Is Hypnotism a Form of Magick?

Have you ever wondered about Hypnotism? What is it? How it works? How it can be done? To many of skeptic base they see it as a mere mind trick. While to many others it is a serious form of Magick. What side do you take, listen to my point of view first before making a full on decision.

First off, let’s look at the definition of Magick? It is the desired outcome whether positive or negative of manipulating energy or thought for a desired result. Basically put, changing something with your belief or with a spell based on belief. So that put’s a lot of things in the category of Magick does it not? To me it does, any form of control whether deliberate or not that puts control over another thing or another person to me is a form of Magickal control. Would that not mean that Magick is being used nearly all the time.


Above – Patterns play tricks on the mind.

Well to me, everyone uses some form of Magick every day, it maybe religious belief, money belief, conscious belief or similar. We may not be aware of it but it is happening all the time. It maybe positive or negative, wherever we focus our energy on changes happen. This can be proven scientifically or through spiritual understanding.

So, my overall understanding of Magick is this, it is everywhere, whether positive or not..

So, Is Hypnotism Magick?earth

I am sure i am going to get a lot of skeptics responses on this subject, but that is life. My answer and opinion is yes. Mind control is pure Magick at its core. The reason being is it manipulates another’s mind and thoughts to such a degree that they become another’s slave. In old times this was referred to as mind control and a form of witchery. Today it seems to be excepted as a mere trick. The truth is it is still the same.  We cannot say just because it is seen as a trick that there is no control. That is not true. Most people that have been Hypnotised all agree that they had little control. Could this be used for good or bad, heck yes. So to me it is in the realm of mind manipulation spells.

That does not necessarily mean it is wrong to use this form of magick, it just means to me it should be seen more seriously. If used for good, to rid someone of addictions, some prevailing illness
etc, it can have some amazing positive effects. However what if it is used to frame someone of a crime that they never committed or even commit a crime that they would not have done with out that control.

I know many say or claim that one hypnotized cannot do what is not in there normal nature. That is all good and well to say but is that all really fully true. Many people have been forced to believe some really absurd things well under this form of spell. So how can we be sure that it cannot be pushed further as well? Is it possible a women can be convinced of leaving there husband or that another person was in love, these are many questions that many ask..?

What i feel also, is it is already happening? Whether being labeled as this or not, any form of control at work, with a relationship can be much similar to what a mild form a hypnotism may induce, just cause it not seen does not mean it is not happening, you know what i mean?

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  1. And besides that Hypnotism is close of, or already has become, a form of academic study. So one might consider it a scientific field of study in the near future. At least, when Eric Ericson gets some due among all those tricksters and get laid by hook & crook freaks.

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