Is Bigfoot Real…?

Is Bigfoot Real…? We have all heard of the Bigfoot story, the giant man like creature living in the mountains in many countries around the world.. What do we know about it, Is it possible..?

Let’s have a look at all the facts. and some theories.

First of all there are many testimonies and sightings reports, this is one form of evidence to indicate some truth of Bigfoot being real but is not the whole truth.

Secondly photo’s of Bigfoot have not done it much justice, there are plenty out there but for some reason 99% are blurry or look like a man in a suit of some type.. These can still be scanned for authenticity, some pass, some do not, yet this test has not been reliable many times..

And Thirdly video accounts of seeing Bigfoot, which has had some negative and some positive responses as evidence…

Fourthly the large footprint evidence that has been found, has this been tampered or made by large humans or…?

1967 Roger Patterson Footage (above) of a Bigfoot – Is it Real or Fake..?

Maybe Bigfoot is a Forest and Mountain Ghost.. That would Explain a Lot..

The most fundamental evidence that tends to be overlooked is why there is no bones or fossil remains in the areas of the sightings.. ? I have a theory which i have been working on.. I do not like to disregard people’s sightings of Bigfoot just on physical or scientific evidence. What if Bigfoot does exist but is more or less like a energy spirit or nature spirit. Basically the Bigfoot is there but is not physical like us, more like a spiritual ghost of the forest and mountains. Every now and then human contact is seen and occasionally the spirit leaves an impression where it has been (footprint).. Maybe it is just like how ghosts are seen in haunted houses, so to is the Bigfoot.. And remember there is two different types of ghost interactions, those that are just seen but not felt and those that make noise like Poltergheists.

This could help explain the sightings that keep happening every year and this could explain why no actual rock hard fossil or bone evidence is ever found..? This also could answer a lot of questions about blurry images, photo’s, eye witness accounts and the mythical stories that are part of so many cultures around the world…

What do you think… Is Bigfoot Real..?

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