Is Fate Real?

Fate is word and a term thrown around a lot. To some it is a part of life, to others it is merely a word. What does it really mean and if it exists how would it impact us all?

Three Concepts of Fate

First of all lets look at the first concept of fate. Fate meaning a predetermined or pre-existing line of time to a particular point.. Was I meant to be an online writer? Were you meant to be doing what you are doing now? If so then fate is everywhere. We were meant to be where we are now, doing what we do and experiencing what we experience because fate says so.. Fate determines our future and now with this concept, so fighting it is only going to bring you back to the same fate anyways.

In the second concept fate is part of life, but we are in control partly to how fate is played. As an example fate tells us we will marry, but to who is our choice. Or fate tells us we will be wealthy one day, but how the wealth is created is up to us.. This concept differs from concept one in that fate gives us a guide but is not the absolute truth..

In the third concept of fate, it is controlled by the individual and determined by what you do in your life and conditioning. In this concept fate is bound by your decisions and your decisions alone. You determine your own fate in a way.

Each of these concepts of Fate Creates Questions…

1. First of all if Fate is Real, then to what degree is fate controlling us..?

2. If we control our own fate then why do similar of familiar patterns seem to appear in our lives? Is this just conditioning?

3. If everything is fate then does that mean we are less in control than we think of our lives.?

4. Is fate a word to make us feel better in bad parts of our lives.?

5. Is fate a description to enhance good parts of our lives..? It was fate that I met you for an example with a loving relationship..

Can we all really choose what we want or are we doing what fate already decided? In many cultures and religions around the world the answer is it is all predetermined from birth. This concept sounds okay to those in a fortunate positions, but to those being brought up in poverty it sounds a bit of not a fair choice.

This asks another aspect of Fate to depending on where you live. To some Fate may mean just getting out of poverty, where as to another it may be just a simple choice in ones safe life they believe was predetermined.

Is it a persons fate to die of starvation or to die of a horrible disease, which is common in many poor nations across the world..? If so, is Fate a punishment for those that did bad things in past lives? So many questions.. What do you think..?

8 thoughts on “Is Fate Real?

  1. If, as many believe, that our “earthly existence” is an extension of a greater and immortal spirit, and that our experiences here are meant to be a vehicle for learning and growth of the greater part of us, then starvation, disease, etc and not “punishments”. They are nothing more than experiences that we collect in the process of our spirit’s overall growth. Somewhere along the line we ourselves actively decided the circumstances of our birth, and our free will is responsible for what happens afterwards….

  2. i think that fate is already determined for us… and just because someone is born into poverty or harsh situations doesn’t mean fate is their punishment. God knows what choices they will make; the choice between good and bad, for instance, by choosing good they can make something of their life…(this is controlling some aspects of your life), by accomplishing this, they may soon understand what their actual purpose is in life.

  3. The meaning of fate depends on your religious viewpoint. I personally think one decides the course your life will take, and also the challenges you will have to overcome in this life. Why we make this decision is a totally different conversation…perhaps to grow as spiritual beings? Whatever the reason, one thing is for certain, we faced the same challenges before and we will keep making the same mistakes until we get it right. I think fate does exist, but only as far as the options that are presented to us…we are in full control of which options we choose…

  4. No one can really say whether fate is real or not, but those that believe it is will always win the debate. Those that argue against it will say that one little change will change your path and therefore no fate could ever be determined. But that is always trumped with “fate knows your decision before you make it”.

    So there is no way to disprove fate. It falls into the same category as when something bad happens to someone and they say God is punishing them. No one can argue against it, because the person saying it is God doing it can always find a fault, a bad habit, or something that would displease God in their eyes.

    Personally, I don’t believe in fate, nor destiny. Anyone you look at who has money or power, most worked hard for it and must have tenacity to bear the responsibilities. If it was fate or destiny, then there wouldn’t be any obstacles for that person.

    The exception is someone born into power or wealth. But that is nothing more than being lucky in genetics. Yet if they don’t have the same tenacity, they will lose what they were given at birth. That’s definitely not fate.

  5. One can argue that because we are even discussing fate at this very moment, fate exists. With similarity to time, fate is a manmade concept or explanation for how things eventually occur, and as such, it is real, but it is not necessarily accurate. Again, with similarity to time, fate is also relative.

    One can also argue, from a scientific perspective, that an individual is shaped by their experiences, and, since most (if not all) experiences are beyond their control, people are not in control of who they become entirely. The result is that we are predisposed to make decisions in a certain manner. From huge decisions such as who to marry, to little decisions like what speed to walk at. Fate would be the pathway that is created when one looks at the sum of all the experiences, chronologically, that someone has, and the resulting decisions that they make.

    Let me put it this way. If you have two identical individuals genetically, and you submit them to exactly the same experiences and situations throughout each of their lives. Would you expect them to make the same decisions? Or would you expect them to differ and diverge from one another? This is assuming that all influences upon each of them are the same. From the positions of the moon and sun throughout their lives, to the number of hairs on their head.

    Now, that being said, there’s no way of knowing where that end will be, but that end DOES exist for us all.

    But how feasible is fate? If fate exists, then what’s the point of free will? Are we all just trains on tracks that go from one point to another? Or is fate only the end game, and the way in which we arrive at our destination is of our own volition?

    I think that fate predetermined in the sense that I explained above, but it is not the removal of free will. Our free will is what shapes our fate, but our fate exists nonetheless.

    Just for clarification, I’m discussing fate in the sense that it is one’s “destiny” (… or “density” as George McFly called it).

  6. Though I am still young and haven’t been in the world long enough I feel as if ‘fate’ is ignorant, but i understand it is a belief to others. How people can tell them selves ‘if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be’ just dosen’t make sense at all, infact i think it could be depressing, what if a good person was to get beaten up tomorrow and they believe in fate? besides i have heard some stories and it’s quite obvious no good is coming out of that. A saying I live by is ‘don’t leave your life to fate, turn it around before it’s too late’ as everyones choses where they end up in life.

  7. All of my life, I have asked why? Why do things happen to me, that simply do not happen to others in my situation? Others who know me, agree, stuff happens to me that cannot be explained.

    No explanation, because my course has been set. Trust me, I am well past middle age, and have tried over and over to change that course. My attempts are futile.

    I have come to the forgone conclusion that the only thing I can do is accept what I’ve been dealt. It is what it is, and always will be.

  8. of course fate exists, the proof is no matter what you decide, what you did, you can’t escape death. And death is a part of your destiny.

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