Facemask Found in Wall

I received an interesting story from a reader yesterday and i would like to share the story with you all in order to help the reader. A reader of mine named Daniel found a mysterious facemask in a wall of a building he was working on in Philadelphia. Below is his story:

Philadelphia Facemask Found

Hello, I am writing to you because I have a question about a mask that I discovered inside a plaster wall I was demolishing. I was working the demolition of some walls in a house in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia, it dates back to 1913. Inside one of the walls, mixed in with plaster and old insulation, I found a cheesecloth mask with a face painted on it. The face looks like a devil, with the wispy mustache and goatie. From the way it was shaped it looked like it had been worn by someone. I took it home with me and have kept it for over a year, I am so curious to know what it might mean. Whether that type of mask is part of an occult ritual from the early 20th century, or why someone would have made it and then hidden it in a wall? If you have any references, responses, or can possibly refer me to someone who does I would really appreciate it. I have photos of the mask and the wall I found it in.

Thank you, Daniel.

face mask

Interesting story.. Sounds like a facemask may have been used in rituals in the past. Ceremonies and rituals were much more common over a hundred years ago across the world especially in western countries. These were usually very secret practices (occult rituals) as in some places this was even illegal or banned (mainly from church influence). Sounds like they hid the evidence ( the mask you found) way back previously. I wonder if occult rituals were illegal in Philadelphia in the early nineteen hundreds.?

Try to look up on the internet to find similar facemask designs for more clues or email me the image so i can look up for you as well..

Have a nice day.


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  1. In some voodoo religions is is commonplace to put piles of Red Devil lye, Jars of Lye, or images of the devil in various places or at the edge of property to act as a ward.

  2. Hello, I personally am more interested in whether he has had any paranormal activity, hehe, after finding the mask… It sounds like a black mass mask. Worn most likely by the high priest. Hidden in the wall though, out of what? Shame, fear, power? Interesting…

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