Can You Believe all Paranormal Testimonies?

An amazing attribute of the human brain is thinking we know what is real or not, don’t you think..? I recently got asked the question – Can you believe all peoples testimonies when it comes to paranormal experience? Such a good question, that I believe everyone should ask themselves this one as well.. My first response was no, but with due care.. Here are my reasons..

Let’s face the unfortunate answer to this question has to be no, we all know some people lie and unfortunately take people for a ride. Its working out what is real and what is not, that is important. In another way of putting it should I not believe all testimonies I hear as well.. The answer is no here also.. It really is up to the person in question that helps the evaluation..

william hopes paranormal spirit photography

(Above – Photo by William Hope (1863-1933) – Paranormal Spirit Photography labelled – Man with the Spirit of his second wife.)

How to partly tell a Lie if someone is lying about a Paranormal Experience?

First of all lets look at reasons why people lie..? Fame, wealth, controversy, enjoyment to name a few.. Now lets look at why not to lie – Credibility, Status Quo, Respect, Ridicule and lastly honesty..

When hearing a testimony, if someone has nothing to gain then chances are they are telling the truth. In particular if there own credibility is at stake by telling the experience and an emotional response occurs during telling. In the opposite sense a good way of telling if someone is lying can be by looking at there eyes and emotional response. One thing people who tell the truth have in common is mindset of belief. People who do not tell the truth divert there eyes when describing the incident.

This is not to say all people cannot hide these traits, only that it is a hard one to hide.. A lot of people even slightly smirk when fibbing as well, even when they try to hide it, this is not a good sign also..

With that all said, we cannot 100% tell, but we can detect better by looking at these flaws. The truth is, we all know there is so much amazing paranormal stuff going on and an experience to one person does not make less weight to another. We have to use due care when its another persons experience. To them no matter how unbelievable it seems  to you, to them it is reality..

Is it Real?

And lastly remember if it is a real experience to them, then there is no denying of what they believe. No one likes a sceptic when it is there experience or belief they are conflicting..

Overall with that all said, we really have no right to even question there belief negatively of this experience, even if we do think they are wrong.. I mean we do not even know how far the universe is? Or what a black hole is? What a crop circle is? Or even what life after death is…?  So how can we fully judge onto others what we believe is fully real or not..?

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  1. I mean we do not even know how far the universe is? Or what a black hole is? What a crop circle is? Or even what life after death is…?

    We know the answers to all of those. You can Google to find the size of the universe; you can google to find out what a black hole is, and “life after death” is a myth put around by some religions.

    You would help your cause by learning a little science.

    • Hey Paul,
      I do know science, studied it in depth in school, university and my own free time. Know a lot more than probably most scientists because i am not as closed off to stepping out of my thought zone that so many scientists do..

      No one knows exactly what the black hole is, only theories. Sorry to burst your bubble.. Educated guesses is all.. Also we have an indication of rough size of our universe, but i am referring to the universes within universes size and trust me, no one has a single idea on that.. The brain is too stupid to even contemplate infinity of that sort of vastness. A crop circle much the same, an unexplained phenomena where science cannot explain rationally..

      Life after death has many theories and many testimonies, the reason being is many times people die and come back, we here at base theories on those testimonies. Science has no ground on peoples experience. Every view deserves to be questioned and thought on..

      Otherwise what is the point of thought without rational questioning..

      Lastly myths are stories to help describe the universe and creation, each one deserves respect because they are the foundation of human society overall.. Zeus, Opollo, Odin, Jesus, Buddha, however.. Does that mean they are true? No not really, but does that mean they are not true, not really either.. Both similar in nature and both deserving of questioning thought..

      Have a nice day 😉

      Timon Weller

    • Hey Paul,
      So the tens of thousands of crop circles are done by two people, even when the phenomena happened on a large scale.. They may have created a few but not the tens of thousands that exist. Not to mention investigators have on many many occasions tried to debunk them.. Yes some are man made but they obvious the ones that are to the ones that are unexplained.. Still reports happening today, just that the media ignores it mostly now..

