Giant Human Skeletons Found in Different Parts of the World!

Well here is an interesting topic for sure, the video below on this post goes over a documentary series about the evidences of giant human looking skeletons found in different parts of the world.

While sceptics are many and understandably of the humanoid type skeletons as being a hoax or similar due to the evidence being images, those that feel they are genuine often refer to them as the Nephilim ( a name taken from the Bible ).

The name referencing people that were larger than the average humans and were considered giants.

Above Video – Documentary on Giant Human Skeletons Found in different parts or the world.

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  1. The question has been asked – “If these pictures are real, then why haven’t they been aired on main stream TV”? To do so would mean the powers that be would have to admit there was a world wide flood some 4000 years ago, so the theory of evolution goes out the window. They have been teaching our children we came from primates for years. They would lose face if they had to admit they are wrong. Prior to the flood human kind, animals and plants grew much bigger than they do today. The higher concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide and the lack of bacteria ensured life was more vigorous. After the flood mankind decreased in both age and size to what we are today. These skeletons are but the remains of our anscestors, which were destroyed at the flood. Noah’s family would still have produced larger human offspring but suceeding generations would have degenterated adapting to the lower oxygen content and food supply. Some of these skeletons will be the early decends of Noah’s children. We can see that there are still some today, where the human growth gene will not switch off, so they grow extrodinarily large. Unfortunately, the lower oxygen content does not allow these giants to live long lives.
    Many of these photo’s will be real, but hoax ones have been inserted to discredit the real ones.
    It would be political suicide to admit evolution is a hoax.

    • Interesting concept that Noah’s offspring would be giant sized. I believe only Nephilim grew that large & since Noah was not an Angel nor was his wife, his children would have to be of normal human size. It is against God’s law for an Angel to have children with humans BC of the gigantism. Everything else you said makes perfect sense. Thank you for this info. I’m sure anything

      • according to Islamic hadith, which is not as reliable as the quraan, Adam was a giant. I always thought that was metaphoric or something because all fossils are tiny,,, then this came along.

        • According to the Bible Nephilims Came from the bad angels that came down to earth. Wo Adam was not a giant and neither were Noah or his family.

          • Hey Karen,
            Try not to be limited to one religion, there is mention of Giants in Norse mythology as well just like christian mythology. In Egyptian mythology where most christian stories were taken the kings were often represented as giants as well, whether those depictions in images were just showing there greatness or literal giants that is another question. Onto another mythology there was mention of Giants in ancient greek mythology as well, look up “The giants of Greek mythology”..

            As Greek mythology was popular before the myths of Christianity took hold it is easy to see that most likely Christianity just adopted some of these myths into there mythos as well.


          • The nephilim were giants or mighty men, but they weren’t the offspring of fallen angels and man. Fallen angels would not be classed as sons of god. The “sons of god” were the descendants of Adam through Seth’s lineage. Seth’s descendants had relations with the daughters of Cain and the nephilim were the result.

        • There have been giant human skeletons found around the world.. Many giant skulls have larger brain capacity and two rows of teeth.. There are pix going back too at least 1880.. They appeared in newspapers of the day.. Most skeletons have gone into museum vaults ( including the Smithsonian), never to be seen again.. Many of these are hoaxes to discredit the many real ones or maybe for sensationalism.. I wonder if they are Yeti, Big Foot, etc… Maybe we have had the proof all along Science has refused the accept it or even to test for DNA..

          • Brent Dawes, While it’s very likely that the “sons of God” is in reference to the descendants of Seth, it absolutely can as well be referring to angels, though I realize this causes some other oddball problems, such as: 1) How do created beings (ones that are not born but were directly created by God) procreate? There would be no reason for God to include genitals to angels, and it’s highly doubtful that angels are able to add testicles to their bodies, or at least functional ones that would permit interbreeding with human beings. It would be like trying to mate a cat with a dog. It just doesn’t work.
            2) Jesus said to the Sadducees that the angels neither marry nor are given in marriage. So this means either a) angels do not have the ability to procreate (and neither would they then have the desire to do so, as such things are driven by the hormones in our bodies) … or b) angels do have genitals and though they don’t get married they have sex … with one another … which makes no sense.

            At least I can’t think of a third viable option. If you can it’s always interesting to consider ideas.

            So, I’m pretty much in the “Seth” camp myself … only I don’t get why the offspring of the union of Seth’s descendants and the “daughters of men” would produce giants. Of course the word translated “giants” could be symbollic, that they were giants in reference to their conquering abilities. But on several occasions in the Scriptures the Rephaim and Anakim are referred to concerning their height. And again, a “son of Anak” (I think …) was the tallest man recorded in the Scriptures, which was Og king of Bashan, who was about 14 feet high.

            There’s no human reason why the sons of Seth marrying pagan daughters would produce giants … only if God did this as a means of punishing Seth’s line for their disobedience in marrying those outside the Faith.

            Anyway, it’s stuff to consider.

    • Quote: “Noah’s family would still have produced larger human offspring but suceeding generations would have degenterated adapting to the lower oxygen content and food supply.” It’s good to know you belive in evolution because you just explained it.

    • like Shawn said, you are proving evolution by bashing it. you bible thumpers really need to know what you are talking about before you blab your mouths.

      • How is he “proving evolution by bashing it”? Just because he explains adaptive evolution does not mean he is substantiating in any way the secularly worshipped Darwinian notions that we evolved from apes who evolved from single-celled organisms. There is a difference between the “evolution” that is practically a religion in the world of scientific academia and real evolution which only consists of adaptation within each species. Perhaps you should learn more about it before making a comment and bashing “bible thumpers”. Why are your historic documents and knowledge of the world any better than that of someone who reads the bible? It’s just cause you don’t take your information and turn it into a meaningful way of living, which is all that religion really is. You make it sound like those that believe in the bible or any other religious document are somehow lunatics for wanting to believe in a historical document and use it to help create ethical boundaries in their lives. Ralph Jackson’s theory has way more science to back it up than Darwin’s theory ever did. Just because bad science becomes popular, and those who ignorantly embrace it have the power to shut down even an academic or political debate with anyone who would contradict it, doesn’t make it anymore correct or valid. And just because most all religions have “skeletons in their closet” and most of the members of those religions were human, imperfect, and could not live up to their own standards, doesn’t invalidate everything the scriptures say. Plus, secularism, humanism, atheism, and all those “scientifically”, “political” and “socially” centered….religions (there isn’t really another truly accurate word for it)….. have their own nasty skeletons that are still stinking up the world. So many people claim that the Nazi’s were Christian extremists, but Hitler was not a Christian, he was a eugenist and there is still fresh proof of how much he and his followers/supporters were big believers in genetic purity based on “natural selection” (more “dog eat dog” style). If you can’t see how obvious that is, then you’re either very poorly uneducated or an anti-Semite and likely already deny that the Jewish holocaust ever happened. Cause I’m sure the Nazi’s spent all their time fabricating those thousands of Jewish, minority and handicapped corpses we see in pictures today, but what do I know? I read the bible.

        • I love that bit ” Just because he explains adaptive evolution does not mean he is substantiating in any way the secularly worshipped Darwinian notions that we evolved from apes who evolved from single-celled organisms”

          Your comments after that are redundant. Haaa! “Adaptive evolution”….ha hahahahah.

        • There are no atheists in a foxhole.

          I think atheists are imaginary. If they do exist, where is the main office? Who is the leader?

          • Atheist is just a position on the question of god, all it means is that they are not convinced that a god ( any god whether Odin, Zeus, Opollo, Mithra, Shiva, Hercules, Biblical gods, etc. ) exists based on evidence. As there is no hard evidence they have a strong case.

