Do Ghosts mean we are Immortal?

Have you ever seen a Ghost..? What does it mean to us..? Does it mean we are all going there upon death or is something else.. If we do become ghosts does that mean we are all immortal…? Interesting question, leads indicate to yes…

Ghosts and Immortality

If you have ever had experience with ghosts or hauntings, it indicates that immortality is possible, but first off why do ghosts linger..? I personally think ghosts happen when an attachment exists between this world and the next, ghosts linger in limbo often referred to as nirvana by many religions or cultures… Aspects that hold them are greed, guilt and many common sin related emotions..

So does this mean we are immortal, the old search for the elixir of youth may have been there all along, maybe we are all immortal now as our spirits are…? Maybe the blinding idea that all amazing aspects of life are physical is what has blinded us all along and in reality the holy grail is already right there… It is our spirit and therefore we are all immortal already…

What do you think.. Do Ghosts mean we are Immortal?

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