Is It Possible to Make a Real Magical Item?

The question, is it possible to make a real magical item was thrown at me recently.. It is a question where so many people have different opinions depending on how they grew up however i will try to be as unbiased as possible. If you have a different view then feel free to comment your opinion below or add to the topic as well.

Okay so, let’s first look at magic and what it is? Magic is the manipulation of energy which we are all connected to, to the extent that either a positive or negative outcome is produced. So what does this mean really, to me it means magic is everywhere. There is no escaping it, it is in the seams of all connected parts of life and while we are unaware of it we are wielding it nearly everyday. One example being the power you put into certain objects, another being the way you communicate or write with others.

The term spell in reality comes from the first meaning of spelling or writing which simply means the magical act of writing. When it first came about those that could write were considered very powerful and thus magic to the normal individual who had not learned the art. Now a days we all know how to spell and write, however the power of words on paper and verbally still have the same meaning.

Would i be wrong to say the words written or said “I love You” have massive meanings emotionally and can even end wars, i am not joking here, too many wars have been fought over family feuds, yet one word could be enough to stop it completely.

Take the words “I Hate You” on the other hand and pain and suffering come to hand, both these simple phrases while to some may seem like mere words, the emotions and energy attached to them can actually destroy or create. Love being the creator of course and hate being the ever consuming destroyer.

So now that i have gone over words, magic is also in actions, how we act to others, how others believe in us.. Is it true that self belief and others belief can actually improve us in a known talent or goal, it surely can, but have you considered why..? The reason being is self belief is one power in magic yet others believing in something as well increases that magic tenfold. If say you saw a spirit or ghost, to you it is real, however to others it may be seen as just your imagination, however if another shared your experience then in a sense that becomes more reality. Not only do you believe, but so does another.

Okay so back to the point again, can we then make a real magical item?

This of course is Yes, however with that being said it depends on its purpose and the belief you can empower it with. Just your belief alone may not be enough, even though you may meditate on it and share your positive energy with the item. To truly make it something magic, we need more than one, let’s say you wanted to make a magical ring, one that would say attract love. While that may seem like a good thing, to have another believing in it as well fully will make it much more powerful. This in a sense is much the same as any religion, those under the influence of religious belief can believe almost anything in it, but to the outsider it may seem like a myth or legend. Which one is right? That is not really important, the important thing is belief puts a magic influence on certain objects of power due to that belief. Eg, In christian belief the cross is a symbol of power and protection, because so many millions believe it so now that object actually does have power. Less because of the act of the religion itself and more so the act of belief on a particular object. Do you know what i mean there?


So to create a object of power then one would need belief from others in its power, history shows this as well with many objects. Objects of fear, objects of love and objects of life. Without belief in that object by many it is only then empowered by the belief of the wielder alone.

Below is a small list of symbols and objects all around us that have magical powers some of which were created for control and some created by Governments as well – 

  1. Money – The amount of energy in money is immense,  people will literally spend there whole life chasing it when in reality it is much more an illusion of control chosen by governments than to actually benefit the individual. This is why often money is referred to as the devils game because peoples devotion to it can end relationships and break so many important other values in life.
  2. Country Flag – The flag symbol represents so much power within a country to help control it’s people.
  3. Marriage Ring – A symbol of power to help keep a love bound between two individuals together. In a sense this is a spell and the ring helps keep that promise and spell active.

Okay, that is a few examples to show what i mean, it is not hard to see where this is leading and hopefully you have a better idea now on the subject.

7 thoughts on “Is It Possible to Make a Real Magical Item?

  1. Ok, consider that someone has a very powerful sigil that they have used against you, empowered by a large group of people, or have controlled you through a means of powerful imagery (don’t know if you have heard of kenneth anger but I believe he used that technique), what is one to do to reverse the effects and influences of them in the subconscious?

    • There are many ways to do this and it really depends on who you are,as well as what you believe.

      If you believe in a christian god,then maybe a prayer would help remove negative energies,and give peace of mind.You could do this over a item that you where,putting your own positive energy within the item.

      There are many methods which you could use,like candle magic(magick)Knot magic,sigil magic,ect.

      There are older forms of magic,like taking a item and bury it in the ground.The item must have the negative energy from who ever sent the neagative energy to you in the item first, befour you bury the item.This form of magic is a counter measure,meaning you are stoping the spell and negative energy in its tracks,and sending it back to sender,as the force has no where to go.

      There are diffrent forms for protecting the home,like cutting a onion into say four pieces,and placing them in the corner of your home,and when the onion is brown and mouldy,take the onions and bury them in the ground.This is a form of physic defence which helps you by changing your state of mind,and cleaning.

      Then there is a hag stone,but you will have to find them,you could go to the beach,and ask the spirits or energies to draw you to a hag stone(A stone with a natural hole in the middle).Once you have found one,put a string through the hole,and hang it over your front door.

      Magic does not depend on how many people,you have but on the kind of practise you have done,it truly depends how much feeling you have and how much thought you put into your magic.

      All above is my own way of doing things for myself,and is not the same for everybody.It works for me and that is what is important.You will have to find you own way of doing things.All magic is experimental and it is up to you to decide what kind of magic/magick you want to practise and what works for you.I hope this helps.

      I prcatise natural magic and sorcery,and not high end magick,like the key of solomon,or thelma,or any esoteric methods.

      On to the questron of the topic.I totally agree with the writter of the post.Ok there is another way as well like objects handed down,from dead relatives,whos residual energy is still on the object.This connects to the ancestor of the object,making the object a magical connection from the spirit world.It also makes you never to forget where you came from.

      There are other methods as well,but maybe not right for this topic,like the use of bones,blood,roots,ect as a magicl item or a magical connection.You get my drift.

  2. As a real native shaman, Creating and casting are the prime methods of the true occult arts. This is not a simple belief subject for the novice, or common internet troll. Things both unbelievable and uncontrollable are the things that do bump and cry in the night shadows. What that means is that the subject includes both good and bad, and the uninitiated are not able to understand or even know of things of real power. Truly be careful of what you wish for, and what you wish to know should be at the top of that list.

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