      • CJ, you know what else is funny? The fact that those of you that would mock those of us that “dare” have a religion in this modern world, often think that much of what we say and do just proves you right. What you don’t realize is how much you, your comments, actions and others like you just reinforce our religious beliefs. But it is also all too obvious that you haven’t truly and deeply investigated and thought out religion anyway. You assume that anyone that believes in God or Christianity is just blindly following their religion. Many of us have deeply thought about and considered not just our beliefs, but contradicting beliefs, in an attempt to discover the truth for ourselves. I have personally explored the world and parameters of atheism because I don’t want to be “fooled” anymore than the next person. I’ve witnessed many people go from atheism, secularism, Darwinism to religion, Christianity and so forth, AND every one of them was happier and a better person once they accepted and embraced God and religion. You can mock us, despise us, and feel threatened by us, but until you join us you won’t understand the joy of knowing God.

        • I started reading and 3 lines in I was like, man this guy must be a muslim then I looked and saw your name so I think I was right. right on btw. they know shit. if faith had anything to do with lack of brains Einstein would have been the athiest king but he was adamant about his faith in God even AFTER quantum theorists came up with the random BS theory.

        • You must realize that religion is a much more effective way of controlling the masses than is evolution… Religion provides hope to those being oppressed, which in turn, effectively inhibits the rising up of those who are oppressed; thus, it is the perfect control mechanism for the ruling class.. it forever prevents backlashes against the oppressor, keeping rule alive (that is until people realize that religion is a hoax and they fight back for liberty, equality); why would they ever wish to disprove it?

          Even if giants were exposed to the media, this would NOT disprove evolution.. why would it? Some ancient humans were naturally this large in size anyway.. (cro-magnon were over 7 feet!!! (how can you dispute this), higher oxygen levels in atmosphere, same as why dinosaurs were larger) Additionally, giants could simply be explained by genetic mutations; mutations that are a completely normal part of evolution and natural selection.. A further possibility could be just that larger species of human selectively bred with each other, over time leading to a larger species– a species that ultimately went extinct just so have many others in the past.

          It is most likely a combination of these two concepts, selective breeding and genetic mutations, that had led to a larger human race. Eventually, they simply went extinct, for a multitude of possible reasons.

          In sum, modern evolution theories do not control.. they do not promote violence.. they do not allow ignorance; instead, they seek to provide insight. They are based on a very compelling abundance of evidence–physical evidence– much more than can be found in a few ancient books.

          • “In sum, modern evolution theories do not control.. they do not promote violence.. they do not allow ignorance; instead, they seek to provide insight. They are based on a very compelling abundance of evidence–physical evidence– much more than can be found in a few ancient books.”

            No, it is not. Evolution is not based upon any evidence whatsoever. It is a FAITH. It is the foundational doctrine of the RELIGION called Secular Humanism. There is ZERO evidence for human (or any animal) evolution.

            There are no transitional fossils, and the ever-so-famous chart of human evolution has only two real items: an ape on the left, and a human being on the right; the rest were either hoaxes or discovered to be merely misshapen human beings.

            It’d be like discovering the skull (and skeleton) of a number of people I’ve run into in my short life on this planet, and then concluding that, from that single skull and/or skeleton, that this was how everyone looked at a particular time.

            And to suggest that a such a robust creature as you’re presenting us with “Cro-Magnon man” (and the least you could do, if you’re going to promote such nonsense, is to spell it right) as a real stage in human evolution (being not merely one, but a group or tribe, if you will) would/could die off and leave the weaker Homo Sapiens is a bit absurd. It flies in the face of Natural Selection and “survival of the fittest”.

            And then think about how silly this sounds “we get smaller and smarter in order to survive”. REALLY? Really now? In order for humans to survive, our genetic code says “Hey, I think I’ll make myself have a larger (at least capacity) brain, BUT a smaller, with less protective covering, body in order to survive and thrive.”

            Mm-hm. I am at this stage LOLing. Literally.

            And I’m afraid that you’re confusing the numerous religions of the world with Christianity. Christianity is based solidly upon reliable texts and the witness of history. And nothing in the Scriptures is in opposition to REAL (observable, experimental) Science. As well Christianity doesn’t serve as a device to keep people servile unto the authorities meanwhile permitting those with power to oppress the ignorant masses with impunity, but if you’d ever actually read the Scriptures you’d know that.

            Isn’t it a fool who opens his mouth to speak when he doesn’t actually have knowledge of a thing … especially first-hand knowledge?

            You think about that.

          • if you read the book of Enoch from the Apocrypha it explains that the fallen angels had relations with the women of the earth and their progeny were the these giants beings, the men of renown, one of them being Goliath in the Biblical story of David.. more people should consult that book to fill in the reason they came into existence

        • Scientists are always dumbfounded about many unexplainable things like for example, the creation of the universe and human life and why we are here. So, everything they try to explain away is ever only just a theory at best like “The Big Bang” and “Evolution”. In fact, scientists really don’t know anything about how our universe was really created or how human life actually came to be. So they submit theories that the rest of the scientific community tend to go along with. But I have a big problem accepting those theories. Take evolution, for instance, if they are correct and the evolved human species have been here 2 million years or so, then why has it taken this long for us to be this technologically advanced. If you look at what we have accomplished in just the past 100 to 150 years alone, is it really that believable that it has taken us “2 million years” just to get to where we are today? Imagine if you will that you and about 50,000 other people (half men and half women) were born in captivity and you were deprived of any knowledge and education and have never seen the outdoors, but then you and the rest were taken to and set free on some new planet and left to fend for yourselves. Even without any knowledge or education, its not going to take you and the others very long to realize that you need some kind of shelter from the elements if you are going to survive. So collectively, by trial and error, you find a way to stay dry and a way to stay warm on those cold nights by maybe constructing something very plain and simple made from branches and leaves. But then hunger starts to quickly settle in, so everyone starts eating anything and everything just to curb that nagging hunger feeling. And again by trial and error, and several generations and several deaths later, you quickly realize what is safe to eat and what is poison. Now that you have a general sense of what you can eat and what you can’t, you all collectively find a way to hunt for your food since your food rarely walks up to you for you to sacrifice it. So you start setting traps and making simple weapons like spears out of sticks. 1000 years and many generations later, the population is expanding somewhat, and someone from this newest generation who seems a lot more intelligent than most, realizes that mud after it dries becomes very hard but in its wet form, it is very pliable. So he begins constructing a mud hut because it is much stronger during the windy days, and he shares his knowledge with other members of his generation and several generations later almost all shelters are made in this way. They are also discovering that many plants are a constant source of food because they keep reproducing during certain seasons, so they discover a way to plant these sources of food closer to where they are living. Population is strting to get bigger, and after another 1000 years or so and many generations later, they try to find reliable ways of transporting foods and other things from point A to point B and at the same time, knowledge is shared and so therefore, knowledge is increased. And so as the centuries past, each new generation is producing smarter human beings than that of the 10 generations that preceded them. So in only about 2000 years, the people have become much more advanced and knowledgeable then their ancestors. And each generation thereafter produces some who are the Einstein of that time. So it makes much more sense to me that we haven’t been on this earth as long as the scientists of evolution say we are. It makes more sense to me that we were created and we have only been here several thousands of years or so (maybe between 10,000 and 15,000) and not millions…and where we are right now today is not evolution…its progress. So you can choose to believe in the lies that are being taught to you and your children, or you can choose to believe that there is something more to life than just chance, and all you have to do is read certain books of the bible and keep an open mind…especially the last book of the bible, which is Revelations, to see the many already fulfilled Prophecies that were predicted 1000’s of years ago and are STILL being fulfilled in our day and age at an alarming rate with pin point accuracy…lets see science try to explain THAT!!!

