and I felt safe in my room. More recently, a few months ago my parent’s 22 year old cat died. He had a very distinct croaking meow that you’d hear all the time in my house. A few days after his death, I was standing in the kitchen, when I heard a familiar croaky meow. It sounded like it was right next to me. I almost reached to my pet my cat, then I realized; he was dead. Could I possibly have a sixth sense or an over-active imagination??

    • Hey Layla,
      Sounds like you are sensitive, i am much the same when it comes to the feeling of a place or house. I have had it nearly all my life and believe many have this gift as well but call it something else. Eg a detective calling it a hunch or a bad feeling. Either way it is what i like to call a better sense of energy than in comparison to others. As for the voices you maybe more sensitive than most and are actually hearing echoes when people or pets pass away. Eg your cat passed away ( sorry about you cat by the way ) and you are still hearing the passing. Energy does linger for a while and so maybe you hear the lingering in a way of that energy. To eliminate other aspects you should have a doctors meeting to discuss. Most likely they will check you and you will be fine, most doctors do not know anything about the paranormal because they have the skeptics mind however they will be able to tell if there is an imbalance of some type. To me it is most likely a spiritual experience however i always like to be safe than sorry you know what i mean. Once you come back clear all round then you can go down the road of paranormal fully.

      Maybe you are becoming clairvoyant..? However what i recommend you do is start doing is start to write down your experiences, that way you can find patterns and those patterns can lead you to a more definite answer overall. Also speaking to another clairvoyant as well could really help as well.

  29. I don’t know where to start for help on achieving a higher awareness..seems like the older I get, the less I’m able to get signals or signs in regards to “sixth sense.”. How do I get back to the connection I once had??

    • Sound like you have gotten off track, this can happen. I would recommend to start meditating again and trying to remove yourself from stressful situations, as well as spending more time outside in nature. Each one of these builds up our spiritual connection.

  30. PLEASE HELP!!!!!
    I am only 16 years old almost 17 I have always felt entities around me, but as I’ve grown older it has become stronger to where I can hear them talk and I believe they somehow send me images while i’m sleeping. Way to often i will dream about images and people I’ve never seen before in my life. These spirits have now interrupted my school life and social life. I thank god everyday for the ability i was given but how do i free these spirits how can i help them?

    • Hey Blake,
      Tricky question because this ability is often one hard to turn on and off. One thing you could try is asking the spirits to move to the light. Sometimes spirits get trapped between here and the door to the other side. Well that is the theory anyways. Asking them to go to the light can help.

  31. Hello. Since I was a little girl, I have seen things that I cannot explain. One incident was when I was 7 years old. I woke up in the middle of the night and thaught I saw my mother standing in the corner of my room looking out my window. I got up and walked up to her and said ” mommy.” The black figure held out her arms like a mom would. About that time, my mother sat up in bed and said, “Susan, what are you doing up?” I turned around and the figure disappeared. I would see things that scared me when I was much younger. I’d see things move on there own. A couple of years ago, I lived in a trailor that I believe was haunted by a demonic spirit. I’d be attacked almost every night. I’d get choked in my sleep. The thing finally told me to get out, get out. And I did just that. The main thing I want to know is this: Every now and then, I will pass by a place and a vision will pop in my head of what used to be and who if anyone was there. This is the only way I can explain the vision( a short played youtube) of the past is played in my mind of the area. It is so odd to me. I have seen a hanging in my minds eye, and just simple woman living a simple life sitting on her porch. I’ve seen an old man in my mind walk through mine and my husbands house. He was the first time I have ever heard anything audible. It’s always been mental images until then. I have had more mental images since then, but no more audibles. I am just trying to figure out what I am; if anything. Your response would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Susan

  32. ….Hmmm I really don’t know where to start…but I have had and seen paranormal instances all my life…when I was 3 years old my mother told me that I would not sleep in my room and just scream like some one was shaking me, it was cold, and I have dreams of a tall man in shadow standing next to a crib. during a trip to the queen mary in long beach I heard an infant cry and a toddler laugh in the Isolation ward of the ship, at olivas adobe I saw a woman in black stand at the top window staring at me but my mother didn’t see her, my sister did. Both were standing next to me. at my grandmother’s house which I lived for most of my life, it feels like there is something large following me when I walk through the fields at night. I have images in my dreams of a large k9 staring at me next to the barn which is no longer there. I have seen the bottom of a long white night gown as if some one turned to corner to the hall. But no one is there . No one else has seen it or heard like a voice calling my name. My sister doesn’t like to walk around my grandmother house at night. Also my mom and aunt found a (i donot know how to spell it sorry) wigi board in my grandfather’s closet. My grandfather has no idea where its from shortly after disposing of it he developed alshimers. I hated going in his room as a child, it felt weird. And where I currently reside I see shadows and at night it sounds like there is somthing or some one moving stuff and walking in the kitchen. My room mate and her father have not had as much experience with it yet i’ve only been here for 5 months versus them which is 8 years. As well as all this very often I feel like my energy is being drained leaving me tired, sometimes I become slightly animic (i give blood and my iron levels are way down, I am a healthy individual) and depressed. Yet I have no signs of depression(seen a doctor about it) Is this classified as being sensative?

