Are these Civilisation Remains on Mars?

I found this really Informative video the other day about some of the anonymity’s found on Mars, in particular in this video they call the area the Mars West region. While some of the image anonymity’s could possibly be explained, there are some that are surprisingly intriguing. Some indicate the look of prehistoric carvings or possibly an old civilisation that has mainly been buried and in one there is a strange looking sculpture that looks like a dolphin..

What gets me thinking about these discoveries on Mars is it is such a new frontier for humans. Possibly what we will discover there is remains of an older civilisation.

mars rover

What we know about Mars so far..

I think it is highly probable that there once was existence on mars, first of all they have already found life there in the form of bacteria, this is big news for science. Bacteria equals life in science..

Second there is large amounts of hydrogen there which would indicate water, possibly underground now.

Thirdly as we can already tell from geographically looking at the land there, it appears water was on the surface at one time, mountains were formed by this as well as river way evidence formed by water can be seen..

So what happened I wonder on Mars..? Or are all these formations or evidences just flukes of planet formation..?

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