          • Hey Dee,
            With the evolution theory you are a little off with your numbers.. Firstly man was prehistoric man which is different to man now, we got much smarter over time, in the very distant path we would of been more like ape people which are one of our closest links in the animal kingdom. So only until about 10000 or so years ago did we as an animal change a lot, we become much more smarter and actually started building amazing structures.. We were not the same before that though, we were like animals connected to the land ( over 10000 years ), living off the land hunting and gathering.. In balance with the Earth..

            Now we are totally unconnected to the land as an animal and while it appears we are smart, in some ways we are also still very basic. I mean to be smart would also mean protecting our waterways, not using dangerous chemicals to run tools and cars etc.. Not relying on objects that harm as well as help ( weapons ). These are all tools of weakness and low intelligence.. So too, with intelligence in a way comes partly our weakness in a way.. Now, nearly more than two thirds of all species including rare tree species are gone on the planet thanks to humans alone which is not smart either. Does not make sense to damage the home that is feeding us, breathing us and watering us to the point where these are unstable..

            Considering everything is connected, it is only a matter of time before issues for us as animals is something we cannot control..

            Hopefully as you say as the population gets bigger we do get smarter, we need to in a way in order to survive.. It is also possible we end up wiping ourselves out as well with the destruction so far to the Earth.. Only time will tell for sure..

            Lastly, the problem with the Bible as an source of evidence with anything as a book is that the book has been rewritten multiple times.. What you are reading is changed multiple times..

            Have a nice day.. 😉

          • Timon stated, “Lastly, the problem with the Bible as an source of evidence with anything as a book is that the book has been rewritten multiple times.. What you are reading is changed multiple times..”

            Timon, I love your comment and I would like to add the comment from the other side of the coin.

            Lastly, the problem with evolution as an source of evidence with anything as a book is that the theory has been rewritten multiple times.. What you are reading has changed multiple times… First, dinosaurs were cold-blooded, then not. First dinosaurs did not have hair/fur, then they did. First, synapsids were reptiles, now they are pictured with hair and are considered ancestors of the mammals. First, dinosaurs dragged their tails, now they do not. First, dinosaurs became extinct, now they have evolved into birds. First, dinosaurs didn’t have feathers, now some do. First, Neanderthals became extinct, now they were simplyassimilated. And that’s just in the last 40 years! (I wrote a paper in 1972-73 on continental drift when it was still just a theory.)
            Over the last 50+ years that I have been studying prehistoric life and almost every related theory has been reversed and/or revised.
            Whereas, in the Bible, it is still considered wise to wash your hands between seeing patients; it is still considered wise to not eat meat and especially not to eat pork; it is still considered that the earth is round; it is still considered difficult for people to get the connections between parables and their personal lives unless you tell them that “this is a parable” first (psychology-Cognitions and Memory class, Dr. Lori Scovill, UH); it is still considered that Nineveh and Ur were real cities; and it is still considered to be wise to seek knowledge and wisdom as if it were hidden treasure (the reason I have completed two college degrees and am currently half-way through with two other college degrees).
            And in closing, I was on a geology field trip with UH and someone asked the professors how old the rocks were that we were looking at and how did “we” know. The answer was that we know their age by the fossils that are in them. Problem is, the professors also stated at another time that we know how old the fossils are by what layers of rock they’re in… that’s called circular reasoning and circular reasoning is the opposite of searching for knowledge and wisdom as if for hidden treasure; if anything, circular reasoning is a lame excuse for “we don’t know.”
            Timon, I’m still searching for the answers.
            Did we come from australopithecines or annunakis? We were created or engineered, or are we just accidents/freaks of nature? I don’t know, but I would really like to know.
            In the mean time, I take solace in the fact that “truth is consistent with truth… i.e., truth will never contradict truth” (me). In other words, if evolution as the origin of mankind is true, and if the annunakis were involved in our current state of being, and there is a God who is holy, loves us, sacrificed himself for us, and created us, Timon, if all of these things are true, then they do not contradict each other… it is only within the confines of what we currently know wherein they appear to conflict. In other words, if truths appear to conflict with other truths, it is our understanding of those truths which create the appearance of conflict while in fact, said truths, any truths, all truths are always consistent with one another.
            Timon, we gotta keep lookin, the truth is out there……………somewhere…

          • Hey Randyh,
            Thanks for the comment.. There are truths and there are questions..? Firstly archaeology is physical evidence and science together which is almost impossible for anyone to argue.. I mean if they find archaeological evidence of Aliens it would be much the same.. Well, it could be covered up which is why everything is questioned..? So many topics in life.. So many theories..

            The truths we know straight up is that we are an Animal, that is a fact, we have blood, we have eyes and we have evolved over the years from primitive man which is the cousin of the chimpanzee, no one can argue that as dna is accurate.. We use to catch criminals and many elements of life.. So now that we know we are animals we need to look back millions of years, yes dinosaur evidence exists, not only that we would not be driving in cars if not as oil is fossilized dinosaurs.. So we cannot argue with oil, it exists physically as well.. And it is known through breakdown patterning how old it is as well..

            Another truth is we now know we are spinning on a planet in space and maths proves that.. No argument there, it has been proven.. We now know heaven is not in the clouds also, and that the Sun is not god.. Known truths there as well.. Just like giant human remains have been found just not as big as the pics are implying.. Known humans of 7 to 8 ft has been seen a number of times in evidence.. However i am yet to see any much bigger like 10 ft to 13 ft, however i am open to it if bones are found as well and that is the topic of this post.. Could giant bones be a cover up as well..? Not sure on that either and hard to say for sure however at the same time it makes sense to cover up anything to do with Aliens.. Otherwise there would be mass panic.. But that is another topic there..

            So these are all elements we all know and take for granted..

            Now with religion, which religion is true? Well that depends on where you were born and each one has no evidence bar some old writings.. That is why it is based on Faith.. Faith meaning belief without evidence.. Just like i believe in Aliens because i have seen ufo’s does not mean others will not disagree.. Up to them to decide.. Or because i have seen ghosts ( lived in haunted house as kid ) does not mean others should believe that also..

            Now, If i show someone a ghost is it not more evidence..?

            Okay, so back to religions, Hindu, Buddhist, Viking, Norse, Greek.. Catholic..? Which one..? They cannot all be correct, but they can all be wrong..

            That is the problem..People come up with religions to answer unknowns, whereas instead could we not just ponder on answers.. I mean a god figure from the bible asks even more questions? It is an endless quest for understanding and no religion has answers really, just ideas of answers.. That is the human element in question there..

            Who created earth to spring forth life right at the beginning of earth life, a meteor, randomness, divine ancestry, etc, etc.. Could be a number of reasons.. So many questions.. Its like asking how far does the universe go for..? Infinite? or limited..? Life is amazing, that is what all of us agree with..

            Religion in a way is putting an answer on something we may not know for a very long time, however it does not mean either that anything in those books are correct.. They are just words as i mentioned earlier.. And they are just books written by humans many years ago..

            Now, lets look at some examples –

            Bible – Water into wine – Why? What is the point? Unless trying to sell more alcohol.. Does that sound true or a magick act..? God is in the clouds.. Rainbow is a sign of God, etc, etc.. We all know what a rainbow is now..

            Koran – Muhammad road a flying horse into space and split the moon.. Does that sound true..?

            Norse – Odin rose armies from the dead..? Does that sound true..?

            Greek – Gods staring down from Olympus making judgement’s over man..

            Santa Claus – – A man flies a chariot with flying rain deer giving gifts to all that are good.. hmmm… different story but similar to many religious myths.

            Now if any religion were true and it is hard to say which one because there are like nearly 20 mainstream religions out there, then i agree in some ways it could coincide as long as the creation element allowed it do so..


          • Hey Timon,
            You sound like my best bud, Jeff. His arguments are well thought out, well structured and really make me think, sometimes for weeks (We once spent two hours trying to determine which is most important, the number “1” or the number “2” and we have both agreed that “2” is more important than “1” …he’s a physics major, my degrees are history and psychology but I have tutored math here at the college where I work…). I wish the three of us could get together and see where the ideas take us.