  2. I am not sure where to start with a lot of what you say. Let’s get the easy bit out of the way. You say “So the tens of thousands of crop circles are done by two people,” No… listen… 2 people started it, others copied.. OK?

    The myths of the universe are just that… myths. You can give them what respect you wish, just like you can give Harry Potter respect.

    You said, “No one knows exactly what the black hole is, only theories. Sorry to burst your bubble.. ” My bubble is only burst insomuch as that I am disappointed with your reply. We know sufficient about the things I mentioned.

    You’re argument is that if we do not know one thing, then something else, totally different is credible. Let me quote a scientist, “Science knows it doesn’t know everything, otherwise, it would stop. Just because science doesn’t know everything, it doesn’t mean that you can fill in the gaps with whatever fairytale most appeals to you.”

    I think we can agree that that is true.

    Life after death: I’d like you to think about that for a moment. How ridiculous is that? When you are dead, like every other living thing on the planet will be at some time, that is it.

    If you want to know about NDEs, check out the following and come back with something sensible.,20509.msg453344.html#msg453344

    Peace of Mind: Near-Death Experiences Now Found to Have Scientific Explanations
    September 12, 2011 (Actual paper: -> the experience is real; not that what is experienced actually happens.

    Study into near-death experiences 18 September 2008 – testing out of Body Experiences - (This was interesting as experimenters placed pictures face up on high shelves; the idea was that if you did have an Out of Body Experience, and it was real, then you should be able to describe the pictures.)

    ‘Near death’ has biological basis 11 April 2006 – halfway between sleep and waking -

    There is no such thing as “the occult” – like all things, it is an excuse to stop thinking and make something up.

    All superstition relies on not thinking. If you really did study some sort of science, go back and ask a few of the professors what they think of the “occult.”

    • Hey Paul,
      Thanks for the comment.. Firstly, this blog is on all aspects of pondering, whether spiritual, paranormal etc, just because there is no scientific proof does not mean it is not real. It still deserves talking about. Lot’s of aspects about life and the supernatural cannot be explained and are common experiences. Just because science can explain something in some way does not mean we as scientists should not question anything. That is what the Occult means, to question aspects of life that we cannot put into a science equation. Science can put reasoning on many things and that is a possibility as well to the situation, but either way all discussions should be discussed.. Why..? Well, because that is what we as humans do, we question the aspects that are not covered by science exactly. The Occult is a tool of open thought, just like religion yet it does not make claims of proof like religion does. It offers possibilities of truths. If you do not like questioning life beyond the stars or questioning aspects about yourself without putting a science label on it first then you are limited by what you can think on.. A bit like religion as well there.. To a person that is studying the Occult, they can look at all evidences, word, theories, sciences and testimonies and allow people to make up there own mind.

      The Occult is not there to trick you, it is a look at all aspects in life.. Not just one..

      You say NDEs are explained with science, well that is your opinion just like all of us are entitled to our own thinking. I respect science, I have studied it in depth but the limits are also there as well. That is up to you to decide how far you think on anything.

      Your reply on the black hole, yes I agree with common theory of a black hole being compressed gravity.. Yet there are many theories other than that as well.. Each deserves discussion…

      I liked this video above..

      With the 2 people starting the crop circle thing, your theory is from those two people thousands of others copied and still today when they appear over 30 years later and get no media attention they are still spending days creating them.. I am not arguing with you on this, to me if that is so then wow that would be a complete waste of someones time. I just don’t see the logic fully, especially with how lazy the human race is in general that the multitudes of crop circles are formed plus where scientists cannot show how they are created exactly.. And your opinion is it was from two guys starting an epidemic.?

      My argument there would be humans are 1, too lazy, 2, humans leave clues to how they do things so the no bend in crop circle grass should be pondered..? It is almost like pressure from above as many scientists have explained before.. The fact that some are obvious fakes is not an argument either.. As a third argument here one should also ponder on how often they are perfect in shape.. Let’s face it, most humans are crap at art so are you saying only qualified artists are in this scam as well because that is basically what you are implying as well.. Things to ponder anyways friend..

      Overall once again, like i keep saying all topics deserved to be discussed and pondered.

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