Finally Science is Starting to Recognise Human Energy

With the new forms of science, such as quantum physics starting up,  new doors are opening to the understanding of what every human is made of… Simply put — Energy.. What will this change in science as we understand this more, maybe this can be the beginning to a new world of understanding..?

The major study that was done was with microscopes. When human bodies are put under very powerful microscopes scientists were in wonder to see just atoms, protons and neutrons – simply put the energy of life… Basically they could see right through us.  This proves the concept that all life is just different energy levels of density, like what many occult books have been saying for thousands of years..

Oneness Energy Theory Backed Up

The interesting analysis of the energy (atoms, protons and neutrons) by scientists also showed that not just one energy exists in one place but that energy is flowing through, like a connection to everything.. Basically said other energies can flow in and out, backing up the oneness theory as well that many meditation masters have always educated people on..

Evaluating Our Inner Selves..

So what now, what do we do with these understandings, do we ignore them or do we evaluate our inner understanding. In a way it is like 200 years ago when most people thought the world was flat, did we go through a major change understanding when we knew it was not..? Did it slowly or quickly effect human consciousness of all..?

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