    • More so than most by your story. Some people are just born more sensitive than others, to tone it down a bit what you need to do find things that ground you as a person. Everyone is different, things that will take your focus off it in a way, in a positive way.. To some it may be sport, to others it maybe there friends or to others it maybe just ignoring it more.. It depends and is up to you how it plays.

    • I been seeing ghosts since I was 7 years old I still remember the month and day .I knew it was no human when I saw a ghost I seen tons of shadow people in my basement which happen for every sunday may-july it stopped a little and when I hit 10years old it was 10pm I was in the basement and I saw a girl sitting on the stair looking sad and she standed up and fade away

  33. I have been very sensitive to peoples energy all my life. In the past 3 years though I have been touched on numerous occasions as has my mom when staying with me recently.Sometimes the lights in my attic will turn on and off by themselves and I have seen it happen when no one else was home one evening standing talking to my neighbor across the street. My bedroom door opens and shuts or just moves back and fowards sometimes even though my door is very hard to push over a hump in my carpet. While watching tv in my living room one day a pipe for my heating started shaking and rattling violently like someone was shaking it, but when my husband tried to do the same thing he could not even budge the pipe. I have also been sitting in my living room and feel and hear a banging from the basement. These events are becoming more frequent.I want to find out what this is and what it wants from me.

  34. Over the past couple of years I have noticed some unexplainable instances and I’ve only been able to come up with being somewhat sensitive to spiritual energy but I really have no clue. The experiences I have been having are auditory. Two days in a row I was home before my mother came home and I was upstairs in my room and heard my mom say “Hi miss kate” and I said “howdy mum I’m upstairs” and then after I had said that I thought to myself that I didn’t hear the door open or the dogs bark so I went downstairs and she wasn’t home. There have been other instances where I will be by myself and will hear my name. Also, I was getting into my car, closed the door and heard a voice say “hey” and I looked in my backseat which is where the noise originated from and no one was there and the windows weren’t open. I’ve just been having what seems like minor experiences but they’ve been happening more often and very randomly. The last experience is something that I’m pretty sure is a medical issue but with the other experiences happening more frequently and moving from noises to voices I can assume the experiences could progress to physical symptoms like what I’m feeling now…for the past two days I have been getting headaches off and on. I never get headaches and if I do they are very mild and go away quickly, but I’ve been getting this painful headache that comes and goes multiple times throughout the day and it’s intermittent and very random depending on where I am so this is why I think it’s medical. I’ve also noticed that since I was young there are buildings or houses that I feel very uneasy in and I can never pinpoint why. I’ve never seen anything while in these locations but I feel uneasy and uncomfortable or I often feel scared and anxious. I don’t know what any of this is and I don’t really know anyone who is a sensitive that can help me understand any of this so I was hoping to get some answers as to what has been happening. I’ve been under the assumption that if you’re a sensitive, you were born with the ability or you’re abilities have been known since you were young and the experiences I have been having have started after I was 18 (except for feeling uneasy in certain buildings and houses, I have been like that all my life). Anyone have any insight?

  35. When I was little. Maybe 4 or 5 I remember seeing a women in my room just starring at me and I remember screaming and my mom came into my room and then she turned into a shadow and my mom couldn’t see it. That is the only thing I remember happening to me until recently. My friend that I have become really close with in the past year and suddenly I start seeing things again she has told me about things that have happened to her in her house and if heard things in her house whenever I’m there. Footsteps and stuff doors opening and closing. And when me and my friend were at her house for a weekend by ourselves we were dying my hair and when we were washing it out in the kitchen sink and suddenly the lights turned off no one else was in the house. My friend was washing out my hair and we just turned them back on the light didn’t just burn out. And the past few days in the corner of my eye I have seen a dark figure. So idk what this means. I would love to be able to communicate the people who have pasted but idk what is happening to me is it nothing just paranoia or what.

