City of Atlantis, was it an Alien City?

One theory on the concept of the lost city of Atlantis was that it all originated from Alien technology.. Basically the theory is around 50,000 years ago an Alien city was made by aliens and slowly transformed human society over time by tampering with our dna and making us what we are today..

Was the City of Atlantis an Alien City..?

Whether this theory is true or not, it is interesting to look at archaeology finds and cave paintings indicating possible alien existence in many countries in the world.. Could this explain the quick development of mankind 30,000 years ago to go from building basic structures to undergoing amazing structures which needed the understanding of advanced mathematics.. Did aliens help..? Or was it just an amazing evolution leap..?

In the video above it goes into some more detail on this Alien Atlantis theory, let me know what you think..?

4 thoughts on “City of Atlantis, was it an Alien City?

  1. I believe there is the lost city of Atlantis out there somewhere. But, whether it is on this planet or elsewhere, I do not know. But there is no doubt in my mind that somewhere in the universe there is an advanced city where a lot of our knowledge, culture, and religious beliefs originated.

    Most beliefs, even after thousands of years, had a real basis on their beginning. But we have to put ourselves in the time, mindset, and understanding of the civilizations at that time. Those with greater technology would be considered Gods, etc.

  2. History channel did this whole 12 hour special on something called ancient astronaut theory. It’s an incredibly interesting topic and the idea of Atlantis is only one of many ideas that are used to form this theory. Examples include stonehenge, pyramids of Giza, Mayan pyramids, stone wall of puma poonkoo and many others. I encourage all of you to look deeper into this or present your own theories here.

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