            Anyhow, back to point(s). You mentioned “we are animal,” “blood” and chimpanzees. Are you aware of the anti-human serum? When human blood is administered to other animals, they manufacture a serum to fight the human blood, i.e., anti-human serum. The odd thing is that when it is administered to chimpanzees, it comes out that the chimps are actually more human than humans… go figure.

            Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons, now here’s a well worth jumping into… The information that I have is that the Neanderthal had obtained all of their primary, signature characteristics at around 130,000 years ago whereas the Cro-Magnons didn’t fully reach their evolutionary maturity until about 30,000 years ago. And now we’re finding out that all humans not originating in Africa are 3-5% Neanderthal… (hmmm, I wonder how that’s gonna affect the re-writing of the evolution theories and the origin of mankind… and then there’s that cave in Israel where Neans and Cro-Mags were living together, found out about that one in my anthropology class at UH…).

            My question for you is this, you mentioned ancient hominids reaching 7-8 feet, were you speaking of something like the robustusses or the Cro-Magnons? I’ve read via alternative history sources that the Cro-Mags were 7, 8 or maybe 9 feet tall, but the standard evolutionary hominid chart shows the Cro-Mags at 6 feet. If you have info indicating that the Cro-Mags were taller than shown on the standard evolution of mankind chart, I really would like to check out your sources (Personally, I would like to believe in giants, just seems really hard to do at this point…).

            Not gonna write much more right now but I do want to point out common ground. I, too, lived in a haunted house when I was a child and I have a memory of seeing a UFO but I’m not sure if it was a dream or not. And I saw a giant’s skeleton out west somewhere when I was a kid, but I’m pretty sure it was fake (I’ll ask Mom if anyone in the family took a picture of it and see what I can find…).

            You mentioned there being mass panic if something popped up any real info regarding aliens, well, I have a source and his comment is that the government doesn’t want us to know the truth because without religion to control people, people would have no reason to obey the law. The way he (and the gov) looks at it is people don’t steal because it is against the law, they don’t steal because it is “wrong,” and the same is true of worse crimes like r### (50% of college males surveyed stated that they would r### a woman if they thought that they could get away with it… that was a real popular survey and was mentioned in at least three of my psych classes). Anyhow, you mentioned “control” and I definately think that population control has something to do with information filtering and the whole religion vs science war.

            Timon, it’s getting late and I’ve got to lock down campus. I didn’t give you much to work off of in this correspondence but go for it, feed something back to me and let’s see if we can keep this going; I really like the way you think.

            And if you ever have a layover in Houston, make it a long one and we’ll have to get together!!


          • Hey Randyh,

            Good points and lots to go over.. With the 7 to 8 ft skeletons i am referring to unique circumstances same as which happens today.. I will ask my Mum later as she is the Archaeologist.

            One thing to ponder though is a lot of written evidence is based on perspective of the time in which people lived as well. During Roman ruling it was common for many Romans to be between 4 ft to 5 ft tall.. They were short so when comparing to a tall Viking at that time they were much shorter, in fact most Vikings may have in fact appeared as Giants.. Same as many other tall clans at the time..

            With your concept on the bad acts, i have to disagree though otherwise countries which have no religion would be in serious trouble. Let’s take Japan as an example being no religion yet assault issues are much less than the US. In fact countries which have high level of religion control seem to have higher amounts. The whole middle east being another example of high crime.. US has one of the highest r### cases and it has one of the highest Christian counts in the world so there is also a conflict.

            Australia being another example of a country which has less than 25% religious as a survey is another example of a country with very low r### levels as well. Personally i think people do bad because they choose to do bad.. We all know from childhood most of us that what is right and wrong and no religion had a say there either.. I think possibly the survey results could be done the other way and results would be much different.. Also to suggest that those that are religious do not do bad is not a good call either, most crimes against humanity has been in religions name as well.. Not saying all in religion are bad, but those that use a rule in religion to do bad do so based on it being there as well so it can happen both ways.. Wars fought for religion, kids abused for religion, some physical abuse, some mental.. etc, etc..

            I mean, can we honestly say to each other that saying to a kid, if you do something bad you will burn in hell for eternity is a good thing.. The child is abused then mentally and lives in mind of torment if they believe it. Would it not be better to say to a kid, you know what is right and wrong and use your head to understand between the two.. Lay down what is not right rather than a fear bribe on death.. We all know hurting others is bad or stealing.. How, well because it feels bad and it effects others.. We do not need religion to tell us really yeah..

            On the aspect about control i agree, i think all religion was created for control of the masses just like terrorism is the new fear today.. Is it really there, heck no, there was always criminals before terrorism label was used.. Did people in the US lose there rights to justice because of it..? Heck yes, so that is why it was created.. Just like the war in Iraq was for Oil only, i know my Grandad told me all about it first hand.. Middle east war.. He was stationed there..

            The media portrays what they want us to see and similar goes for many religions..

            Let’s ponder for a moment a world where thought is less controlled and we all think for ourselves for a moment.. That would be amazing..

            With the animal comparison i was more so referring to we have all features other mammals have, heart, kidneys, etc, etc.. If our dna was tampered with by Aliens then that is possible as a possibility however what i meant was that animals are definitely the same as us.. They have brains, etc, etc… We cannot be separate is what i mean.. Even looking in nature and just watching without tests suggests this. Like how a baby chimp loves its mother or how a human kid loves its mother.. Very much the same.

            I hope i covered mostly.. hehehe

            Have a nice day and yeah thanks for the offer, will do if manage to get over the US sometime..

        • also i would rather die as a beliver only to find there is no GOD than as an athiest to find there is actually a GOD and in that way we all know what’s gonna happen to us? if not then go read bible, torah and quraan.

          • Good Old Pascal’s wager… there is also parts of the Bible that say judging others is a sin. Or putting another’s beliefs on another is wrong..

            As for Atheists, please bare in mind they may be correct and those that have taken up false religions such as you possibly could be wrong.. Heck, not all religions out of the thousands can be right but they all could be wrong..

          • I’m just going to say this straight foward I’m a christian and I love Jesus. But these arguments about trying to prove what is real and what is fake isn’t going to make a difference. And Christianity(sorry I’m a terrible speller)isn’t just about religion its about a relationship with not only God but others no matter who you are. Listen, I’m not here to lecture or try and prove something, I’m just here to ask one simple question. That is, Why is it that people try and prove weather something is real or not when people in the world are dying of AIDS and malaria or children still don’t have parents because they have died from one of these diseases and why is it that OUR government is spending so much money on trying to prove whether something is real or not when that money OUR money could be saving lives in and around the world like those who are dying of malaria or those children who are orphans? So at the end of the day does it really matter if something is real or not or should the focus be on making a difference in the world?

    • Do you know anyone (or have you) seen (and examined) any of these skeletons in person? I would like to know if or how it would be possible to examine one myself. I’ve seen several pictures that are most likely frauds, but just because someone fabricated some doesn’t mean “giants” did not exist. I think your theory is interesting. Thanks for sharing even though you’re being ridiculed for it. But I guess we “bible thumpers” are used to it.

    • Finally .all we have to do is add up the facts and look at all the attempts to hide and cover it up .no offense I totally agree . I even went to the Bible to verify the stories they go hand in hand I know now I didn’t come from a monkey an I know now there is a GOD CREATOR of the WORLD! awesome.

