Is Multiple Personality Disorder Spirit Possession?

A very scary topic this one and quite controversial. Possession is still a serious part of our world and throughout the ages many society’s throughout the world have had there ways of combating these conditions. In Europe within catholic religion trained priests would be trained in the evicting of these spirits (exorcism) if unfortunately someone was possessed. This was considered normal over a hundred years ago, but was ruled out early in the 19 hundreds by law and many aspects of the church.

Multiple Personality Disorder VS Spirit Possession.. Are they the Same?

Today Possession is still quite common yet one theory is it goes under a different name, that name is Multiple Personality Disorder. Many may argue this claim and many may say medically what is happening in the brain is medical. Which is true, however many forget the powers of influence of spirit on our body.

One way of looking at it is, the spirit runs the body and if more spirits try to invade to do the same many negative affects will affect the body also including the mind. The degree in which this disorder can affect in a sense is the affect of how many spirits try to invade and how you counter these attacks. In a lot of situations the person may be able to defeat the attack and get on with there life thinking they had only a minor mental disorder in the past.

I am not saying this theory is true, it is just one way of looking at it.. More reading on this on my part needs to be done however it is an interesting theory. What do you think.. Is Multiple Personality Disorder Spirit Possession?

Spirits are very REAL!

The scary truth is spirits are real and spirits can be good or can be bad (demons). The Occult knows this and has many ways to deflect bad spirits or keep them away. The main defense is through positive mental thought and understanding yourself. Try not to leave yourself open to spiritual attack emotional. One way of doing this is through meditation, another is religious belief and others Occult belief. What ever technique you use the mind is the tool to deflect. Be strong mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Often at times many that are depressed or lonely or upset may call to things they do not understand without knowing and sometimes spirits may listen. When the mental state is weak, often our spirit protection or energy is also. Try when in these weakened situations to keep the spirit up with lot’s of positive thought and people around. Positive thought has many benefits to ones energy and spirit as well as many protective properties.

Possession a Reality in Some Places of the World!

In many parts of the world spirit possession is still a reality and still ceremonies and rituals to remove spirits is common. It is important to be open to this side of practice. Science unfortunately does not answer all riddles, however many studies reveal these spirit removal practices to be very successful as well. Does that mean we should be bringing this logic back? Sometimes to move forward with conditional thought and movement we must go back to when results were better. What do you think?

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  1. I would encourage you to read the book, “When Rabbit Howls” by The Troops for Truddi Chase and see if your opinion changes on this. While the occult is very much part of the mind and the possibilities of what one can achieve with the mind with or without occultism, the mind is a very mysterious place and I feel to say that MPD is spirit possession is an extremely simplistic and naive consideration.

  2. Hi Magiawen,
    Thanks for the comment. I agree with you, I was very one sided with this post topic and have recieved some backlash on some responses. I guess I got carried away on this post when I do not have enough evidence to back up what I say as a theory. For that I apolise to my readers..

    Thankyou for you point of view and I will read further on this.

  3. As MagiAwen implies, the mind remains largely unexplored. As a human being learns to detach from internal and external judges, that human being grows to realize many possibilities exist at a given moment. To detach from human labels is to begin to explore what is described as an abyss of unknown. Each word or concept a person chooses reveals love or fear. The feelings themselves are very instructive about awareness.

  4. While I do not think that you are completly wrong I would direct you to some basic metaphisics. While the mind directs the body and controles our movements voluntary and involuntary. The will is a direct component of the spirit or soal wichever you wish to call it. In MPD the will changes with the different personalitys. This may be due to fragmentation of the spirit in some scence, probobly due to some trama. While the mind can direct and enterpret the spirit it is its own entity and is acted apone in many different ways. MPD dose have its spiritual root but I dought that in MOST cases it is spiritual possesion. All that is physical has a spiritual counterpart so keep thinking. Please keep asking the difficult questions and never oppologise for upsetting the status quo.

    • Hey Ursaline,
      Thanks for the comment. Yeah I will keep asking controversial questions. Thanks for the backup on that. I am starting to think down that line now that I have been studying more on it, it appears that the disorder can sometimes be mistaken both ways. Sometimes it is Multiple Personality Disorder – MPD and sometimes it is possession of some sort, its working out the differences that is important.

      What is interesting is on both sides there are cases showing evidence. Some people have had been possessed and nothing medical helped until a exorism occured wheras others show no response to exorism.

      What I worry about is how many people are mistaken for there condition. If it happens what can that person do other than try to deal with no end result. Possibly the condition could even kill them if this happens.. I am not saying the miss diagnosis is going to MPD but it could be something similar like a mental disorder which is just as dangerous if it happens to be a possession.

  5. I definitely believe in Spiritual Possesion & believe spirits have alot to do with our thoughts and can eventually lead to actions, good or bad. I have been possessed by spirits and have communicated with them through thought proccess, but I have no idea why they came to me. Especcially since I have never been in or messed with the Occult, and prior to this I never even believed in spirits or demons. I have never seen them physically, but I can feel their pressense when they take slightly partial possesion. I am not superstisious, but I believe they brought alot of bad luck to my life. I have been going to church for years and praying, but how can I get rid of them? If anybody has any ideas or past experiances, please write.