  36. hi since i was young i had bad experience with something i dnt really know what it was but it felt like some one or thing was out to hurt me an i knw at 6 years old a had a priest pray for me or cleanse me and it sort of went away but its ben coming back to me an all the time it feels like there is some one or thing following me an in some houses i can not walk in to some rooms… its like something is forcing me to stay out an its getting worse hearing voices footsteps seeing thing that other people dnt see…….. i dnt know what to do??????????

    • Hey John,
      It is possible you are being haunted, however just in case get yourself checked, that will create peace of mind physically. Then after checking try staying somewhere else to see if the haunting is you or the house, after that if you conclude you are being haunted then you need to see a good psychic or priest again or if instead you wish to deal with yourself i would highly suggest meditating daily or even joining a meditation group to help build up your spiritual protection.

  37. I always have a feeling a ghost is watching I can see them clear as day look like human and I can hear them.I think when I see or hear them they trying to tell me something .

  38. Hi. I have always believed in spirits, ghosts, what have you. But I have never experienced them. I would like to very much. The possibilities are endless as I see it, and there would be much to learn. So here’s the question… how do I learn to be more sensitive to such things? Do I seek out haunted places and spend time in them? Hang with those who are sensitive? Any help here would be appreciated. My thanks

  39. Sensitivity to paranormal doesnt quite run in my family. My cousin is a paranormal investigator. I never actually hear anything but ill catch glimpses if things. People to be exact but when I look back their gone and ill get a rush of feeling it could be happiness joy or depression, suicidle thoughts, or even fear. Tgen in a matter of seconds its gone. I, being a teen stikk, tried to tell my family and parents but they think im looking for attention. I dont get it really at my house but I get it alot at other peoples houses. And lately especially at my boyfriends specifically when we cuddle or he leaves them room. Could there be a spirit attached to him?

  40. About 6 months ago we remodeled our basement and turned it into a bedroom. Since then when I go into my room at night I get a uneasy feeling until I turn on the light I go to sleep only to be woken up by some man screaming for me to wake up, soneone choking me, dark figures standing over my bed, my covers getting pulled on. I’ve never experienced anything like this. To my knowledge no one has died in our house so I don’t know what to think of all of this. I’m scared and don’t know what to do. My husband doesn’t experience anything and thinks I’m crazy. Help 🙁

    • Hey Joshylnn,
      First of all, I do not think you are crazy. When someone remodels or changes things in a house it can at certain times stir up what was once quiet spirits. No one knows for sure why this happens, but it happens often. It has been observed many time by paranormal investigators as well. You may want to consider doing a house cleanse to help unwanted energies to move on.

  41. I’m kind of curious if it is just me or if I have some natural pull towards the paranormal world. My whole life I have felt completely out of place with other people, but have been drawn towards paranormal stories, spirits, etc. My family has always thought I was strange because I use to have dreams of things happening then they would come true a day-few days later. Like in ’98 I had a dream that I had a rock climbing accident I meant down to the very last detail. I talked to my mother about it the next morning and we went to our family reunion and took my cousins rock climbing free hand something I had been doing since I was 5 years old. Everything literally that happened in my dream happened to me for real. Then another time there was an accident on our main street and we were up there hanging out with friends and it happened in front of us and they were just floored by it, but I had no feelings on it what so ever, and when asked why I told them that there would be 2 more that night. And there was. I also had my grandmother appear to me after she passed away, she didn’t say anything just looked at me, and the night before she passed myself and her got into a huge fight. Just would like to get an idea of what I might be experiencing. Because I’ve seen/heard so much and feel like a freak at times; I’ve told my brother and sister before that their places had people there because I’ve heard the foot steps and experienced other things there as well. I feel weird because I like going to the grave yard and just walking I find so much peace there. Please can you give me some advice on what is going on or am I just crazy???

  42. I have had experiences since I was a young child, the house I grew up in is now nearly unbearable to live in for my parents who admit there was no activity until I was born. I’ve been told I’m a gateway and when I asked how to stop it, no one can produce an answer, since you found a way to make people more sensitive, do you know a way to become less sensitive. The home my husband and I live in is starting to “come alive” with strange things. My daughter is constantly talking to people who aren’t there physcially and things are always being thrown at my poor husband who has never had experiences with the paranormal until he met me. Please, I’ve been searching for a long time for a way to control or even turn off this ability and for anyone who wants to be more sensitive, it isn’t all fun and games. I’ve been attacked emotionally and physcially for much of my life and just wish it all to stop and hopefully go away.

