How often should one Meditate?

Do you meditate? The question how often one should meditate is a common question. So many factors go into the answer, depending on what sort of person you are and where your life path wishes to go. Evaluating how often one should is best be answered by yourself as one changes and moves through life. However this is not to say to ignore meditation as there is only positives to the practice if done often and right.

I always find a great guide for meditating frequency is by listening to your own body during meditation. Often the answer is more clear then. Sometimes during your life you may find meditation is more frequent and others less depending on your circumstances. For a beginner I would always recommend starting with once a day, for approximately around an hour and then take it from there. As time goes by you may find you require it more or you may require it less. It is all about how much communication to consciousness you wish to achieve and what path you are in your life now.

While living a life without meditation would be an experience missed, it is not essential to go through life with using it. The choice of it’s influence on you should be evaluated by your experiences internally.

Also Meditation has no rules of time in duration (eg 1 hour, 2 hour), mainly because it really does not involve this element during the practice. The best tip is to try not to force an experience through focusing on a time element, just  relax, meditate, be patient and it will happen. When it does a lot of the time it depends on how easily your mind can let go.

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  1. i am very new at meditateing and i am doing it without help from anyone with experience,i have done a lot of reading though.At first it started with a small white dot,then later colours blue first then bits of gold and red, alittle green, swirls of sort of rainbow, clours mixed in, shapes like out lines of people, like dark photograph negatives, then yesterday my colours seemed relaxed and spread wide and moved more slowely, i could feel my self going with it it was lovely i wanted to stay,but there was just emptyness no people, just stilness,anyway i decided to open my eyes as i became abit worried about where it would take me, i felt a little strange after.what i want to ask you is, am i safe at what i am doing and am i doing things right. I do say a prayer to the gods and godesses before i begin. thanyou janet.

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