Chi Energy Shown Live on Video

Have you heard of Chi? If not, that is okay, it is a form of energy that is within us all. By harnessing it many believe that we can heal, move objects, cause fire or move objects.

While there is always going to be sceptics in any field, it is always good to have an open mind to what Chi is as well as its overall potential.

The reason being is it has claimed to have healed and helped many over the years that were once really sick. In fact, it is a recognised health science in some Asian countries.

How is Chi Harnessed?

Throughout history of this form of energy many who practice it as an art claim it is harnessed by deep meditation and by doing martial arts. In a way it is like harnessing life energy.

Meditation and martial arts being two forms of extreme mind and body health practices.

In the video below it shows the actions of a real Chi master named John Chang.  He shows how he can heal, turn on a led light bulb and zap people with the power of his Chi.

Really impressive stuff, is he the real deal?

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