    • Mate… I feel bad bringing this up because you are so passionate about deceiving yourself. Either way, you are wrong. Gravity is the main force keeping us the size we are. Look up the tallest man in history. He didn’t live long because his weight was simply too much for his body to handle, and he lost the ability to walk. Also please go to your nearest dinosaur museum for proof this earth is more than 4000 years old. Come on, there are literally trees older than you think this world is, and you can go visit them. If you live near Arizona, you might also want to check out this cool place called the grand canyon if you need some additional convincing. (its around 6 million years old)

    • The “world wide flood” is a phenomenon known by scholars and scientists as the “inundation” period. This period occurred when the ice sheets of the last ice age began to melt. This took place 11,000 years ago and this is the same period from which the stories of Noah (Mesopotamian) and Manu (Indian) have originated. This inundation caused sea levels to rise by 125 feet world wide. Thusly, all coastal cities, which were the richest and most advanced of the time, were flooded and wiped out. Those people who survived had to move inland and start again and it wasn’t until 8000 years ago that we are able to see the beginnings of a revival of civilization as we define it… with writing, farming, trade and so on.

      For evidence of the civilization, as we define it, occurring at and around the date of 9,500 BC (12,500 years ago) see the excavation taking place in India in the bay of Cambia just off the coast near Mumbia. The government of India has found a complete city in 125 feet of sea water that has evidence of running water, sewage, trading, docks for trading ships and so on. The dating of that city has been arrived at by using Radio Carbon (14) dating… and was able to be arrived at by using the straw contained in the bricks of the buildings and walls. Furthermore to this find is the fact that there is an age old story of the City of Krishna, called Dwarka, existing in the exact same spot… before the flood.

  2. Well, I guess our human history isnt the history what really happened. Consider the story from the Sumerians and compare it with the modern Bible, Koran or Thora, You’d be surprised. Even people deep inside African or Asian bushes who were never introduced to those religions, share similar stories, also the big flood is a part of it. Human degeneration is very common. There is no doubt that there were high educated cultures thousands of years BC. Look at Baalbek for example, it just doesnt fit with the history we’ve been told at school. The best way to hide the truth, is to let people discuss about it, not to deny. After some while things will bleed to death and no one will consider a possible truth. So what about the robot which entered the Pyramide a few years ago, it was live on tv.. and now.. you just don’t hear anything about it.. just to mention an example…The world is ready for the truth.. things are getting tight and a lot of people share my view..

    • I agree with you. We are being lied to constantly and manipulated daily. The only thing I can think of is, if the world knew the truth their house of cards would come crashing down.

    • Modern religions evolved from the ancient religions (summarians are a big one) and it is natural for people who are not educated to assume an unseen force was responsible for things they couldn’t explain. Having cultures “deep inside Africa and Asia” have similar stories proves nothing other than evolution. Stories are passed down through each generation and from culture to culture. If people were evolving it would be natural to share stories with one another then as the cultures grow they disperse over the land.

    • Tiffany
      This is not fake I refuse to believe it is this story has popped up over the world of people finding these remains and in order for someone to do this would require a lot of work I would believe it if they were found in only one area that it would be a prank. But for this to become national now that would require a lot of will power not only for people to get fork lifts to lift the bones but for no one to be spotted doing that and getting caught. This is real. I’m not saying that but if you actually consider how many people it would take to dig the graves then position them just perfectly. And to attach them make them look like they have been there for a really long time plus constructing how the person would have died its just impossible for someone to take all this into consideration for a prank. Plus think of the story popping up every where in the world. And the equipment required to do this to leave no marks what so ever on the ground is impossible when you take all that to consideration this is not a prank.

  3. NO, these images are not fake, many of them are very real. It does not take a genous to figure out that many of stories in the bible include the tales of Giants, many cultures refer to giants having existed 1000’s of years ago. The ancient structures that were not so explainable because of there massive sizes were done by some of the giants……… Let me just say this, if Giants never existed then Christopher Columbus discovered America. get the point…..

      • In the video the narrator states that no news reports of giant bones have ever been published in any major magazine or newspaper. This is totally & absolutely incorrect. From the 1820’s to the 1930’s there were hundreds of articles published in the New York Times and multiple other papers on giant skeletons found in the supposed ‘Indian’ burial mounds. They are not ‘Indian’ burial mounds by the way. They are the Amorite mounds. Try to prove me wrong. That needed to be clarified.

        • Actually it’s not anyone’s duty to prove you wrong, it’s your duty to support your claim. Where are these numerous articles that you claim existed? I’m not saying they don’t but I don’t see them. Show them to us, provide links, make scans, etc. Just making bald claims like that proves nothing. Support your claims.

    • This is where great thought is molded into a lie,sadly many are governed by political demons,the Devil worshipers that know these remains reveal facts on the biggest cover up since Adam along with shedding light on the real reality why we are here in the first place.
      No it does not take a genius to figure out that whats written is a tale. Government know giants once walked the face of our missed told history on this earth, and that most people are easily brain washed.

      • Troy,
        What “remains”? None of the images that you’ve seen are real. They’re Photoshopped fakes. I learned how to do that sort of thing in my first few weeks of PS classes. Did you look at the video link I posted? It shows quite clearly one of the most famous of the “giant” images and how it got that way. I’m not denying that there were giants in the ancient world. Just yesterday, during my morning Scripture readings (I read at least three chapters per day) I was reading in Deuteronomy where King Og of Bashan was mentioned, as being one of the Rephaim. His bed was made of iron, and was 9 cubits long, and 4 cubits wide. That’s about 14 feet long and about 6.5 feet wide. Of course a person isn’t the size of their bed, but he could very well have been 10-12 feet high. But certainly NOT the size of those ridiculous images we see all over the fake internet.

        • I agree w/ you stegokitty. A lot of the giant skeletons online are the result of a dis-information campaign. There was actually a photoshop contest for this. Now the results of that contest are being posted as real skeletons. If you want the truth about giants, search “smithsonian covers up giant skeletons”. Then search for the celtic invasion of Rome, Maximus Thraxx, Moses horned giant, & germani giants. That should be a good start. For you wannabe debunkers out there that don’t do any research and just like to troll, take a look at this:

      • Why do THEY want us to think they’re fakes?
        I’m not a “they”.
        I have already PROVEN that the pics are fakes.
        I can see that you have no regard for facts at all but would rather carry on with your ridiculous notions about massively giant hybrid beings.
        No such thing.
        And the photos are FAKES.

      • lol but why.. the truth, in this situation, is not worthy of be covered up! once again, 7-9 foot tall men EXIST… they are totally possible.. but why do they have to tie into religion.. why do they have to be the offspring of an angel?? Do you believe that pro-NBA players are the offspring of angels?? do you?!?!?!

  4. This is defiantly true but a lot of ppl would deny it because they don’t want to believe in the bible (KJV) because this proves it’s true. That stories in the bible are real events. This is not the only thing that was discovered to prove God word trust me they hide a lot. Even if the did see it ppl will continue to make excuses anyways so that they can keep living a lie or living in their lust and pleasures of the world. Of course the big wigs don’t air this like ralph jackson said evolution would be out the window and Satan don’t want that, he wants you to believe in everything but God. The further you are away from God the happier the enemy is.


      • Anto Jaimez,
        Where is your proof of such nonsense as angles copulating with human beings? And please make sure that when (if) you produce your proof, that there is reasonable explanation from that passage and that you’re not quite busy in forcing your presumptions upon it. I’m quite confident that you’ll fail in producing such, as I’ve dealt with numerous people making similar claims, and all have failed. The other problem is that you’re already making ridiculous claims about God. God cannot be an “alien” (I’m guessing that you mean a being from another planet) since God is the Creator of all beings on all planets (though there is zero evidence of life on any other planet, but that’s another subject), unless you’re going to take up the heretical (and stupid) postion of Mormons, who deny the revelation of Scripture that there is only ONE God, who is not created, but simply is, has always been, and always will be. Logic requires the existence of the uncreated Creator. Without Him, nothing can exist, as all things depend upon something other than themselves to exist, and nothing comes from nothing, and something cannot come from nothing.

