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Have you had any Impressive dreams lately or in the past..? If you have I would love you to share them below in this post by commenting about it..  All dreams have meaning and when I was younger I used to do a lot of dream interpretation so I will comment back what I believe it to mean..

If your dream experience is really long then I may even dedicate a whole post to it..

Why A Dream Journal..?

For those of you that do not have a dream journal or have never done so in the past, it truly is recommended.. The more often you record your dreams the more conscious you become of yourself.. The longer you record your dreams as well, you will notice your dreams stories, getting longer and longer with more detail..

“By writing down your dreams you are also increasing the chance for lucid dreaming which is where you are conscious in your dream and is very healing.. In a previous post related to this one, I wrote about testimonies of lucid dreaming..”

Write Down your Dream by Commenting Below..

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9 thoughts on “Dream Journal – Write Down your Dream

  1. I keep having dreams about everyone I knew growing up,
    large groups of people..kind of scattered around me.
    I am also dreaming about my ex boyfriend ( we dated for three
    years ) then abruptly broke up. I never dreampt of him when
    we were dating and now, nine months after not seeing him
    at all I am dreaming about him-
    he is distant from me phyically in the dreams, but very present.
    what could this mean?

    • Hey Sarah,
      Sounds like some sort of stored emotions coming up from the past. Usually when we dream of past people it is about a feeling you either miss or are getting over. The aspect of the boyfriend I would say would be the same, maybe you held some emotions after the breakup and now subconsciously they are being revealed in your dream. This does not mean that you want to get back with your ex boyfriend, it just means you are letting go or feeling an emotion you probably hid until now.
      I think the presence of him now in a dream means that you probably subconsciously miss him in some ways.
      Sometimes in some cases if it is only for a few dreams it can mean you are completely letting him go now as well.. The subconscious is very good at hiding deep emotions and dreams are not biased when it comes to releasing those hidden feelings.

      I hope this helps.

  2. Hi.
    I have dreams that are very real.For instance I had a recent dream with Robert Pattinson and the cast of Twilight.(Dont laugh! I am not one of those crazed fans) I was in this building. Sort of between a doctors office, and a school.(Anyway)So I am talking to the person at the main counter and then all of a sudden I am fighting my way threw a crowd of screaming girls. I could feel all of the punches and elbowing and pulling as if it were really happening. So I finally get out threw the back door and I see this little girl crying. So naturally I go over and see whats wrong. She tells me that Robert Pattinson said no to signing her book. So I hold her and tell her its okay. I look up and see him walking away. I got up and ran over to him. I grabbed his shoulder and made him face me. He yelled at me to get away from him and also screamed ‘do you know who I am’ and i screamed back ‘I know who you are but you had no right to do that to a little girl.’ and then i told him calmly that i know that he is a regular guy and that he has troubles just like me but if a child asks me for an autograph that I would give it to her because I would feel so appreciated or highly respected. And as I was walking away I fainted. And then I could see Robert picking me up and taking me to a room where a doctor gave me a shot and told him I would wake soon. Rob was then joined by Kristen who told hi to forget about me and he said no. And she just stormed off. It was like i was actually getting a shot. I felt the needle in my arm. And when I did wake Rob was still in the room. I asked him why he stayed and he said that I understood him in a way that no one else had. And we sat there just talking. But then Kristen came in and shot me. I felt the bullet hit my stomach. And I woke up crying. I was sweating. And when I put my hand to my stomach, there was a little blood on my tank top. I pulled it up and my stomach had a small scratch.
    What does this mean???

  3. a friend has been dreaming the same dream for several years. she dreams that she is in a burning house looking out the window for help, on the other side of the window is her husband laughing at her as she burns.

    • Hey Bonnie,
      Sounds like an emotional issue in the relationship. The burning probably represents how she feels inside and feeling helpless because she is looking out the window.. Maybe a deep emotion trying to get out.. Is it a happy relationship? As it sounds like she is unhappy and believes her husband does not care about it..

  4. Hello,
    H mm..i have been wondering about this since quite long. This happens each month, the day I’m going to have my menses. I dream of it the exact day and when i wake up in the morning, It happens. Next,I also dream of natural calamities, like floods etc..and they eventually happen. I very often feel like “deja vu” when I’m going through certain things. When am dreaming and if i wake up and go back to sleep, the dream continues right from where it stops, just like a movie. Can you please enlighten me?..
    Thank you Timon

    • Chao Cleopatra,
      Nice question, my opinion is dreams are our deep conscious, however consciousness really is not what it seems.. Dreams have a way of not knowing the difference between past, present and sometimes even future.. I know this is a far out concept however if you look at consciousness as a whole then it can be seen more like a connection to all things and even effect time.. One question to ponder, is time really existing like the mind percieves or does the mind percieve what it can handle at that time..?

      So in regards to having premonition dreams before menses, i would say it is a deeper spiritual connection for you at that time with that aspect of conscious.. future deja vu aspect so to speak..

      One more thing..

      On another note there are a few layers of dreams, standard dreaming of memories.. (common dreaming), secondly lucid dreaming which is conscious dreaming.. and thirdly is astral dreaming which can be confused with lucid dreaming as both are very similar in nature except astral is believed to be the spirit totally leaving the body where as lucid can be understood as the spirit leaving the body a little..

  5. To begin with, most of my dreams have come to pass, especially those I could recall vividly. About a year ago, I had a dream.( I think it’s prophetic) All of a sudden, the sky cleared. I looked up and saw Ghana’s coat of arms(which is a national symbol. I called others to have a look at such a wonderful spectacle, but no one seemed to see it. I was enthused by it’s great size, that of a small football field. All of a sudden, it twisted and folded into a strong whirlwind and then total darkness. I woke up feeling very traumatized and terrified as I knelt down to pray for the Almighty to avert a possible calamity on my country, Ghana. What do you make out of this dream?

  6. When i was growing up with a difficult child hood of a lot of depression and hard times . I would often have dreams of me being the only one swimming in deep water and then would drown because I could not swim. I think I may have had this once as an adult also. I think it means something I am just not sure what.

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