What is a Dybbuk?

A Dybbuk (Jewish Folklore) is a spirit, often malicious that attaches itself to a human host. By the myths a Dybbuk is a spirit or entity that has been denied entry into Gehenna (heaven) and so wanders the world in between ours and the other. They look for people who are vulnerable to them and also seek out to have a bit of control in this world as well as the other.

A Dybbuk should be seen like a negative spirit, in the same sense a spirit that tries to control or manipulate a persons thoughts. While it is debated that all Dybbuks are evil and some maybe in fact a type of spirit guide, it is important to consider that the aspect of control in any way is not an act of being good.

Also consider if this spirit has been denied entry to the other side fully then what bad acts did they do in there life to put in this way.. Or was it even human before hand? So many questions? Many believe this spirit to be just that, not human, a creature of the between worlds similar in way to that of a Demon and much the same in many ways.

unborn movie story of a dybbuk

By many spiritual groups it is often believed that these spirits want to possess a host here on earth in order to finish something they did not finish before they passed on. After achieving its goal on earth it is often said that the Dybbuk will return to the world in between.. So if one gets possessed by a Dybbuk or negative it is important to ask the spirit what it wants..

We all have to remember this is all old folklore. A spirit is a spirit and by fearing a negative force we all give it power. Be strong, do not fear spirits, after all they once were here on earth as well..

This post was inspired by me after watching the Movie Unborn (2009). A story of a young girl haunted by a Dybbuk created by her unborn brothers spirit. If you have not seen, i recommend it as a film to watch.

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