        • Here’s the proof you requested. Genisis 6:4. By the way Genisis is a bastardized word. It comes from the ‘Gene’, short for genetics, generation, of ‘ISIS’.

          • Hey Firedrake,
            Just because it is in a book does not make it real.. Many books are written but does not mean real. References from the Bible are therefore not valid evidence as it is a book made with paper and ink ( man made ).

          • Firedrake,

            Genesis is not a “bastardized word”. Your claim is baseless. Genesis is the book of the beginnings of creation. It has nothing to do with Isis, but with the creative work of the sovereign LORD.

            And if you’re going to give a Scripture reference, how about not being so lazy as to paste it?

            “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men who were of old, the men of renown.” (Gen 6:4 ESV)

            You have failed to show me where angels copulatd with human beings. The phrase “sons of God” is used both for angels and for men. Contextually it appears to be talking about men. The “sons of God” would be the sons of Seth … basically God’s covenant people … Christians, if you will (seeing as Christ Jesus is YHWH), who, like the covenant people of God so often did (under Moses) they went after the women outside the covenant, and God brought curses upon them for doing so. If indeed they ended up giving birth to oversized children, then these probably killed the mother in childbirth, and the men who had been disobedient to God by marrying them, would’ve lost that which they idolized (worshipped) over God.

            There is also the problem that angels appear to be directly created beings, sexless. They “neither marry, nor are given in marriage” (Matt 22:30), and therefore they would not, by virtue of them not being pro-creating beings, have sexual organs, and they would not, by virtue of them being mere creatures, have the ability to change that fact.

    • don’t just read it … study each word, listen to each word then ask yourself how come this is never preached in church. All book s from the Grand Creater point out to what we today are finding and found in also on the earth.

  5. Actually I’m a Christian and it worries me that other professing Christians would so easily accept a fraud in order to support the Biblical teaching of the origins of man, and of all creation. You only make yourself look foolish, and marginalize Christianity even more by this irresponsible behaviour. Stop being lazy, and do your research. All it took me was a few key words to find that these are hoax images. Then there’s also the necessity of the diligent STUDY of the Scriptures, not just reading them every now and then, and forcing them into a preconceived idea of what God ought to be like in your imagination. That’s why we have such goofy things as the “Left Behind” books that so many Christians think are not only good fiction, which they aren’t, but also good theology, which most certainly is NOT. And while it’s the Holy Spirit that must awaken the dead spirit in an unbeliever so that they have the ability and desire to repent and believe, God also uses the behaviour of those in the Kingdom as a means to either attract or repulse the non-believer. We need to take seriously the necessity of not merely being “nice”, but of being wise. And receiving as fact that which is fiction is not a sign of wisdom, but of foolishness.

  6. Giant skeletons have much to do with the Bible of the Old Testament. Those who say it does not, is very naive and not to intelligent. If you were to read the book of enoch, which was part of the bible books, but not included by a certain religion; just reading the book of enoch talks about giants that were alive during Noah’s Life and there is other sources that are related to the bible that talk about giants in the same time period as Noah. So don’t make a stupid or negative comment unless you have something intelligible to back you up.

    • The book of Enoch was and is rejected by orthodox Judaism and Christianity, and is not part of the canon of Holy Scripture for very good reasons. It’s a fanciful and silly book, containing anachronisms, and is inconsistent with the rest of Scripture. The giant skeletons are photoshop fakes. I’ve only just begun my courses in video & audio production, which include Visual Design, that is, a course in Photoshop, and I already am able to make superior fake photos to rival those found on these websites and in these videos. It’s as easy as pie. I posted a link to a YouTube video where another guy very quickly shows how it’s done, and uses some of the original photographs which were used in this hoax.

      • Whooa, hang on there. The book of Enoch is part of the Apocrypha. The CHRISTIAN Roman Catholic church does NOT deny the veracity of these works [Apocrypha], it just excluded it from the Canon. It holds just as much weight as the Canon.

        • Roman Catholics err by including that which was clearly left behind as spurious by the Church. And the very fact that is was not included in the CANON proves that it does NOT hold “just as much weight as the Canon”. The Canon is those Scriptures RECOGNIZED by the Church as being the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God, self-consistent. The Apocryphal books, while having SOME value, do not fit into this category. There are problems with each of them that disqualify them from being Canonized and therefore they do not hold anywhere near the same weight.

        • The Council of Nicea “screwed around the Catholic faith”? Quite evidently you haven’t a clue as to what you’re talking about. The “Catholic faith” is the “universal” faith. Those necessary doctrines which all true churches recognize as necessary. But this is coming from a man who says that the uncanonized writings are just as weighty as those in the canon. I don’t expect much from ye.

  7. The answer is simple and obvious to the non-bias observer, there is no conspiracy.Nnobody would try to ‘hide’ evidence of giant human being, especially not scientists. Scientists are out to find truth, whatever that may be. If there were evidence if giant human beings walking the earth at any time ever, it would be far to big a secret to conceal, and a complete wasted effort at that. These skeletons would be being found all over the world and they would already be implemented in museums around the globe.

    The photos were definitely created by photo-manipulation. It’s no coincidence that the only sites who have yet to admit this fact are one’s who are just DYING to use these photos as some kind of proof for biblical claims.

    So so silly…

  8. If they are real it doesn’t disprove evolution or make the Bible any truer it just means that some man had p**** over 2 foot long.

  9. There is other evidence of ancient giants. A 64 lb. sledgehammer with a handle nearly 9 feet long was excavated from a copper mine in North Wales. Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Sumerians carved hieroglyphics depicting giant humanoids. Ancient Greeks also have their “myth” of towering titans succeeded by their own offspring. The Book of Enoch found in the Dead Sea Scrolls talks about these giants (or nephilim) as well. And yes, the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament of the Bible holds an eyewitness to a massive humanoid. It’s not about “proving the Bible.” To me, it’s about proving the relevance of all testaments throughout the ancient world. That said…I do believe these pictures to be fake. I also agree that, if they were real, they would be kept from public attention to avoid hysteria. Hysteria would spur from both creationists and evolutionists alike.

  10. Whether the pics are real or hoaxes doesnt mean that the giants didnt exist. There are litterally thousands of images throughout history and around the world depicting them. The bible is not the only written record of them either. Some of the images may be real, but the powers that be would never allow them to go unchecked. Their seat of power would be seriously undermined if the sheep opened their eyes to the truth. All they have to do is run the standard disinformation campaign such as saying “this is a hoax” to cast disbelief or doubt to any archeological find and keep the sheep in the dark.

  11. In reading all of these comments, I have to ask myself, why is it that just because there may have been a race of giants or individual giant people thousands of years ago, christians think that it proves the bible to be accurate? Thousands of years ago, the earth had about thousands of times the amount of trees as we do now, and way less pollution, so the oxygen content of the atmosphere would have been much greater. Now everyone knows that with a much greater oxygen content, all species of animals would have grown larger than they are now and there are tons of fossils to prove that. Number two, the bible was a collection of books from a bunch of different guys that was written no further than 600 B.C. and if there were giants then, they would have written about them. But in all other cultures, every religion and non-religious people through the beginning of written word have had accounts of giant people. So can we say that Gulliver’s Travels is real too? They have unearthed a hobbit like people in indonesia, so did Gulliver travel the ocean and find a giant people and a race of tiny people? Could be. Who knows? Just because we might find evidence of a race of humanlike people does not give credit that “GOD” created the earth and everything that the bible says is true. It’s a book, and just like every civilization that long ago, They took mysterious things that were brand new to them and that they could not explain by their means as “GODS”. And yes these pictures have been proven to be hoaxes so do your research before you go spouting off at the mouth.

  12. I’m not going to say the images that are scattered all over the Internet about giant Humans are real or fake. My question is more direct: Where are these locations, so that I can take a tour of scientists and verify?

