Is it Possible to Levitate?

The question of levitation has plagued mankind with many questions throughout the ages.. Is it possible? Has anyone been able to do and if done what would be the process? In the Occult there are many answers.

Basically by the Occult (spiritual) levitation is possible, what makes it difficult or almost impossible is thought. No matter how much humans try the brain is designed to think negatively. Even when you think your thinking 100% positive it is almost like you are thinking 90% positive to 10% negative.

“100% positive thought can control energy in us and around us but attaining 100% positive belief thought is almost impossible. Same goes with how to Levitate..”

Energy Is Thought.. Only with Proper Thought can Levitation be Possible..

As like anything on earth or throughout the universe all is energy, different densities of energy. And this energy through scientific study has been compared to in a way as solid as a thought (not solid, more like electricity). So it makes sense that controlling thought controls our energy and the energy around us. The problem is the tool for thought, the mind can only believe so much no matter what it is..

So is there ways to make the mind believe or convince us. In the Occult many symbols have been used for Levitation — talismans, Occult Symbols, magic carpets, wands etc. All of which help the mind yet unless the wielder can believe in the object enough or themselves then it is back to square one. Not to mention life conditioning tells us it is not possible as well..

So when someone asks is Levitation possible, one could answer YES, but the mind does not let us do it.

Throughout history many Monks, Spiritual leaders and Occultists have claimed this power of levitation, unfortunately none of them have been proven as fact or studied. Maybe in the future more will be revealed about this fascinating ability.

8 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Levitate?

  1. I have no doubt it is possible to levitate, as I had the honor (horror?) of seeing it done once many years ago.

    Everything around us, even us, is nothing but energy and matter. And as the 96% of our brain that we don’t use evolves and we learn more about it and start using it, I believe levitation and other anomolies will become the norm.

    • Sorry, I had to debunk Tony’s comment as misleading. Humans use 100% of the brain. You never read or hear about someone getting a traumatic brain injury and being okay completely because it hit that 96% portion of the brain we don’t use.

      Truth is we use all of our brains, just not at the same time. High amounts of brain activity simultaneously, especially at 96% usage is brain activity associated with seizures. It is possible that the head trauma and nosebleeds, headache, high blood pressure, etc that many proclaim to experience when doing any art of psychokinesis may be associated with this increased SIMULTANEOUS brain activity.

      But as far as using only 4% of our brains period? Straight up myth.

  2. I read a strange but true stories book from the 60-70’s One story that was related was that a average man went to sleep one night and woke up floating to the ceiling in his room.
    His friends or family weighed him down a little as they were afraid he might just go out the window(I cant remember exactly)
    He stayed that way for about a year or over before crashing down.
    People would pay to see him.
    They never knew what caused it

  3. I believe it is possible to make yourself levitate although I belive the only way to do so willingly is through bending which is against the bible.

  4. Yes I have levitated at school! Four friends of mine and I played this game holding the person in the centre by two fingers. We chanted around then stated ” she is risen”! I went up to their shoulders in height. There was no way that 16 fingers lifted me up like that and I wasn’t a slight young girl at that. I came down softly and then a teacher walked in to take R.E ironically. Other than that I had no interest in the occult.

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