    • Hi James,
      Sounds like you were born with the Medium ability, which is a pychic trait. The best way to deal with this ability is to see another medium about it. They will be able to give guidance and better understanding to it.. Being pyschic or having communication with spirits has nothing to do with religion.
      The only way to close these spiritual doors is to go to spiritual advisor who can give you a technique to close the doors a bit more.. Unfortunately you probably will never be able to close the spiritual doors fully but you will learn how to control the experience, which will give you control back..

      One last tip, I recommend doing a cleanse of your house with a good pyschic as this will help keep them away from your house if you desire. Also it is possible sometimes people get haunted and this will help in this circumstance for spirits to move on as well..

    • Hey I’m replying back to you.. Because…. I saw you wanted help.. First off.. Your biggest mistake was talking to them.. And there is No.. Good spirits… Gods word the Bible calls them devil spirits.. Not demons.. Because they serve under Lucifer.. Satan…. Who is the chief devil..
      Enough said… What you need is LIGHT… In your mind… And that being the LIGHT OF GODS WORD……….
      ROMANS 10:9,10 Don’t matter what’s wrong with you….. There’s Nothing that The God And Father Of The Lord Jesus Christ Can’t Do…. Confess Jesus Christ as Lord Not God.. Because Jesus Christ isn’t God.. He’s Gods son… And believe that God raised His son The Lord Jesus Christ from the dead… Email me..

      Because of what The Lord Jesus Christ accomplished…. You can be healed!!! 🙂

  6. I’ve been spiritually aware since early childhood and have communed with non-human beings through astral projection or deep meditation. I have learned many truths of existence through mind sharing with these beings over the last 20 years. in my experience religion or faith has little to no effect on such beings, since the act of prayer is an offering of spiritual energy usually with a lot of emotional energy and thus attracts energy sapping or emotion draining beings. meditation is better as it re-balances your inner energies and gives you awareness of YOUR being.

  7. In my health class we are learnig about MPD and i suggested to my teacher that it was a demon possession and i bet she thought i was nuts. But i strongly beleive that it isnt a mental condition. I have had contact with the spirital world when i was a child and i think that may be why i beleive so strongly in possession. And thats why i think that it would be a good thing for someone anyone to look into this mpd not as a mental condition but as a possession. Then maybe we can really find out what is this mpd.

    • It used to considered as a possibility in the past however as modern science took over that theory was thrown out, even when it had helped many with there conditions. That is the problem with society sometimes, an open mind is a hard one for many up the top especially when it comes to mental states.. While they maybe happy to believe in a god like figure with religion, they seem to not open to other possibilities. Possession is a real thing and so should always be considered if you ask me.. Regards,

  8. Modern science still fails to accept that the human vessel’s potential capacity for spiritual conduction is limited by the overall awareness of the entire population and society’s inability to accept existence in its truest form with all aspects of existence held in regard as necessary parts of a harmonious and all encompassing karmic cycle instead dissecting reality into the most basic of comprehensions and encouraging baser karmic views whilst discouraging individuals from interactions with awareness of self within the cycle, thus producing a population that in and of itself is a self perpetuating karmic repetition with a majority negative cycle that weakens the natural flow of energies of this world and diminishes each individuals natural susceptibility as spiritual-incarnations, instead focusing on the human body and conscious mind as the only important or scientifically recognized attributes of a beings overall condition of functionality.

    This fundamental flaw within the scientific community is what stops the vast majority of rational minded people from ever being able to be ‘open-minded’ and creates a skepticism throughout the general population that discourages the scientifically un-explainable to a fictional/fantasy/delusional level giving rise to many incorrect diagnosis of ‘Mental illness’ when individuals experience things not of a definable origin or nature. As the ‘human’ body is not capable of withstanding unguided exposure to inter-planar energies from beings of a spiritual essence, individuals incur damage to their psyche on an unconscious level thus throwing the physical body and mind into an imbalance showing symptoms much like depression or other ‘mental illnesses’, which in essence is a chemical imbalance within the brain not within an individuals ‘mental state’. the spirit, mind and body are intertwined and separated through the will of the individual and their understanding of karmic harmony through all aspects of life & death.

  9. Fritz Spingmeier and Russ Dizdar cover MPD/DID and its connection to demons/Fallen Angels. Demons can give people wonderful positive experiences too.. They masquerade as “positive entities” doesn’t take much to open up a doorway which allows the access to us.. I speak from experience. A deliverance and prayer is the only way to get rid of them. Jesus Christ is the only name that works to cast out demons. Plenty of good books on spiritual warfare by Christian deliverance ministers available. In A lot of cases it is not mental illness.

    • My son, I fear, is posessed and reached out to me while he was medicated after having dental surgery. He said that his girlfriend had recently broke up with him because he was scaring her and seemed “haunted”. He said friends that didn’t know his girlfriend said the same thing to him. He asked for my advice because he knows that I am psychic and believe in spirits. I told him that I wanted to help him but something like this needs to be dealt with by a demonologist and that I wasn’t able to perform an excorism. When talking with him while he was medicated, he seed like his old self. He said he was scared. I told him that I would help him. The next day he woke up and my son was gone. The spirit took over again and I haven’t been able to speak to my son again. The spirit seems like he is from the 1880’s. He left for Europe and is living there now. I feel like my son has died. The entity emailed me and addressed me by my first name and said that maybe we could be friends in the future. I can’t believe I am living with this as a reality. This spirit basically stole my son and is walking around in my son’s body- like a murderer. He knows I know but so few people believe in spiritual posession in the US it is hard to explain to my friends what I know this is happening.

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