Did Antonio Villas Boas have a Alien Sexual Encounter?

One controversial alien abduction case is a case from back in 1957 of Brazilian Antonio Villas Boas. By his story he was farming his field late one day and saw strange lights hovering around his filed. He then saw an object land near his tractor. So he stopped his tractor to investigate.

A few moments later he was then escorted / taken by two small aliens back to a craft where he was in a chamber, stripped naked and sprayed with a gas. The gas made him feel sick and unwell.

Many ufologists and Alien specialists claim it could of been an disinfectant / antiseptic type gas to kill parasites.

Antonio Villas Boas Had an Alien Sexual Encounter..?

Then by his report later a women Alien came in to the chamber and apparently by his testimony had sexual intercourse with him. Including by his statement biting his chin and leaving a bite mark.

He later on was released back to his field again and shared his story with the media and officials. As time went by even further, many strange markings and burns began to appear on his body..

(Video Above – The story of Antonio Villas Boas and his Alien Encounter)

Did an Alien have sex with him or was it a delusion? Is it possible that Aliens are experimenting? So many questions… What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Did Antonio Villas Boas have a Alien Sexual Encounter?

  1. Article certainly offers food for thought. One fundamental question would be, why assume any phenomena or experience is grounded in fear? One could also sense loving motivations and a misunderstanding about what went on. The ego mind is a master of the game of manipulation. You buy into it all, only part of it or none. Some people awaken from a dream. Other people stay asleep during most of their conscious life.

  2. Hmm… this is particularly hard to decipher. Without knowledge of the species of alien and their anatomy, it is only a shot at midnight to determine what exactly this creature had done.

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