Lucid Dreaming – How To Do It Guide

Below is a list of ways to help induce the chance of more frequent lucid dreaming. If you are unsure what lucid dreaming is firstly, it is when we become aware that we are sleeping in our dream allowing us to access higher levels of consciousness and also allowing us to enter into the astral plane more easily.

Lucid dreaming is a form of sleep that science is yet to fully understand, from a spiritual experience it leaves the experienced empowered, energized upon waking and can help get over past worries. The practice is available to everyone and can be improved over time with practice. Meaning the more you do, the more easy it is to do.

Other reasons you may want to venture into Lucid Dreaming as well could be for healing an ill or for understanding more about yourself. It is a highly spiritual experience.


Another way of saying lucid dreaming is conscious dreaming..

Basic Steps and Guide on How to Do It 

  1. Firstly eat more melons, these fruits are great for sleeping and there is something in the fruit that enables easier transition between normal sleep and lucid.lucid dreaming stephen laberge
  2. Write down your dreams every night when you wake. While this alone will not induce a lucid dream it will give you more control in the sleep state over time and then stepping into lucid dreaming in time will become more easier.
  3. Tell yourself to look at your hands in your dream before sleeping, looking at your hands is an old technique that helps one realize they are in the dream state. When one looks at there hands in a dream it tends to help them step over into the lucid state by understanding this is a door to that realm.
  4. Reduce meat intake, this type of food can restrict all types of spiritual flow. This is because harm has happened during the process of getting meat and it is not for survival reasons. The spirit is thus effected by the harm caused on the animal you consume.
  5. Meditate more often, by doing this your subconscious relaxed and more aware mind will be more active which will help you have more spiritual experiences in general as well as improve dreams and lucid experiences.
  6. Drink plenty of clean water, water helps with lucid dreaming practice due to its cleansing effects, whereas as dehydration will only make you feel less grounded.
  7. Scents help, such as lavender or jasmine, each one can have an effect while we sleep. Lavender is good for memory and jasmine is good for cleansing and relaxing. Each one beneficial during deep sleep.
  8. Do not drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes, these harm the spirit and the body and thus while we sleep our body will focus more on straight REM because it is constantly in a healing cycle. Also it has been shown through scientific research that alcohol does not even put the body in proper REM, thus healing in general is limited.
  9. Before sleeping tell yourself to be aware that you are sleeping, this acknowledgement is the door to the lucid realm.
  10. Sounds such as binaural beats or hemi sync which helps induce the mind into forms of lucid dreaming by assimilated the mind to the correct brain wave frequency.

6 thoughts on “Lucid Dreaming – How To Do It Guide

  1. What do you recommend to do once you are IN the lucid dream? Petty pleasures like flying seem to usually be the first choice.

    But what if I’d like to make a concerted effort to discover my Higher Self, or become attuned to Abraxas?

    From the moment you realize you are dreaming, what is the next action step? What if you actually sit and meditate, within the dream?

    • Hey Phoenix,
      What you do is up to you, lucid dreaming is a conscious state, however as you practice you will get better at it and more control so explore and learn during the process.
      Yes you can meditate during the process as well.

  2. While lucid dreaming I often times notice colors and if I am with someone it feels as though its something we may do in the future.

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