Haunted Accommodation

Have you ever experienced a haunted dwelling..? Do you think your house or accommodation is haunted..? If you do then this is not uncommon and you are not alone, many hauntings happen today and increasingly more and more people are discussing there experiences more openly.. There are ways to deal with hauntings, some tips below may help whether it be a house or accommodation..

1 )  Be open to understanding – The haunting may be due to the ghost wondering what you are doing in there house.. They may be confused themselves and you may be making them more confused..

2 )  Try to communicate – I know this is a tough one but generally this will resolve it, confrontation is very powerful and tell or advise the ghost or spirit it is time to move on.. In many cultures they say to advise them to follow the light.. This can be an excellent method.. Many believe that the light is the moving on to the other world.. When people have near death experiences a tunnel of light is often a common occurrence.. It is believed the spirits get confused by the lights or get held here by emotion, in order to move on they need to follow the light..

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3 )  Symbology – You can use symbols to guide the spirit out, I will go into depths on this further on this blog, however this can be seen as aggressive so the spirit may get upset, use this method properly or with caution.. Symbols are tools of thought, they hold energy and can target energy meanings..

4 )  Bless the house or Accommodation – Get a psychic to check out your house, some people do this for a living so are experienced in this. They can give you a full review and can keep you away from the fear of the haunting until the psychic advises you the spirit or spirits have moved on..

Overall with haunted houses or accommodation it is always good to remember these spirits were humans once before.. Try to be calm and not be in fear to much and sometimes they will pass on themselves.. Sometimes in rare cases ghosts get trapped, due generally to traumatic death, like the documented hauntings of the most haunted house in England.. If that is the case i advise step 4 above..

If you have any more tips or experiences with haunted houses, accommodation, comment below your thoughts..

3 thoughts on “Haunted Accommodation

  1. This has been very helpful. I was about to buy myself equipment But then I was riped of by a society/Tv show
    paranormal show 4.00 dollars. Promises of being trained and certified neither happened.

    This why it is so nice to read so that I can learn from your organization. What I should have learned before.

    Sylvia Nance

  2. i live in hk where the japs executed the chinese by chopping their heads off. years later a complex of appartments was built where spirts roam. for 8 years we have beared their hautings and tried numerous methods to set them free into the next world. either we have failed othere are just too many to deal with. i go to church almost daily and have set up a shrine at home where i pray and ask them to go to the light, but they still like to give our family a fright esp my kids or my helpers. when i say the words on my bed at night in the darkness, i can feel their presents upon me threatening me to stop.

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