Forgive Me if you Disagree on an Occult Topic

The Occult is a very complex topic. So many people have different opinions and views. That’s one of the main reasons I started this blog was to create an online discussion on Occult or Paranormal views.

Some of the views I represent in post topics is very radical compared to what most other people’s thoughts on these topics are and so is always open to debate.

Please Don’t Get Upset at One of My Posts and Leave.. Instead Comment your Opinion..

What I ask of some people is instead of getting upset and leaving my blog, consider sharing your opinion in a comment on a post if you disagree. Also I do not mind being corrected if you feel I have gotten something wrong.. I know sometimes it is easy to leave if you do not agree.

“Please forgive me if you disagree with an Occult or Paranormal post topic I write about, I respect your opinion and so feel free to comment on it your opinion…” — Timon Weller..

The post in question of debate was my post I did on personality disorder. The theory of spirit possession is my opinion so if you disagree then feel free to comment. I would rather that, than some people disregarding my site. I set up this blog mainly because of this, for discussions, for the readers. I understand I will always have backlash, the Occult is a topic that asks for this, but I would prefer the backlash opinion to be discussed with others in comments. In that way I can be corrected if most believe I am wrong in my post view.  And in that way readers can either agree with your opinion or readers can agree with mine.. (Let the readers decide then..)

Anyways I just wanted to share that note on discussion.. I hope you all are enjoying the blog so far.. Thank You for visiting..

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