Is This A Ghost or Something Else?

I get asked a lot for help here on the Occult Blogger so this time i thought i would share a post that can give a general answer to a specific overall question. The overall question being is what is in my house a ghost or is just me thinking spooky things? This is such a common question and so i will answer as best as i can without taking any particular side overall. After all what we are looking for is guidance are we not?

To answer this question, let’s divide the answer into two parts, firstly taking the side of the logical and then secondly taking the observation of the paranormal.

ghost or something else normal

Logical Clues of a Haunting

  1. If you are hearing doors open and close make sure to check the hinges well, this can be done by pushing it when closed, if it bounces open you need to address this as this could be your possible ghost, a draft opening and closing the door.
  2. Where doors open and close in hallways check for drafts. This can be done by placing strings across the area and pegging up pieces of A4 paper. Then sit and wait, do any of them move. If not then, move to next question.
  3. If the house is old, the wood in the floor may creak, this can be normal and part of living in a old wooden home. It creaks because the house itself is actually shifting back and forth a little with the breeze outside. To determine if this is unusual though you can wait for windless nights and then see if it still creaks. Also if it is an aluminum roof it will contract over the first couple of hours as heat escapes from the roofing. This can sound unusual.
  4. Plumbing can be very strange, when you turn on one tap another may drip, that is normal in some houses. So if one tap drips it could be because of bad plumbing, if so why not get it checked, this will possible fix any unknown drips in future.
  5. Electrical wiring in old houses or even new house can be dodgy, so if light flickers some times it could be due to a number of reasons, pests in the roofing (attic area ) or dodgy wiring. The good news is a lot of electricians will give free quotes to check this. So this is a good one to check.

Image above caught by movement camera sensor revealing Ghost Seen at the Hanover Haunting

Paranormal Clues of a Haunting

This is for all those that have no wiring problems, no problems with door latches, no drafts running through the house or no possible squeaks caused by the wind or the cooling of your roof. This is for those that have checked everything and still strange things are happening. This is where we delve in to the area of the Paranormal..

  1. Firstly identify the area of paranormal occurrence. Interestingly enough most of the time paranormal events happen they tend to repeat in the same area.
  2. Set up cameras at the area, film it for a couple of weeks and you may get a pattern at a certain time.
  3. Write down your occurrences, this will help with the investigation overall.
  4. See if you can get some history on the place, did anything happen there in the past or in that area that may relate.
  5. If you capture something on camera, then try not to freak out and keep an open mind. Ghosts are real and they were once human so fearing is not going to help the situation. Instead focus on doing a possible house cleanse to help these energies to move on.
  6. If you do try to communicate with it and ask it to move on remember to be strong inside as some spirits may be resistant to the idea.

After that it is all up to you.

4 thoughts on “Is This A Ghost or Something Else?

  1. Its just that since my daughter came back living with me things belonging to her have falling but and its freaky what is this please as there is no way they could fall

  2. My mom said she made a deal with the devil for me to be evil, the cross above my bed is always up side down when I wake up, what does this mean?

    • An upside down cross only means something to those that believe in the Bible. The cross symbol itself represents the human sacrifice of the supposed Jesus Christ, the crucifix. To put a cross upside down many believe it to mean that they do not agree to the sacrifice of Jesus.

      Why that would be interpreted as bad is up to the those that are religious, however i do not see why it should mean anything bad. Jesus not dying would of only been a good action, not evil and in sense it makes more sense more that if one did not agree with his death then they disagree with human sacrifice which only sounds good to me..

      Not to mention, interpretation and action on symbolism is based on the reaction of those that use the symbolism in the first place. It cannot harm you unless you believe it and then and only then can one start to get effected by the magical effects of what the wielder desires.

      We have to remember symbolism is a tool to project negative or positive thought magick, if one does not believe in the symbol it is as powerful as two sticks crossed over each other..

      — The truth is this, if even a deal was done with the devil, that would mean that they believe in the Bible. Going by the book the devil is weak and any deal done with him can be undone just by accepting God.. The book however is full of contradictions as well, the concept of the devil has little relevance in there at all.. Are you referring to Lucifer as the Devil..? Lucifer was not that bad and there is nothing in the book suggesting he would do any deals like that with mankind anyway. I mean as another entity under God, it would have to pass by him anyways. God, going by the book is all powerful and all life is under his rule going by the book so that would even include the Devil as well.


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