Deeper States of Consciousness with Binaural Beats

Have you heard of Binaural Beats before? If you have not, that’s okay, they are hidden beats embedded deeply within sounds (such as music) that only the mind can hear and that have been proven to help unlock levels of consciousness. In a way they are a great meditation tool and for those needing help to get deeper into meditation more quickly.

Binaural Beat meditation can help with many elements including attaining higher levels of consciousness, deeper relaxation, higher focus and better sleep patterns. And that is only to name a few because it will help heighten the consciousness which is the door to the Spiritual and Occult world as well..

Interestingly enough Binaural beats has even been referred to as the instant coffee version of meditative trance, by it’s quick aid in inducing this level of consciousness. The above video is a nice short example of binaural beats, if you wish to try, simply sit and relax in the same way you would meditate and focus on your own breath, relax and listen..

Basic History of Binaural Beats

The history of Binaural beats began as an experiment in the 60’s when young doctors and psychiatrists noticed amazing effects of hidden sounds played in the ears. It was researched and studied until the research indicated it helped open up many aspects of heightened consciousness and increased ones overall well being. Today Binaural beats is considered an important meditative tool and relaxation aid. While many will still be skeptical of its aid on the human body, this is generally from those that have not tried the sounds themselves.

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  2. Just so that you know…the beat is not “embedded” in the sound presented to the ear. Much like an optical illusion (like the black squares with the white lines between that produces the illusory gray dots) the illusion is not embedded in the image, it is created by the brain. Similarly, the “binaural beat” is actually created in the brain as the left and right hemispheres attempt to “sync” two different tones.

  3. oh…one more thing, the binaural beat technology has been around for thousands of years. Tibetan bells (the two connected with a string) are tools used to create binaural beats. Interestingly enough, the bells generally create a little less than 8hz binaural beat which has been discovered as the Schumman Resonance, or the frequency of the Earth’s magnetic field.

  4. Fantastic post on binaural beats. I’ve had rather insightful experiences while playing various styles of binaurals. I find I’m profoundly affected by binaurals that help with paying attention and retaining content. Nonetheless, it’s best to be wary on many of these commerical websites. They establish some ridiculous claims. Binaural beats aren’t magic. They do the job, however you you will have to listen every morning to really encounter any effects.

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