The Four Leaf Clover – The Lucky Clover

How my older sister could find them so easily has always been a mystery to me. All she would have to do is walk past a group of clovers in a park and then reach down and grab a four leaf clover out of the millions of choices available.

Some people have the gift with this one, whereas for me finding one is almost impossible.

“The Four Leaf Clover” is sometimes referred to as “The Lucky Clover” or “The Lucky Leaf”…

To many the symbology of the Four Leaf Clover means a lot, good luck, a national icon or a spiritual blessing. Whatever the symbology you use we all can agree that if one does find them there really is a mystery to it when it happens often. With that being said my sisters luck in other means is not the best, however she has her good health and well being, whether or not the luck passes on with others that spot them that is another question up to debate as well.

As a estimated fact is that it is believed that there is approximately 10,000 three leaf clovers out there in clover patches for every one four leaf clover in a clover patch. This suggests that the four leaf clover is an rare mutation or variation of the common, three leaved clover.

Traditional Stories of The Four Leaf Clover

According to traditional stories, the four leaf clover is said to help bring good luck to their finders like my sister, especially if found easily, quickly or spontaneously. The legend is that each leaf represents something different –

  1. Faith
  2. Hope
  3. Love
  4. Luck

Four Leaf Clover Uses

The four leaf clover can be used in many ways and is used today in many ways. It can be seen and used in necklaces, pendants, photo frames, tattoos, earrings and many more. Each said to help bestow the four properties above upon the wearer and holder of the item.

Four Leaf Clover NecklaceA popular form of Four Leaf Clover Jewelry is the silver four leaf clover necklace which can be seen above.

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