  43. My grandmother says sometimes it is not places that is haunted it is us. Everywhere I have lived I have had experiences the same with all the women in my family they say we are sensitive. Right before someone dies in our family I have a dream of them saying goodbye and I am at peace with it before it even happens.I have seen things heard and felt things some places I visit its overwhelming the energies emotions No im not crazy lol ive been checked and was given a clean bill lol I am thinking of putting this to work im being pulled in that direction

  44. I’ve always had a slight sensitivity to spirits, etc.. When I was young my mother used to move my brother and I around frequently, and to homes that were very old in run down neighborhoods as those are very cheap to rent. I first noticed when I was about 6 years old that I would sometimes feel very welcome in the new house and other times I wanted to run the other way, but regardless of good or bad we always moved in. As I became older I could sense when an entity was in the room with us watching even if they weren’t making noise, I could just feel them although I never saw them. When you don’t see things it’s much easier to pretend they’re not there.
    I’m my adult life I’ve made sure never to buy a home that I knew had spirits on them regardless of good or bad as I know that bad entities can trick you and then show their true nature after you’ve signed a 30 year mortgage and are now stuck!
    I’m 34 years old now, and honestly other than noticing the presence of a spirit here and there while out or whatever, I don’t pay much attention, until yesterday! Yesterday afternoon while driving I started seeing people that didn’t seem quite right, they looked off, and were on odd places, like standing in the middle of the street or half way in a rose bush. I didn’t know what to think and initially I just pulled over as I thought that maybe I had finally lost my mind, or it was stress related, although I haven’t really been under much stress. I stayed parked for about 20 minutes, and then continued to my friends house, and just tried to ignore the odd people along the way. While I was at his apartment I kept hearing children playing and asked if he had an extra weekend with his kids, he said no, and then looked at me in this knowing way. I only realized that the odd people I had been seeing were spirits when two children showed up out of nowhere and began to bounce, twirl, and do backflips in full giggles on his oversized sofa. I immediately turned to watch and missed most of what he’d said to me, and again he gave me this knowing look. I wanted to mention what had been happening that day but I didn’t want everyone to think I had gone insane, so I didn’t. Until it was time to leave. As he was walking me to my car I thought it was odd that there were so many people just sitting in their cars, but I didn’t think much of it from there until we were two cars behind mine and I could clearly see two women in the front and a child on the back. My first thought was that my brand new car was being stolen! So I picked up my pace and started to speak when my friend stopped me. So I slowed down and quietly approached from behind around to the side, still able to clearly see the occupants. Then as I got to a point where I should have been able to see their faces they were gone! Just gone. At this point I lost it. My friend decided that I wasn’t driving like that and put his arm out for me to hold onto and walked me back to his deck. He then asked if my being too distracted to keep up with the earlier conversation had anything to do with the children playing. With that question I told him about the childhood sensitivity, and about what had occurred the entire day. He said he had once been able to see but had worked very hard to close it for personal reasons.
    I used to think that as long as they didn’t show themselves to me I’d be fine, but now that I see them I want to know more, but they say nothing, and furthermore, I can’t see their faces as they disappear every time.
    My questions are, 1) why am I just now seeing them at 34? 2) why cant I see their faces? 3) why won’t they talk to me?
    More than just the questions, what can I do to develope my apparent abilities now that they are here. I suppose if there are other questions that I should be asking please tell me, preferably along with the answers! My biggest fear has always been seeing a spirit/entity, but that wasn’t actually as scary as I thought it would be, that in mind I think I’m interested in more.

  45. Hi, sorry I know this is a very old post, just wanted to say I’ve come across a lot of your posts on paranormal and I find them very helpful and informative.

    I’m a highly sensitive person, I find the world pretty overwelming, and have struggled with severe/chronic migraines my entire life. But up until around two-three years ago, I always thought I was crazy, because of seeing things like black shadows of people that weren’t there, voices and footsteps that came from no visible source, experiencing the smell of my dead grandmother I never met, who died 9 years before I was born. experiencing the feeling of heart braking sorrow in some locations, or near old furnature. Then small things of stuff moving so obviously Infront of me, TVs turning on, list goes on, but getting back to the post, that’s all from my dads side of the family, who a few have been very sensitive to the paranormal, my mothers side, slightly but not my mother, as I got older, I explained my experiences, eventually my mum started to open her mind to it, and just last night she heard the footsteps of someone in the landing, and down the stairs, who was no where to be seen. It’s such an interesting topic. My brother is blind to the whole lot and he doesn’t believe in any of it.

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