Have you ever seen Aliens or Ufo’s?

Have you seen real Aliens.? This post is about people’s thoughts on the subject of aliens and alien experiences, if you have had experiences with an form of what may be termed alien related please comment about it below. It may be that you saw a ufo, or had a weird encounter that cannot be explained..

First of all my experience with aliens is seeing ufo’s when I was younger, growing as a young boy one of my favourite things was to get up on the roof and watch the stars for hours, in particular when I lived out in the country, near a town called Dorrigo in Northern nsw, Australia. On many occasions I would see interesting lights in the sky that would be unexplained, at times I even shared the experience with friends. As time progressed I less and less looked at the stars but I is still remember the lights.

How about you what have you seen..? Aliens, Ufo’s etc..

6 thoughts on “Have you ever seen Aliens or Ufo’s?

  1. i seen a ufo when i lived in th country i was looking at thestars one niht , what looked like a star started moving in angels that i had never seen . and then just dart off in a matter of seconds and it was gone

  2. My friend and I were looking at the stars at the coast in Mexico on night in 1966. We watched what we thought was a satillite cross the sky but as it went toward the horizon it stopped and two other objects that we thought were stars blinked several times and the object shot off into space, leaving the orbit it had been following. There were about 20 people watching it by that time. It was pretty amazing.

  3. its real, I was a sceptic ,even after I saw a shape shifting ufo in the sky…. it was a six piointed grey star, sumtimes it had 4 points and somtimes it was a cyrcle its crazy people dont know about this they are not looking at thebig picture

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