  13. Dear All,
    This is not so wonderful ,becuase we Buddhist knows the real History of this world.You can find out ‘Sutra Pitaka” the Buddhas tought there were people 40,000years of life time and very big in some Uga.Please do not beleve Scientific which means ,In western mith of science,those are not the real scence.

  14. These people are saying this is a hoax.These pictures that are on the net are. they were created several years ago for a photoshop contest put on by a company called Worth 1000. If my memory serves me correctly there was even a legal battle of a sort over this because another company took the photos and put them on the net declaring them authentic according to findings of National Geographic and Nat. Geo. took legal action against them. Now that being said Ihave researched this issue for a while now and there are two known written records of giant skeletons being found. One was an account of a group of workers plowing a vinyard in West Virginia in 1856. According to record the skeleton was very badly decayed but was over 14 feet tall. The skeleton however was two badly decayed to be preserved. Now I haven’t seen it but somewhere in west virginia there is supposed to be a museum With cast replicas of what the actual bones looked like. Now like I said I only read about this museum so I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen it my self. The second incident was in 1833 by a group of soldiers digging defences around Lompock Rancho California. It was supposedly over 15′ tall with a double row of teeth in the skull. details on this one are very scant because of how long ago it was and I imagine if these men were in battle stopping to researc a big skeleton wasn’t to high on there list of things to do. So no remains were collected and theres only a written reference to both incidents. no pictures exist to my knowledge. O.K. that said I’m not going to debate the bible with anybody because I’m sure theres people who know a lot more about the bible than me but there are several references in the bible to the nephilim which according to the bible were the offspring of angels and mortal women. It also sais in the bible that before the flood there were giants in the earth. Theres the point of confusion some versions say in the Earth some say on the Earth. What the difference would be I don’t know. I didn’t write the bible and I wasn’t there when it was written but there is one interesting fact about this. In one version of the Bible it describes the Philistine Goliath as being a descendant of the nephilim and that he was over eleven fet tall and possessing two rows of teeth which gave him a very ferrocious appearance to David I guess. Iknow I wouldn’t want to fight anybody that looked like that. Now you make what you will of this. to my knowledge there are no authenticated pictures of giant human skeletons. I almost wish there were if nothing else but to prove there are still more things in heaven and Earth thanyou can shake a stick at Horratio!

  15. These pictures are not fake,even the verses of the Qur’an said”The God created humans of phenomenal size 1000 years before”

    • Two possible reasons, one it was a hoax or two it was covered up as it did not fit in the normal category similar in a way to how govts view Aliens and UFO reports. They would prefer to cover up to protect the public from mass fear.

  16. It is clearly mentioned in Quran,that during the time of Prophet Adam(a.s)[& some other prophets] people used to be too tall.
    The other religion people see this but they still don’t believe in Quran.
    One of the properties of seas that has only recently been discovered is related in a verse of the Qur’an as follows:
    He has let loose the two seas, converging together, with a barrier between them they do not break through. (Qur’an, 55:19-20)
    This property of the seas, that is, that they meet and yet do not intermix, has only very recently been discovered by oceanographers.

    *The splitting of the Moon
    Recently NASA said the the Moon had been cut into two pieces some time ago.
    It is mentioned in Quran,that On asking by the disbelievers,The prophet Muhammed(s.a.w) cut the Moon into two halves with his finger.Still the disbelievers said that it was magic.

    • “Recently NASA said the the Moon had been cut into two pieces some time ago.”

      Really? Where is your supporting evidence? Where is this report from NASA that the moon was “cut in two”?

  17. After reading all the comments. Alot of the comments state that the pictures are PROVEN to be fake.I have a question. WHO PROVED THEY ARE FAKE??? That is the one thing i did not read in any of these comments.

  18. This was one of my favorite pictures that was shared to me way back on the subject of giant discoveries.

    If it was just a hoax, the details are great and there was certainly a lot of effort put into it as well.

      • LOL! Are you kidding me? You don’t think shadows can be inserted with Photoshop? Man are you deluded. Most of EVERYTHING you see in EVERY magazine has been altered with Photoshop. You have no idea of what you’re talking about. I’m TRAINED in Photoshop — this is childsplay.

        Like I’ve said numerous times, I’ve provided a link to to a crappy little YouTube video that shows very EASILY how this is done. But have you watched it? Obviously not. So who is it that’s seeing what they WANT to see, eh?

        That does it. I’m going to make my own and show your ignorant ass(es) that this stuff is totally fake. I’ll get to work on it ASAP.

      • Oh, and here’s the video showing the guy actually making THAT particular image … you know, the one with the shadows. Funny how he makes a fake image of giant skeleton and it’s one of the main ones being used as “evidence” and being defended by others as being legitimate, when he made the bloody thing in order to display that the images are all fakes. Hilarious:

          • Timon, You ain’t kiddin’ dude. I have to tell you that my courses in video and audio production (including graphic design with Photoshop, and the other several special effects software programs I’ve been trained it) have really opened my eyes to how very little of what we see on TV, film, and print is even real.

  19. To Andrew and Timon: A simple search on YouTube would’ve returned numerous results on the fakery of these images. It’s nearly childsplay to create these sorts of images in Photoshop. Here’s one glaring example:

    And here is the site where Ironkite submitted his creation and won 3rd Place:

    In the same contest someone created an image of a fairy skeleton. Do you believe in fairies too?

    Same contest — Do you think they had McDonald’s restaurants in the ancient world?

    Just keep scrolling through the altered photos in that contest and you’ll find plenty of fodder for fools.

    It’s okay to be wrong. We’ve all been wrong. The brave, and right thing to do is to admit it, and move along.

    • Hey Stegokitty,
      Anything can be manipulated of course or changed, look at movies, I have as can be seen above not taken sides in my post and comments many times. However either way, whether real or not it a great topic of discussion. Thanks for the comment..


    • I agree, But not all photos are faked there are a lot of the even with the untrained eye can clearly tell they are faked. But lets stop and think about something the mainstream media will not cover things like this. If you visit museums in other countries they have skeletons of these giant’s but not the USA why is that. If the USA was to admit there were giant’s. They would have to admit they were wrong and that is not going to happen. Its all about keeping there credible status and pride.

      • Please tell me the name of one museum anywhere in the world that has on display a giant skeleton, as in from a race of giants. I’m not talking about the skeleton of someone who had thyroid problems or was just tall (NBA). I’m looking forward to your reply.

  20. Sorry about the one in spanish with the Priest, he his talking about a 7,6 metres giant remains found in Ecuador in 1968, and following through the note you will see evidence that this has a record trhough ecuadorian history, legal documents, and anaylisis made to the petrified bones, as far as the history goes, the remains may be in Argentina, Janos Moricz, Argentinian Hungarian explorer, Cueva de los Tayos, Ecuadorian Terrein, nd some Peruvian aswell, he is mentioned in von Daniken’s Gold of the Gods.

    • You might also want to do a search for the Father Crespi collection. That’ll really throw you for a loop. Especially interesting is the back story of how he acquired the artifacts.

  21. Well, thease bones are amazing. every idea is now comming together. the peices are comming together. the answer the missing link between man and ape is very close. but if you ask me, it was all done in a lab.

    • Garry, it wasn’t done in a lab, it was done in PHOTOSHOP. The pics are fakes. ANYONE who knows how to use Photoshop can make these goofy fake images. I’ve even left a video link where one guy shows how easy it is to make one of these things. For crying out loud, does anyone do research anymore? Hey look, it’s on the internet, so it must be true.
      Bon jour.

