Do Animals have Spirits as Well?

This was an interesting question I was asked recently about animals. It all comes down to the understanding of who we are and the relation we have with animals.. People can sometimes get confused with the aspects of human and animals and forget we are the same as well.. Before we go much further, Humans are animals!

All life has energy whether it be a tree, a frog, a dog, you name it, this energy is called the Spirit.. Whether that energy is same or not for other animals, that is for own personal beliefs, however from my own opinion all energy or spirits is equal.. The only difference between the human spirit and animals is the power of the mind during life here..

The mind is a powerful tool, it creates all sorts of effects to the spirit and can disable us even on death.. Animals can let go well upon death and tend to leave to the after life yet the way the mind is conditioned in humans we learn to cling to life.. In a way ghosts is the clinging concept that lingers and that is why most ghost experiences is with human ghosts only..

So back to my point on whether an Animal has a Spirit, I say yes we all do.. They have there own spirit experience here on earth as well.. Just like we all do..

2 thoughts on “Do Animals have Spirits as Well?

  1. I come from a family of clarvoyant folks, my grandmother would hold a pen and pad, as the townspeople would ask her questions, the pen would write.I asked my grandmother why she stopped helping the people that would come to her. Her reply was i didn’t like to be the one to deliver bad news. I now live in my grandmothers house, she passed years agos, and my mother recently passed as well. I should say their bodies laid to rest. My mother warned me and my children that she would be in this house forever, so expect to be haunted. She surely does a great job of it. as i am writing this I know she is standing right behind me, she is usually laughing at me, because is always hides my belongings from me however, at the moment i feel her presents so very strongly, I also hear her crying as she is directly behind me. I don’t know why she is crying, I believe it is because she misses the face to face interaction with me and my children. Sorry I went in the wrong direction with this, As far as animals having spirits, the answer is absolutely 100% YES, every animal that ever lived in this house still lives here, I know because not only am I able to see them from time to time, I have even felt my grandmothers cat rub against my leg on several occassions. My grandfathers spirit also remains in this house, I even took a picture in my bedroom which use to be my mothers bedroom, and before it was hers it was my grandparents bedroom anyhow this was just static in the air as i look through to snap the picture, when i saw the actually image that the static in the air produced it was my grandfather, and my sons dog smokey that had passed 2 years ago. I still have and will always treasure that picture. so bottomline yes animals have spirits as well as people.

  2. I say a resounding yes to animals having spirits ! Many times I have often seen animals I knew to be departed from this plane (these were often pets) but I have also seen deer, and wild horses that are of the ether like make up. One thing tho there are pets and then there are animals that are more than pets they are companions or family and the bonds are much stronger than just pets such as a gerbil or turtle.
    i think these animals would tend to be seen more readily as the bonds forged were so very strong.

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