First Recorded Testimony Account of Alien Abduction – Travis Walton

Millions upon millions of people throughout history have claimed to have been abducted by Aliens. It now is quite a common occurrence. Support groups for these individuals exist, so ones may share their experience as well as if traumatic be able to deal with what happened to them. Interestingly, most testimonies of Alien abduction are quite similar.

Travis Walton Alien Abduction 1975:

One such account was of Travis Walton, the first modern day recorded account in the mid 70s. His account of alien abduction brought many confident testimonies forward as his account became more widely  known. In a way his testimony started the first awareness of Alien contact.

Above – Robert Perala Interviews Travis Walton – Robert Perala

His story goes like this – On November the 5Th, 1975 in Apache Sitgreaves Forest, Arizona he was travelling back along a dirt road at night with his work mates. On the way home they all witnessed a bright light from the forest and Travis stopped the car and ran towards the light in the forest. All his work mates called him back but he kept going towards the light. Then Travis went missing…  All his work mates gave testimonials of what they saw happened to Travis (the ufo, the light, the feeling) which only confused police and investigations..

Travis was found 5 days later disoriented with his story of Abduction.

What makes the evidence of this experience interesting was that they investigated where he went missing but no evidence was found of his disappearance. In the video below Travis Walton discusses his experience further and how he dealt with it.

Travis Walton was the first recorded testimony account of Alien Abduction. Since his Abduction in the 1970s millions of others have had experiences with what they call Alien creatures. Still today this abduction phenomena is unsolved.. What do these Aliens want?

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