Ghost at Moundsville Prison – Shadow Man

Moundsville Prison has been voted on a number of accounts as one of the top haunted places in the world, In this prison over 998 people died..

Moundsville prison has also had a name for being one of  United States most violent prisons, it was established originally in 1866 and was closed in 1995. The ghost that has been reported there many times within the prison is called the shady man, it can be seen in this YouTube footage below or this image as a shadowy apparition..

Shadow Man at Moundsville Prison

Below is a video with some more details on the shadow man ghost, the prison and some peoples accounts from working at the prison.. Spooky video, let me know what you think below..?

Above – The Truth Behind the Shadow Man by Paranormal Quest

4 thoughts on “Ghost at Moundsville Prison – Shadow Man

  1. It’s the West Virginia Penitentiary. There is an actual shadow man there as one of the tour guides that worked there told me. There was also a murder there in one of the back prison cells.

  2. Although the photo was “explained” by TAPS as the camerawoman’s shadow, sadly, that doesn’t explain why the shadow is behind the white pipe on the wall instead of falling over it-the camerawoman’s shadow wouldn’t act that way…

  3. In response to the Taps assessment of both the Shadow man picture, and, the prison not being haunted, they’re wrong. First, in regard to the Shadow man picture, I know a number of investigators that have tried to recreate the pic and cannot. In the original picture, there is no light around the shadow man. Just a dark image of a person surrounded by the dark of the prison. If this was due to the IR reflection as Taps said, the picture would have more light in it. Secondly, as Taps has said in their own words, “hauntings don’t happen on cue”. They investigated the place one time. I have personally investigated the prison 13 times, collecting numerous evp’s, images, have been touched by something when nobody was around me, etc.

    While I respect Taps and still consider them one of the most legit groups, their one downfall is that they have such “high standards” in regards to evidence ( in most cases this is good ) that they sometimes miss what is right in front of them.

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