  22. If you accept one aspect of the Bible, then you accept all. Nephilim have no descendants. They all died in the Noachian Deluge. Besides that,
    they could not reproduce, being hybrids.
    Goliath would have been a dwarf next to the
    “fellers”, the men of fame. Og of Gath would have taken the nick out of Goliath in a fist fight.These two were simply genetic isolates,having also 6 digits on hands and feet as well as their comparatively large size, next to men. He (Og) was considerably taller than Goliath, but still quite small next to the Nephilim. Any findings that were extraordinary in the range of 15 feet to the tallest in 16th century France, were just skeletons left over from the deluge.In their prime during antediluvian times, the Nephilim threatened all, and struck fear into all they encountered, except for 8 people. They could not, and would not, by means of holy spirit,and the most likely protection of angels, go near Noah and his immediate family, for the duration of both their preaching work, and building of the ark.

    • Lots of conjecture, and no proof whatsoever. You have zero proof that Goliath would’ve been shorter than any of the Nephilim. You also have absolutely no proof that the Nephilim were “hybrids” and “could not reproduce”. Mere conjecture.
      You ASSUME that they were hybrids because you ASSUME that the “sons of God” is referring to angels, when in fact that is not necessarily the case at all. From that, you begin to create an entire mythology based solely upon your imagination. Perhaps spending less time with obscure passages and more time in those that actually have a bearing on the doctrines of God, of man, of sin, and of salvation?

  23. Two more things as an addendum, the tallest found on record (alleged report) was 36 feet.
    The most important fact that has to be remembered is that we the worship the Most High do not
    live by sight, but faith. Argue all you want
    about any pictures found. True or not, it
    doesn’t matter.

  24. :Two more things as an addendum, the tallest found on record (alleged report) was 36 feet”

    By WHOM? Who found such a thing as a 36 foot man? Got any concrete proof of such a thing?

    Yes, it does matter.
    Truth matters.
    Fantasies do not.

    • Stegokitty:
      What I said was that the photos (true or not) don’t matter. I’m sorry you misunderstood.
      We live by faith is what the point was.
      re: the 36 foot skeletal remains I say were “alleged.”

      • My question is where is this “alleged” report of a 36 foot man? I see you doing the same thing that virtually everyone else in this forum is doing, which is making claims without a shred of support. If you’re going to say there is an “alleged” report of a 36 foot man, then supply the report. I read the Word every day (at least three chapters every morning) and I don’t recall there being a 36 foot man anywhere therein. The only detailed description of a giant, other than Goliath is that of Og, king of Bashan:

        “(For only Og the king of Bashan was left of the remnant of the Rephaim. Behold, his bed was a bed of iron. Is it not in Rabbah of the Ammonites? Nine cubits was its length, and four cubits its breadth, according to the common cubit.)” (Deut 3:11 ESV)

        Nine cubits is about 14.5 feet. Give his bed only 6 inches of headroom and 6 inches of foot room, and you have a man at a maximum of 13.5 feet.

        And while it is true that those in Christ live by faith and not by sight, that certainly doesn’t mean that our faith is a blind faith, baseless and without factual support. The tomb is empty. That is a fact. And in the things where we don’t (yet … or cannot, such as in the case of the donkey speaking to Balaam) have particular proofs, then we must take God at His Word. Afterall, it’s a little thing for a God who speaks an entire universe into existence, out of nothing, to cause one of his creatures to speak that is not accustomed to doing so. And if the Word says “There were giants in the land in those days …” well, we have to find out exactly what is meant by “giant” and we also have to figure out what is meant by “sons of God”. I don’t think you’ve said it yet (maybe you have) but there are serious problems with “sons of God” being angels. But I won’t get into that now.

        But what we DON’T want to do is to go about making bald claims about very obscure passages in Scripture, and heaping upon them one presumption after another (as so many in this forum have been doing … and dreadfully so, in the Name of Christ!) for all this does is to discredit the kingdom of Christ in then minds of the unbeliever, and give them more excuses to blaspheme. And while we cannot prevent the reprobate from blaspheming God (as is their natural inclination) we can do all that we can to ensure that what we say and do is not a catalyst unto more blasphemy, and therefore more condemnation to them.

        So if you’re going to make a claim, you need to support it, brother.

  25. Hey All,
    Found this video of a giant women, she is like 7 ft something.. Possible real day giant.. What do you all think?

  26. Another giant picture that has been used many times that I wanted to share on the Giant Human Debate, this time of Giant Axes, of which no normal human could hold.

    However as logic suggests these could just be ornaments.

    giant axes

    • Hey Stegokitty,
      Sorry for the late reply mate, busy week this week, so I had to wait to weekend, just read the article and yeah I agree with it, sounds like a chunk of granite fell off that made it look like a footprint.. Would love to think it was a footprint but water sounds more logical like they say.. I would need more evidence than just the rock.. Also as mentioned in the article it would mean that the giant would of had to walk on molten rock, does not sound like that would work so more likely than not a interesting shape that looks like a foot..

      Nature can form interesting shapes sometimes..

  27. hi
    this is right that humans were being in the past era has huge body but in the pass of time they become small like us this give issue to us that we say most of old building like three pyramid in the Egypt or others how made in the past therefore in the future they become more small and in that era they will say who make the earth with big size city or building the we make them this process continued until human lives in the earth this is not wonder happen.

  28. I’d like to discuss the dozen very old newspaper stories(with no images) circa 1850-1912. and ask, are they really reliable? I say no. I say this for a few very logical reasons.
    1 important factor to keep in mind is all these so called news stories, were written during the golden age of “yellow journalism” a very common practice in those days to exaggerate and yes, make up stories to out sell the competition. News was not as fact based then, like we are a custom to today.(unfortunately the internet has reopened the door for yellow journalist with further reach. I remember a time when these stories were only found in supermarket tabloids and everyone laughed at them)
    2 You also have to keep in mind Jurassic fossils were not discovered or identified until the 1800’s. This is important to know when dealing with these old newspapers. Because at the time period scientists and most certainly the general public knew nothing about these bones. So, it is very probable that the “Giant Skeletons” were misidentified or characterized. For one thing most of these small stories(not even front page, back then) only describe large skulls and bone with no mention of species and no photos. Most famously is the 1912 story that describes a giant body with an elongated skull, double rows of molars, six fingers and toes. I don’t know about you but when I read that description I think anything other than human.
    3 There are only a handful of these stories about giant people being found. I have to say mathematical if you dug up 10,000 bodies today you would find about a dozen reaching 7ft and higher. Does this mean we live in an age with a race of giants? No it means a limited number of people threw either genetic or disease grew slightly bigger than average.

    To sum it up I see no supporting evidence of a giant race walking the earth long ago, just like the unicorn. Only internet rumors, myths, digitally altered photos and yellow journalism keeps ridiculous stories like this going on.

  29. Well, another simple question posses and ignored. This is a simply re-phased as; do you yes/no believe( accept the conceived opinion that is not your own, without proof) that god/gods/goddess’s/ deities exist? And why you have chosen to accept that oppinion/concept. Eg: No, because there is no proof.
    Or; Yes, because there is no proof. Both are justified when: absence of proof is not proof of absence.
    As for the idea that a creator of “all” Favor’s one aspect over another, in a system created with contradicting and complimenting aspects to all aspects that cannot exist without each other, is absurd. If a “god” or being with dominion over all, existed it/he/she/they would be neutral, not good, not evil, as these are simply 2 complimenting & contradicting aspects, of existence. 2 extreme perspectives. Neither of which are a whole opinion.

    Maybe you should reserve forming your own opinion until you have experience in this, from personal efforts and practice. Belief & faith(confidence in your belief) only exist as man made concepts, for the purpose of advancing goals of man/men/a man/humans/race/organization, in controlling a larger circle of influence. To achieve the desires of man.

  30. How would these being real have anything to do with a genocidal and “perfect” god drowning all of his failed creations? If this is the evidence you are clinging to in the hopes of your fairy tale being real, I can see why you believe such nonsense to begin with.

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