Crystal Cross Quartz Pendant

The  cross is one of the most powerful Occult Symbols out there. It has been used for thousands of years by many for its many protective and healing qualities, all the way back to after crucifixion times. It was a symbol of change for many and was the beginning of the christian faith. For those that use the cross it is said to help ward off negative spirits, to bestow good fortune ( not money based ) and help protect the individual from anything evil in nature. Going by mythology it is said to help ward off demons, werewolves and also vampires to name a few.

This Cross Pendant is made of Quartz Crystal which is voted as one of the most valued stones throughout the ages for its spiritual use. It is believed to have a variety of properties and is sometimes referred to as the Ice of the Gods.

Even though Quartz is considered a very common crystal it is also one of the most beautiful as well. It is recognized by many as a powerful healing and energy promoter in the world. It can help absorb energy, release energy and help regulate energy. Quartz is also said to destroy negative or disruptive Karmic Seeds developed in the past.

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