Ghost Sighting in Cemetery

One of the number one places for ghosts is cemeteries or old burial grounds. It’s like ghosts tend to follow there body or maybe it is the ghosts of those that cannot move on. To me it is the theory of a portal or door lies near where people die or are placed. If that person or victim has trouble moving on they linger keeping the door active, almost like a echo that can go on and on.

Interestingly most places around the world especially old lands burial sites are everywhere. Because of this reason it makes ghost activity more great. Take an old battle ground or an old hospital or war museum, we all know the feeling of lingering energy, it makes sense as well that the energy helps fuel past and present events whether a ghostly aspiration or paranormal sounds and feelings.


Below I would like to share some interesting Videos of ghost sightings, each one believed to be a true video and not tampered.

Ghost Sightings in Cemeteries

This film was recorded in the mid-1950’s according to the label on the box but we have no way of confirming that for sure. The footage was taken in what is now an abandoned cemetery in southern Indiana. The figure appears to be a person kneeling under a tree. You have to watch closely to see it because the film quality dropped a lot during transfer to digital format.

Another One With a Sensor Cam at a Known Haunted Graveyard

An interesting video shot by AfterDark Paranormal Investigations of Louisville, KY was recently posted on the website of TV station WAVE 3.

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