Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Tool

This is a beautifully made and designed pendulum is made from genuine amethyst gemstone.

Amethyst Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Tool

Capped in intricate gold on both ends giving a point at the end. Approximate size of the pendulum dowsing tool piece is about 1 inch long although sometimes minor size variations can happen. Attached to the adorned pendulum is a chain with a gold colored bead added at the end. There are so many magical and spiritual uses for pendulums, including reading / divination, dowsing ability, and also answer finding techniques.

Many people around the world in numerous cultures use this device or pendulum dowsing to locate items (sometimes hidden spiritually), as a test for food freshness or bacteria, compatibility of love / romance between two people, and to help choose careers, investments &  more. In addition to all these benefits and abilities of the pendulum, Pendulums are come in a variety of styles and gemstones. This one being made of 100% quality made Amethyst which gives it that natural purple charm look.

More on the Crystal Pendulum Dowsing Tool

The crystal pendulum dowsing tool is another great piece of Occult Symbol or Occult Supplies that has been used for thousands of years as a positive form of magic. With practice and effort this tool can assist anyone trying to learn the arts better.

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