Garden Of Eden Found Underwater

The myth of the Garden of Eden may in fact be a real place. Clues lie within the bible and scriptures. Like all myths and old stories though, it could all be a false hope for those searching for answers, however the clues surely are intriguing.

Now onto the interesting aspect, if it truly is the location drawn by clues then that would mean that in fact its possible location is now underwater. I have drawn a possible location area below.

Unfortunate for people wanting to go searching with a backpack and some provisions, in order to even properly start to search one would have to use technology and scuba gear to search the depths.

garden of eden

Other clues such as archaeology suggest that where the location is used to be a vast land mass and the shallow water suggests this claim maybe true as well, however without further searching this myth is still just that a myth and story that in time may have all been just that.

Above Video – Going over the evidence left in scriptures the location of the garden appears to now be underwater.

Things to Ponder of Fact or Fiction

Things to ponder though, like all myths and stories, in many circumstances these stories become reality within time as archaeological evidence unearths places which was once seen as just story. One perfect example being the discovery of Troy, once believed to be a mere fairy tail now is seen as fact and thus helps back up other locations found near by in that area.

More Questions..

While sometimes even places which may have been true, there is no way to know 100% for sure until evidence is revealed to show more accuracy. Even so, even once found if found, we may discovery that in fact Eden was just another place where two humans once resided and not so much a place where myths and legends and the dawn of time began like the bible or the scriptures would want many to believe.

garden bridge

To believe that is just another debate of faith that would go against nearly all forms of archaeology which we know relies on much needed facts and science.

Another aspect to ponder is this as well, when it comes to the story of the Garden of Eden is the aspect about the forbidden fruit the Apple, there was never a reference to a apple in the original bible and was more so a reference to fruit or in another way could of been a play on words referring to sexual intercourse.

Overall it truly is a mystery and maybe one day if remnants are ever found underwater it may shed more light or clues on this truly interesting story.

5 thoughts on “Garden Of Eden Found Underwater

  1. I find anything that is “researched” from the bible to be a foolish flight of fancy being as it was written a minimum of 200 years after the last apostle died meaning it was already a story that had no living witnesses at the time it was written. In regards to Eden, going with the fact man has existed for 40,000+ years,with civilised society existing 22,000+ years, should be enough to show that the notion that the “paradise” of Eden if it was where all life began, it would be Gondwanaland aka the super continent that factually is the beginning of life. as such the bible cannot lead you there.
    just an opinion 🙂

    • Yeah i agree.. Archaeology puts holes throughout the whole story of the bible, however that does not fully suggest that it was not a place which once existed where the story started.. Like a lot of myths out there some are found to be true places just the story which is supernatural.. Troy being an example. Certain temples in South America thought to be only stories but ended up being real temples at similar locations.. Eden therefore could of been a elaborated story of a place where a couple lived and was a beautiful forest or environment where they lived off the land. The bible mentions lands nearby anyways around this story so the story of it being the first place of man is already flawed as well when Adam left the area there were other people..

      I agree, none of us can put much weight on a book like that anyways..


      • The sword in the stone for instance, a couple of years ago a dig discovered early iron age remains of a shamans ritual site and forge. within were several stone molds for swords with one complete sword still in its mold, the significants was that the molds were one piece carved stone and the iron vein of the site contained higher than normal carbon, in effect making any weapon made there was steel rather than iron. meaning Excalibar was most likely forged/crafted there, and was the first steel weapon in the iron age, thus an unparalelled weapon taken from a stone.

        • I know what you saying there with Excalibur, good theory, another option was pure steel found in some locations in Britain is stronger than other places where the purity is low.. Therefore the sword appeared supernatural because it could break less pure metals in battle. On another note, many swords had personality throughout history as perceived through belief as well which is the basis of most magick so this in turn at the time actually made certain swords a symbol power and not only a metal object. Ancient pagan mythology and religion suggests as well that all things have life and so too by belief we can worship these items and draw power onto them or away from them..

          Not far from the truth either when we compare to modern belief systems and restrictions. Many objects are symbols of power, just most of us do not notice them.

  2. I believe that the bible is true and that the garden of Eden was likely located elsewhere and destroyed during the flood.

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