Death – The Ultimate Check Out!

We are all ultimately moving towards death, the physical life’s cycle… Many refer to it as the ultimate check out, the last journey, but is it..? Is it the last experience we have or is it just another learning curve for our energy..? Many facts point to it be another, I will tell you why..?

Firstly let’s look at the facts, immediately upon dying everybody loses approximately 1 ounce in body weight. Is this just the spirit leaving body indicating that the spirit has weight or is another reason..?

Secondly, astral projection techniques indicate other worlds beyond our body so does that indicate more beyond..?

Thirdly, lucid dreaming a common human experience in dreams which is still not understood be science, maybe this is astral as well indicating life after death or the world after death…?

Is death the ultimate check out, what do you think..?

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